1. K

    Opensky Manuals wanted

    Hey there, if anyone has any opensky manuals especially for radio setup on a network and how the actual backend works, it would be greately appreciated. Doing some reading an archiving on legacy trunking technologies and id like to learn some more detailed info about opensky. Id especially like...
  2. P

    How can you get information out of untrackable systems?

    How have people been able to get information from unlistenable and untrackable systems like iDEN, OpenSky, and TETRA? I mean like talkgroup, LCN/LSNs, and site info? I thought you couldn't listen to or track them properly unless you have a radio connected to that specific system. Some examples...
  3. M

    OpenSky Report 2017: Mode S and ADS-B Usage of Military and other State Aircraft

    Did you ever wonder how military and state aircraft are using ADS-B and SSR Mode S? The Opensky report 2017 provides answers: (PDF)
  4. S

    Pennsylvania Going OpenSky?

    I was searching the internet for a compatible scanner for Dauphin County EMA and came across a warning stating, "Pennsylvania will soon convert to OpenSky." Could someone clarify or debunk this myth that the entire commonwealth is converting? I realize that York Co uses Harris and that Lebanon...
  5. E

    OpenSky and Input Frequencies?

    How does OpenSky work? Does it have repeater input frequencies? Like is it possible to only scan the input frequencies? I understand it is pretty much impossible to decode OpenSky conversations, but can an input frequency be used to tell whether or not an OpenSky user is near you?
  6. D

    Radio issues force police to double-up in patrol cars

    LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police say radio communication problems in the Las Vegas valley's latest officer-involved shooting has forced officers to double-up in patrol units. Radio issues force police to double-up in patrol cars - 8 News NOW
  7. I

    Opensky? 856.339 Mystery signal

    Monitoring 856.339 in Mooresville hearing what sounds like high bps Opensky channel.....can't figure it would be anything else....MDT? Just wondering if anyone knew what this is? Found similar signals at 856.614, 857.339 and 858.289. Center Freqs may be slightly off (its a 10 dollar HDTV...
  8. V

    Do You Think The PA STARNET Drama Will Ever End...?

    Ok, so it only takes one look at Google to find out just how crummy the Opensky platform can be, and just how many problems it has caused agencies. Here in PA we have been unfortunate enough to gain a statewide ( theory) Opensky system. If you look at the sticky in the PA forum you can...
  9. M

    MA-COM BS-90 and CH-103

    Would it be possible to program the MA-COM BS90 base station controller/transceiver to operate with a CH103 control head to work in a receive only mode to monitor the PA Opensky system? In order to get this hardware up and running, what are the part numbers for the necessary manual(s) and...
  10. GTR8000

    PSP VHF and narrowbanding

    We all know the PSP has by and large migrated to the OpenSky system, with occasional fallback usage on the VHF system. That's no longer in question. However what I find interesting is that the state has very recently modified 75 of the PSP VHF licenses to add 11K0F3E (narrowband) emission...
  11. bryan_herbert

    West Palm Beach Looking To Dump Police Radio System, Alliance

    WEST PALM BEACH — For several weeks in spring, a banshee*-like wail intermittently drowned out police radios in West Palm Beach. Mystified technicians tracked the problem to a cheap fix to the radio system in neighboring Palm Beach. West Palm Beach looking to dump police radio system, alliance
  12. S

    New radio system for Oakland County first responders fully implemented WITH VIDEO

    See the Oakland Press article "Oakland County’s emergency responders are now in possession of one of the best radio systems in the nation, officials said Wednesday". Make sure to read the well worded Comments (criticism) from two readers (so far). New radio system for Oakland County first...
  13. GTR8000

    NYS Cancels Hundreds of 800 MHz Licenses

    This is kind of a "duh" post, not at all unexpected by those of us following the drama filled soap opera saga of the NYS SWN project over the past few years, but I suppose it's noteworthy nonetheless. NYS has canceled 852 YE/YP trunked licenses within the past month, which more or less wipes...
  14. Spankymedic7

    OpenSky systems...are they scannable?

    Hi to all, My city's public safety services are switching over to the OpenSky system...the PD switched earlier this year, and the FD is switching within the next month. I understand that OpenSky is a VoIP protocol, but at some point the transmissions need to be changed to RF as they are...
  15. N8RDF

    mbelib Opensky AMBE decode using Dv Dongle?

    Sorry if this was covered elsewhere, but if mbelib captures Opensky packets, and the DV Dongle (with AMBE vocoder) hardware and software is fully documented and available, couldn't mbelib use the DV Dongle to decode/monitor Opensky? Wouldn't this also solve the "patent issue" with the mbelib...
  16. P

    BC396XT worth it in PA?

    I was asked to post in this forum as opposed to Uniden forum about getting a BC396XT living in SE PA. I simply can't find info. showing if the State is still aggressive or not regarding the opensky program. The bottom line is that I don't want to buy an expensive scanner if it will not be good...
  17. P

    Should I invest in BC396XT?

    I live in southeast PA Montgomery County. I am looking to purchase a BC396XT and do not mind spending the money on it, but I am worried about the possibility of the Opensky project that PA may continue to rollout. I know PSP and others already use it in some areas, but I don't want to see my...
  18. n9fam

    Milwaukee Trunk Systems Questions

    I'll be in Milwaukee Saturday, but have 4 questions. 1. According to RR, there is a US Postal Service TRS, LTR, with only one freq listed (LCR-5, 854.7625). Is this correct? I found an FCC, license, WQCG671, to Joseph Dragotta, but no obvious tie to the USPS. 2. Milwaukee City TRS (Open...