nothing to scan

  1. C

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Nothing to Scan still a Problem

    I've been through Trunker's X36 "Nothing to Scan" Checklist twice, and I'm still getting this message with one of two favorites lists. I've tried to fix the Quik Key several times along with all the other settings mentioned in the Checklist, both in the scanner and in BCDx36HP_Sentinel. When...
  2. K

    BCT15X: Programming a Trunked System on BCT15

    So I am using FreeSCAN on a windows 10 machine, I have a USB to serial cable plugged into the serial port, I've already made a connection with the scanner and programed a conventional system so I know the connection works. I am trying to upload my local P25 system. I have imported it from RR...
  3. A

    BCD536HP: Nothing to Scan

    Hello. I have been searching different forums for days now. I followed all the steps indicated but still no luck. I want to only scan my favorite list. First I get the 'Nothing to Scan' screen on my scanner. When I press the 'CHANNEL' button, my FL pops up but still it doesn't scan. I think the...
  4. Z

    "Nothing to Scan" what did I do?

    Finally set up with a couple favorite lists. Went to one for a while, tried to go back to another list and it says there is nothing to scan. Help! Uniden BCD436HP
  5. yeg_scan

    BCT15X: Nothing to Scan Help Needed

    Ok .. here is the deal and I will try to explain it. I know nothing to scan has been a thing forever. But first .. I have tried everything to get this problem resolved and no answer. So I have a BCT15x and I have a system with several groups in it. I have only one turned on. But if I go to...
  6. K4EET

    Scanners shows "Scan Mode. Nothing to Scan" - How to stop scan?

    As soon as I turn my Uniden BCD536HP scanner on, it says "Scan Mode. Nothing to Scan" which I think means that it wants to scan conventional channels of which I have not programmed any yet. Sooooooo... How do I shut off this scan mode? I just want to scan a single trunking system with two...
  7. joefil

    Problems monitoring National Frequencies

    I have been programming the scanner using both Sentinel and ARC 536 PRO software. It doesn't seem very easy but I have been for the most part successful if I am programming local/county/state frequencies .have been trying to enter the National Maritime VHF and Nationwide Railroad frequencies...
  8. P

    Problems with new GRE PSR-800

    I imported several local police and fire departments into "Scanlist 001" the day I recieved the scaner (last week). Everything's been working fine since then. However tonight when, from the main menu I set the arrow on scan and press the right arrow key, I get the message," Nothing to Scan!"...