1. S

    OP25 with Discriminator Audio Question

    I've added a discriminator jack to my BCT15x and I am able to decode p25 easily with DSDPlus. I would like to do the same with OP25 so that I can decode on a pi4. However I have not been able to figure out if OP25 has an option for accepting discriminator audio via the microphone jack. I have...
  2. buckyswider

    OP25: No audio after migrating to Pi 4

    Hi all, probably a really stupid question here. I had/have OP25 up and running great on my Pi3B (save the flaky USB port that boatbod helped me diagnose earlier). For various reasons, I want to move this to a Pi 4. Install went smooth. OP25 up and running. But I'm getting no audio. The web...
  3. boatbod

    OP25 OP25 update 12/20/2020

    I have overhauled the boatbod op25 install script and cmake build environment to auto-detect available gnuradio package version (3.7 vs 3.8) and make the corresponding python selection. The previous method of apply gr3.8 patches has been eliminated so there will no longer be locally modified...
  4. L

    OP25 Vocoder difference

    I have been running the two different OP25 Phase 1 vocoders side by side and I am noticing some differences between the two. Pavel's fixed point vocoder sounds bit more natural to me and less robotic. Tones also sound nice and smooth. When I look the the waveforms in Audacity, the fixed point...
  5. M

    DuPage County frequency changed?

    Hey Guys! In the last week or so all of my OP25 radios tuned to 773.84375 have stopped receiving. Could anyone check if that frequency is active still? I've tried multiple backup frequencies and still hit nothing. I've tried several different SDR dongles as well. Here is an example from the...
  6. eccentricbiped

    Not hearing audio from liquidsoap stream

    Hi all, I'm very new to the space and just getting started. I've appreciated the resources here in the forums but I seem to have a problem that I've been struggling with for the past several hours. I have a RTL-SDR V3 hooked up to my Raspberry Pi 3B+ and have gone through the steps from here...
  7. 0

    OP25 Choppy and Laggy Audio, channel tracking works fine

    Good afternoon! This is my first post on the forums here so bear with me please. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4G ram and have largely succeeded in getting OP25 installed, started, and tracking my local police P25 system. Despite it seeming to perfectly track transmissions and switch to the...
  8. AB5ID

    Running multiple instances of OP25

    I'm considering adding a second dongle to my computer running OP25 and I'm having trouble finding the instructions to do this. Is running 2 instances of OP25 and having both outputs feed the same headphone jack very difficult?
  9. AB5ID

    OP25 Priority question

    I just discovered the OP25 priorty setting and it works great! I understand that Priority 1 is the highest and 3 is default. My question is, are 1,2 and 3 the only valid levels of priority? What is the range of the priority setting, is there a valid priority 4 or 5....? Thanks!
  10. boatbod

    OP25 feature update

    For the past couple months I have been brewing a significant update to op25 with a lot of help from members wgbecks & maus92 along with some generous folks in the background how allowed me to run development code on their systems in MD and NJ. As a result I am pleased to announce that the...
  11. S

    Occasional Garbled Audio using OP25

    I've had a complaint about an intermittent issue where audio is garbled, I'm including a link to see if anyone can identify what may be the issue. Google Drive Link to Example Audio Fresh install as of 5/26/20 running on pi4 with NooElec NESDR Smart v4 SDR ./rx.py --args 'rtl' -N 'LNA:35' -M...
  12. M won't load on a remote machine

    I'm trying to diagnose some tuning errors and it would be nice if I could load the webpage on a remote machine. The pi is headless so I would have to connect it to a monitor. Is that possible at all? Thanks much!!!
  13. J

    OP25 Distorted Audio

    Hi All! I'm having the same issue as this thread: OP25 Audio Slow and Choppy I'm using a brand new RPI 4b (1gig) and new NooElec NESDR smart v4 running raspbian buster. I am trying to listen to the North Fulton Regional Radio System (NFRRSA). My first setup had audio that sounded terrible, so...
  14. boatbod

    OP25 and PulseAudio

    I just added the ability for op25 to send sound to the PulseAudio system in lieu of ALSA. This may or may not be a good thing depending on your Linux system as it seems some - notably RPIs of varying flavors - have issue with Pulse permissions, particularly it seems when you are running them...
  15. boatbod

    OP25 Configuration

    In an effort to make it just a little bit easier for people to set up their trunk.tsv files, I have created a small helper application called "cfgtrunk.py" which facilitates changing parameters without having to use a text editor. It's far from foolproof, but is easier than vi and less error...
  16. J

    OP25 on RTL-SDR: LNA Gain Setting Issues

    Hey, Thanks to boatbod's setup, OP25 is running nicely on an old laptop I had running Ubuntu 18.04. The only weird issue is that it seems like the SDR's noise floor's do not change significantly when messing with the -N 'LNA:xx' setting in OP25. The noise floor from what I have seen in GNU...
  17. TheAlmightyZach

    OP25 OP25 Volume increase by radio ID

    I'm in an odd situation.. our dispatchers all of a sudden got QUIET and they have been for a while now. The agencies haven't said anything to encourage them to raise the volume or anything, but they are hard to hear both on OP25 and my SDS100. Is it possible to increase volume by their radio...
  18. boatbod

    op25 frequency tracking

    I have ported Max's recently announced "-X" tracking code to the boatbod op25 repo. After experimenting with it a bit I changed the way the frequency corrections are handled so that it utilizes the source device's ppm correction then makes residual fine tuning adjustments much as if you had...
  19. M

    OP25 tuning errors

    Hi Guys, I ‘m running this on rapsberry pi and I ‘ve tried the following and they come up with very similar results. It will run for 1-15 minutes and then start throwing tuning errors. Please help! Here are the two I‘ve tried so far: ./rx.py -l http: --args 'rtl' -N 'LNA:47' -S...
  20. qc

    Help With SDR Stream Project

    I have new Project need some advice, I like to set up a broadcastify stream, I have an Airspy R2 SDR our local police uses P25 Phase 1 trunk system they will be switching over to Phase 2 in June of this year, I'm looking for something where I could use a Raspberry PI with Sdrtrunk or OP25? like...