nothing to scan

  1. Z

    "Nothing to Scan" what did I do?

    Finally set up with a couple favorite lists. Went to one for a while, tried to go back to another list and it says there is nothing to scan. Help! Uniden BCD436HP
  2. yeg_scan

    BCT15X: Nothing to Scan Help Needed

    Ok .. here is the deal and I will try to explain it. I know nothing to scan has been a thing forever. But first .. I have tried everything to get this problem resolved and no answer. So I have a BCT15x and I have a system with several groups in it. I have only one turned on. But if I go to...
  3. K4EET

    BCD536HP: Scanners shows "Scan Mode. Nothing to Scan" - How to stop scan?

    As soon as I turn my Uniden BCD536HP scanner on, it says "Scan Mode. Nothing to Scan" which I think means that it wants to scan conventional channels of which I have not programmed any yet. Sooooooo... How do I shut off this scan mode? I just want to scan a single trunking system with two...
  4. joefil

    BCD536HP: Problems monitoring National Frequencies

    I have been programming the scanner using both Sentinel and ARC 536 PRO software. It doesn't seem very easy but I have been for the most part successful if I am programming local/county/state frequencies .have been trying to enter the National Maritime VHF and Nationwide Railroad frequencies...
  5. P

    Problems with new GRE PSR-800

    I imported several local police and fire departments into "Scanlist 001" the day I recieved the scaner (last week). Everything's been working fine since then. However tonight when, from the main menu I set the arrow on scan and press the right arrow key, I get the message," Nothing to Scan!"...