1. K

    Help a beginner not lose his mind!

    Hello, first time ever posting and I was hoping for some help from people who have been doing this longer than I have! Basically I'm just getting into radios and I have a Baofang uv-9r Pro and 2 SANZUCO Walkie Talkies Two-Way Radio. I'm trying to get them to work together but for some reason I...
  2. S

    SDS100: Scan mode nothing to scan

    I have a favorite lists setup I have systems departments and channels set up in that list, and when I go to monitor it it says scan mode nothing to scan. The channels are from the NJICS system. No channels in my county are coming up. I do not have any quick keys, and monitor and download are...
  3. J

    BCD436HP: Uniden BCD463HP Austin

    Hello, I am new to police scanning and I bought a Uniden BCD463HP. I think the issues I am running into involve simulcast but I’m not sure. I can see so many channels.. but the scan never lands on them. Whenever it does land on a channel it’s never for long and has a broken transmission. Most...
  4. D

    Assistance w/ Motorola XTS1500

    Hello people of RadioReference! I recently purchased a Motorola XTS 1500 off of eBay; the seller was legit, and I have the programming software, I was wondering if there is a way to COMPLETELY wipe it to restart from scratch! It is trunked. If you can help please reply! Thank you, domenicd_
  5. G

    Decoding Questions

    Posted below is a signal I recieve using a ham it up and a RTL-SDR, in receiving in sample rate 3.2 and 2.4. I would like to know what it is and how to go about getting clear communications. With co-channelers I was able to get comms, however I can't get them really clear. Any help or...
  6. K

    XPR Motorola XPR6350 Codeplug issues (model no. AAH55QDC9LA1AN)

    Hello everyone, I am a complete newbies when it comes to radio programming, I recently found a bunch of XPR 6350's thrown into a dumpster (I work for a local big pharma that apparently got an upgrade on their radios). Now I'm a las year CS student, and I know how to get around programming, but...
  7. StormTrance

    Need Advice On Scanner For Tampa

    I used to listen to a scanner from about the age of 17 - 20. I'm now in my 40's and was thinking I wanted to do it again. However, reading over the forum a little I am completely lost. It's amazing what one can forget what they once knew. Anyway, my question is can someone advise me on a...
  8. B

    I can hear fine, but when I try to transmit, no power makes it to my antenna

    So I recently bought a cb radio, it's an old hy-gain 1 681 (the forty channel model), and a mag mount mic, I don't yet have an swr meter, so I don't know if it's tuned or not. I can hear just fine, but when I try to transmit, nobody hears me. I started troubleshooting the problem, and found...
  9. B

    Is there supposed to be a gap between the end of the copper part of the coax, and the base of the antenna

    This probably sounds dumb, but I thought I should play it safe and ask anyway. I'm relatively new to the use of a cb radio, and I was getting an swr of 9 on all channels, as well as barely hearing any static with squelch turned all the way down so I took the base of the antenna apart (a...
  10. B

    WS1065: Newbie here, some thoughts on programming the WS 1065..

    Hi all, new to this site, had looked at it for a while, joined after I rec'd the WS 1065, BIG upgrade from a 20+years old RS PRO-508 20 channel analog scanner, which honestly all I needed for years, but the Ohio SHP went digital and I live near the Ohio Turnpike, I wanted to stay up on things...
  11. G

    NEWB Trying To Program Trunked System on BCD325P2

    All: I recently received bought this scanner used and I am trying to program it listen to fire channels here in Ramsey County, MN. I have looked through some of the previous forum posted and tried their suggestions but nothing seems to work. I ONLY want to listen to the following channels...
  12. N

    BCD436HP: Poor reception, programming concerns

    This is my first time posting so I will try and include as much information as possible. Recently I purchased a Uniden BCD436HP, 100ft of LMR-400, and a tram 1410 disc cone antenna. After receiving the Uniden I connected it to the antenna approximately 25 ft above ground. I updated the...
  13. Salvatorejrc

    Is it possible

    So I currently live in morris county NJ and i want to receive all frequencies coming from Newark Liberty International Airport, which is a county over from me (19 miles from me). It's frequencies should be available under essex county on the RR database. I have an sds100 programmed and...
  14. Salvatorejrc


    How can you tell if a frequency is encrypted on the Radio reference database?
  15. Salvatorejrc

    Radio comms

    I am new to the scanning world, and in the process of purchasing my new scanner (uniden sds100). I am very interested in radio communications and want to learn about it, where is a good place to learn the basics? Thank you
  16. A

    Need help as a newbie for EVERYTHING.

    Hello! These questions might have been asked again here... But, 1st of all I can’t search all other 13K Q&A’s here and I want to have all my facts in one place. I’m interested in Emergency Services Public Safety monitoring. Starting: • I’m new to Scanners and Radios. I would like to learn...
  17. B

    SDS100 Questions

    Considering purchasing a Uniden SDS100 scanner. Have some questions regarding if I will be able to hear frequencies in my local area. I live in Clark County Indiana. Will I need to purchase any special software upgrades in order to hear police, fire, & EMS frequencies in my area? Are any of my...
  18. Romeomike2709

    Old Newbie

    Good morning. Just want to point out what a great help Radio Reference is to me as well as the members who post on the Forums. I've been monitoring for a very long time but suffered from an illness and forgot a lot of what I took for granted. I'm a veteran and former firefighter in a family...
  19. ClwnMan76

    Returning Listener - Need Advice On Scanner

    First off, I hope I got the right forum. Like many of you probably, I'm so scared to post for fear I've chosen the wrong one or didn't read all the rules correctly or something. LOL I haven't listened to a scanner for a few years now. I'm in Tampa, FL and am going to purchase a handheld...
  20. H

    Question about radio scanner in a basement

    I live in a basement apartment of a Single family home. The foundation is cinder block and underground I live in an urban area fwiw. I rent so an outdoor antenna is not possible due to landlord. Even a hacked something would be difficult as I cant just drill through cinder block without owner...