1. AK4FD

    NEW Skywarn Organization in the Charlotte area!

    Greetings all, We have had a few big changes locally occur within the past week. For starters, the Charlotte Regional Skywarn no longer exists. It was disbanded last week (4/14/20) due to irreconcilable differences between the leadership. HOWEVER, nothing to fear, as I have been in contact...
  2. dbsar

    Weather Alert Radio with Adjust Siren Volume

    I want a weather radio with the ability to turn down the alert siren. I mean way down (almost off). The one I have at bedside is adjustable and is still too loud at night and scares the bejeebies out of me. Then my wife gets mad...so I’d appreciate your suggestions. It would also be cool if...
  3. jcop225

    NOAA Radio

    Does any one know of anyone outside the RF relm that use NOAA broadcasts for weather, as far as I know receivers of this band are on scanners, amater radios, and CB/Marine radios and dedicated weather reveivers, all of which are not in the possesion of the common consumer.
  4. F


    Does anyone know what Skywarn is i have the button on my scanner i seems like NOAA and the NWS