1. marklt1

    Can OP25 receive P25 Nationwide Interoperability Channels?

    I am trying to receive 700Mhz Nationwide Interoperability Channels on my Raspberry Pi3B with OP25. Since these channels, such as 7CALL50 are P25 simplex RX channels with NAC 0xF7E, is that possible to do with the existing hardware and software that I have? I don't want a heavyweight or resource...
  2. NCAmateurRadioGuy

    OP25 DMR

    When using ./multi_rx.py dmr_rtl_example.json to recieve DMR, I get this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "./multi_rx.py", line 402, in <module> rx = rx_main() File "./multi_rx.py", line 384, in __init__ config = json.loads(open(options.config_file).read()) TypeError...
  3. AB5ID

    OP25 - Novice Linux question

    Okay don't laugh too hard! :) I have an older version of OP25 running well. I want to update to the latest version to be able use the web interface feature. What terminal commands do I need to enter to update OP25 without messing up what I already have configured and set-up? Thanks!
  4. K

    OP25 with multi_rx.py / cfg.json and 2 conventional P25 Phase 1 channels but no audio

    I'm running OP25 made with Boatbod's build in an Oracle Virtual Box VM running Ubuntu 19.10 Desktop. I also have OP25 running on a Raspberry Pi4 with Boatbod's build under Raspian Buster Getting both running wasa snap thanks to Boatbod's build. I am attempting to monitor multiple...
  5. AB5ID

    The most frequency stable RTL-SDR

    Who currently make the most frequency stable RTL-SDR? I'm considering setting up Trunk Recorder for 800 MHz range and wondering what dongle has the least amount of drift over time and temperature. Thanks!
  6. F

    OP25, Liquidsoap, and Pulseaudio as a service problem

    Hey all, OP25 is an awesome product. I'm working to change my feeds over to this from a BCD996P2 because it's so much better on our system. OP25 and Liquidsoap run beautifully from the terminal but fail miserably as a service. I have an RPI 3B+, RTLSDR, and am running Raspbian Stretch...
  7. K

    How to use op25 w/ P25 systems spanning more than single RTL-SDR bandwidth

    Is there any way to assign multiple RTL-SDR dongles to a single running op25 instance when the talkgroup frequencies are over 3 MHz +/- from the control frequency? If not, is there another way to handle this w/ op25? Are people just using supported SDR with a larger bandwidth that is affordable...
  8. W

    OP25 "New" Undocumented Config File Option - 'key'

    In OP25, there is a file called multi_rx.py. On lines 114 - 115, there is a section of code: if config.has_key('key') and (config['key'] != ""): self.set_key(int(config['key'], 0)) This section of code appears to have been introduced on May 6, 2019. It appears that it is...
  9. I

    Interesting OP25 error/hang on ./install.sh

    I have been trying to install OP25 using Boatbod's git. I been hanging on 97% I have tried several times to redo the install and same result. I am not worried to much about this but just wanted to put it out there as an issue. This is on a Pi 3 A+ brand new raspbian 4.19. I have copied the log...
  10. F

    OSMOSDR source_c creation failure in op25

    I am fully aware of THIS post and i have followed it multiple times, however whenever i reinstall op25 with ./install.sh i get the same error over and over again: osmosdr source_c creation failure Traceback (most recent call last): File "./rx.py", line 921, in <module> rx = rx_main()...
  11. M

    OP25 and streaming to broadcastify on rpi3b+

    Followed the thread to setup OP25 to stream to broadcastify. I followed the config and am getting an error when launching darkice with the config. I am posting all of the config files. I am assuming that there is an issue with the sound card input/output on the Pi, just need verification from...
  12. M

    OP25 fails to start as a service

    I have the service configured as noted in the thread "Setting up op25 to stream to broadcastify" but in my case I just need to have it start on boot. This will be a headless instance with speakers connected to raspberrypi. It will not be connected to the internet thus not sending signal...
  13. P

    OP25 Should a Raspberry Pi Zero be fast enough for OP25?

    Hello all! I am trying to get OP25 running on a Raspberry Pi Zero. I can get OP25 to run, and I can get the audio piped over the network to my desktop PC so I can hear it. However, I have to turn the sample rate for rx.py way down to get OP25 to detect any transmissions, and even then, it...
  14. C

    OP25 Underruns

    I have OP25 running and its incredible. I am having an issue though with underuns. Has anyone else experienced this and what can be done to fix it? Oddly enough, I can listen to one site with no issues. If I change to a different site, I get the underruns. Any help would be greatly...
  15. P

    Boatbod OP25: patch for talkgroup name display

    Hello all! I bought a Realtek SDR from rtl-sdr.com a couple of years ago and played with it a bit at the time. I don't remember exactly what I tried, but it seemed P25 decoding was still pretty experimental then. Recently, I started playing with it again, using boatbod's version of OP25, and...
  16. E

    Receiving/Decoding Two P25 Channels Simultaneously via RTLSDR and OP25

    I've got OP25 (boatbod) rx.py working using an RTLSDR dongle, and the audio sounds great. Is there a way to simultaneously receive/decode more than one channel that falls within the RTL's 2.4MHz of spectrum being sampled? The two channels I'm interested in are not trunked channels. They were...
  17. S

    OP25 Talkgroup Priority

    Putting this question out there to see if anyone has had similar thoughts. I have OP25 successfully running on a dedicated xUbuntu machine and have explored it thoroughly. But I was wondering if implementing talkgroup priorities would be possible. I imagine this would be implemented in...
  18. J

    OP25 analog/digital mixed trunked systems?

    Is it possible to use OP25 for analog/digital mixed systems. Like Fleetnet Ontario or Fleetnet Manitoba, if so what is the NAC I use or command line argument?:confused:
  19. A

    OP25 and Los Angeles

    im tryimg to follow LAPD trunked systems but cant seem to find the TGIDs and Alpha tags to do so. im very new to OP25 but understand to follow trumked communications the TGID and Alpha tag is all i need i can see all the LAPD frequemcies but hardly any TGIDs can anyone familiar with usimg...
  20. G

    Need Advice Choosing Radio Type (Willis,TX)

    My son is a firefighter for MoCo ESD1. I live a stones throw from main station 91 or about an eighth of a mile from I45 on FM1097 west. I'm primarily interested in listening to fire/EMS in my area but I want to be able to pick up as many of the transmissions as possible. Anything out of my area...