1. boatbod

    OP25 feature update

    For the past couple months I have been brewing a significant update to op25 with a lot of help from members wgbecks & maus92 along with some generous folks in the background how allowed me to run development code on their systems in MD and NJ. As a result I am pleased to announce that the...
  2. S

    OP25 Boatbod is the man

    Just wanted to thank Boatbod for all he does for OP25 and the users. His great documentation and endless support in the forums made it all possible for me and I assume many others who never say a word. It works so good now. I'm still impressed. He doesn't talk down to all us idiots who are...
  3. boatbod

    OP25 and PulseAudio

    I just added the ability for op25 to send sound to the PulseAudio system in lieu of ALSA. This may or may not be a good thing depending on your Linux system as it seems some - notably RPIs of varying flavors - have issue with Pulse permissions, particularly it seems when you are running them...
  4. boatbod

    OP25 Configuration

    In an effort to make it just a little bit easier for people to set up their trunk.tsv files, I have created a small helper application called "cfgtrunk.py" which facilitates changing parameters without having to use a text editor. It's far from foolproof, but is easier than vi and less error...
  5. J

    OP25 on RTL-SDR: LNA Gain Setting Issues

    Hey, Thanks to boatbod's setup, OP25 is running nicely on an old laptop I had running Ubuntu 18.04. The only weird issue is that it seems like the SDR's noise floor's do not change significantly when messing with the -N 'LNA:xx' setting in OP25. The noise floor from what I have seen in GNU...
  6. TheAlmightyZach

    OP25 OP25 Volume increase by radio ID

    I'm in an odd situation.. our dispatchers all of a sudden got QUIET and they have been for a while now. The agencies haven't said anything to encourage them to raise the volume or anything, but they are hard to hear both on OP25 and my SDS100. Is it possible to increase volume by their radio...
  7. AB5ID

    OP25 - Novice Linux question

    Okay don't laugh too hard! :) I have an older version of OP25 running well. I want to update to the latest version to be able use the web interface feature. What terminal commands do I need to enter to update OP25 without messing up what I already have configured and set-up? Thanks!
  8. F

    OP25, Liquidsoap, and Pulseaudio as a service problem

    Hey all, OP25 is an awesome product. I'm working to change my feeds over to this from a BCD996P2 because it's so much better on our system. OP25 and Liquidsoap run beautifully from the terminal but fail miserably as a service. I have an RPI 3B+, RTLSDR, and am running Raspbian Stretch...
  9. K

    How to use op25 w/ P25 systems spanning more than single RTL-SDR bandwidth

    Is there any way to assign multiple RTL-SDR dongles to a single running op25 instance when the talkgroup frequencies are over 3 MHz +/- from the control frequency? If not, is there another way to handle this w/ op25? Are people just using supported SDR with a larger bandwidth that is affordable...
  10. W

    OP25 "New" Undocumented Config File Option - 'key'

    In OP25, there is a file called multi_rx.py. On lines 114 - 115, there is a section of code: if config.has_key('key') and (config['key'] != ""): self.set_key(int(config['key'], 0)) This section of code appears to have been introduced on May 6, 2019. It appears that it is...
  11. P

    OP25 Should a Raspberry Pi Zero be fast enough for OP25?

    Hello all! I am trying to get OP25 running on a Raspberry Pi Zero. I can get OP25 to run, and I can get the audio piped over the network to my desktop PC so I can hear it. However, I have to turn the sample rate for rx.py way down to get OP25 to detect any transmissions, and even then, it...
  12. P

    Boatbod OP25: patch for talkgroup name display

    Hello all! I bought a Realtek SDR from rtl-sdr.com a couple of years ago and played with it a bit at the time. I don't remember exactly what I tried, but it seemed P25 decoding was still pretty experimental then. Recently, I started playing with it again, using boatbod's version of OP25, and...