1. I

    CB connector to NMO mount?

    One of our departments bought some new Mac roll off trucks that comes pre-wired for a CB. Is anyone aware of an adapter to convert the CB antenna mount to an NMO for our commercial radios? There is not enough slack in the coax to solder on an NMO, and I'm looking for a simpler solution that...
  2. T

    Laird Phantom Elite VHF (ETRAB1550)

    I recently purchased a Laird ETRAB1550 to try on a vehicle and I am having an issue with mounting it. The antenna mounts on a modified NMO base, instead if threading on it has two guide pins that set into a track on the mount (Image attached for reference) While messing around with the mount...
  3. Q12

    Alternator Whine Help Kenwood TK-790

    Hello! I have alernator Whine issue on my Kenwood TK-790 Mobile Radio Setup. The Vehicle Everything is in Is a Ford Expedition 2000. I have it configured in a Dualband Setup with a TK-890. Both Radios Controlled with a Single Control Head. The TK-790 Is Radio 2 in the setup and is Connected...
  4. J

    Yaesu: Yaesu FTM-3100R and NMO Receive Issues

    Hi folks, I am having an issue with a Yaesu FTM-3100R. The set up is the rig with power and ground through the firewall and straight to the battery. The antenna set up is a NMO with a Tram 1121 quarter wave antenna. My issue is when I plug the antenna into the so-239 on the back of the radio, I...
  5. K7MFC

    K7MFC mobile shack: 2019 Ford F-150 XLT

    Last summer I replaced my 2013 F-150 with a new 2019 F-150. Just like the last truck, this is my daily driver to the office job, but it does truck stuff too! I've been happy with Ford trucks and decided to get another F-150, but this time around I placed a factory order so I could get the...
  6. K7MFC

    NMO antenna mount installtion on aluminum F-150

    I'm looking for some instruction and guidance on installing an NMO mount on the roof of my 2019 Ford F-150. I have experience drilling through body panels and mounting antennas, but I'm not sure how the aluminum body affects the installation. I've read some threads here about aluminum Ford...
  7. K

    Looking for mount

    Hello! I am looking for a nmo mount that would be able to get mounted on this easily...
  8. L

    NMO for 700/800

    I purchased a new antenna a few weeks ago. https://www.theantennafarm.com/catalog/laird-technologies-b7603-5918 I took it out of the packaging and mounted it on my car with no adjusting. It easily out-performed the other antenna I had which is similar to this, but has a spring at the base...
  9. A

    2017 GMC Sierra Crew NMO antenna install

    Picked up a new truck last week. Installed the Icom 880H and a NMO mount antenna in the roof. Often people are wondering if this can be done with trucks that have a sunroof. Here are a couple pictures.
  10. A

    2014 GMC Sierra Crewcab

    Icom IC-2820H and NMO antenna install. Main unit is located under the rear seat on the drivers side.
  11. SlipNutz15

    2013 Chevrolet Malibu Install

    I recently bought a 2013 Malibu and after a few weeks of not having any radios or scanners in my car and it driving me nuts, I took the plunge. I don't have pictures of the trunk lid liner removal but it was simply removing the plastic rivets and the plastic handle used to close the trunk...
  12. D

    basic CB antenna help please

    Hi, i have a 2002 crown victoria. I'm about to install just a basic CB radio, but i need the right antenna. I already have a 36" whip nmo antenna with a nmo trunk lip mount for a different frequency not applicable for CB radio. I want one that i can screw into a NMO mount or a 3/4" mount that i...
  13. B

    2006 Toyota Tacoma with 3 NMO Antennas

    This is my Toyota Tacoma. I bought it new in 2006 when I was 16. Until today it has only 31,000 miles. The radio is a Yeasu FT7800, remotely mounted on my dash. It's screwed directly into my FD blue light. It's in the perfect spot. I can use it while driving, and keep my eyes on the road and...
  14. E

    Ram Install

    Hey all. So ive been googling for a couple of days and really havent been able to find what im looking for. So im newly HAM licensed, and its time to start putting my equipment into my truck. I already have two nmo scanner antennas for the scanners im going to move from my desk to my truck. Its...