1. PluckyPleco

    Handheld with 800MHz and NFM

    Would somebody please recommend a Uniden Handheld scanner that has 800MHz and NFM? Analog only is just fine, we're a bit backward here in California's second smallest county. Thanks, PP
  2. R

    NFM on Analog Scanner?

    True newbie here! I recently dug out an old scanner (RadioShack Pro-89) and started playing around with it. Despite the limited offerings I have with this scanner, I've been enjoying myself. The frequency database on this site often mentions NFM, which I understand has a different deviation than...
  3. M

    Easy Voice Comms Listening - 450 MHz

    For background voice listening with my SDR dongle, I often use the 450-454 MHz band to find business radio comms. Particularly active are courier services in major metro areas, delivering stuff here and there. The interactions between drivers and their dispatchers, shop folks, etc. are...
  4. Joseph11

    TRX-2: FM or NFM for P25 Trunked?

    I've noticed when importing systems from the RR DB in EZ Scan, it appears as though anything P25 or DMR imports as NFM whereas most P25 conventional imports as FM. Has anyone compared FM vs NFM for P25 trunked systems? Which yielded a better result, specifically for systems that are simulcasted...
  5. 1

    What Is FMN & NFM and Are They Equal or They Different?

    What are both FMN & NFM and are they equal or are they different? If they are different what makes them different?
  6. SlipNutz15

    Centre County 9K20F1D emission

    Ok, I seem to have run into something I can't find. There is a new paging channel for Centre County 460.6125 that has emissions of 11K0F3E, 9K20F1D. I know that 11K0F3E is NFM...but what is 9K20F1D is for??? I see it says Zentron based alpha-numeric paging. Does that mean this frequency is...