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    OCFA Decryption

    Its been what, 3 years of OCFA saying they will decrypt with ZERO follow through.
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    Orange County

    Hello, I'm having an issue receiving paramedic to hospital talk groups on my Pro-97 Scanner. I was able to pick up talk groups 6E, 6F, 6H etc up until a week ago. I am able to pick up all other fire talk groups with no issues. When the paramedic to hospital frequencies are received by my scanner...
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    OC Fire and OC Sheriff squabble over Laguna Beach rescue - Raw Audio

    15 minute raw audio: OC Fire and OC Sheriff squabble over Laguna Beach rescue. http://launch.newsinc.com/embed.html?type=VideoPlayer/16x9&trackingGroup=92461&widgetId=1&videoId=32365762&playlistId=18749 Laguna Beach officials looking into why 3 helicopters responded to remote sea cave beach...

    Orange County Online Scanner

    I am trying to get more people to listen to my streams. Please check them out. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks