1. S

    OPP Scanning

    I have a Uniden Bearcat 235XLT Trunk Tracker Scanner. Am I able to scan the OPP frequencies with this unit? If so Could someone point me in the direction for doing this? Thanks
  2. M

    OPP Toronto - East

    Why is it there is a feed for OPP in the downtown area but there is none in the east end.Can any one broadcast Whitby OPP, Downsview OPP , and Toronto OPP, it would bennifit a lot of other listeners also.
  3. I

    Need help programming 396xt for OPP

    Hi everyone, I've got a uniden BCD 396XT scanner and I want to program the freqs for OPP zone 2 but don't know how. Can anyone provide a step-by-step instruction on how to program it? I've seen instructions here for a 396T, but the steps do not work for the 396XT. Any help will be greatly...
  4. techguru55


    Hi There, I'm a new listener, having come across the site a few weeks ago. Instantly hooked. This weekend, the feed from the OPP and York Region YRP went down. Does anyone know if it is a permanent condition, or is it being worked on? Thanks.
  5. AricAAA

    Trouble Scanning Bell Fleet Net

    I have been scanning the airwaves in Windsor and Essex County for over 2 years now using a Pro 96. I had programmed all the agencies around me manually and they worked fine, including Bell Fleet Net in the Windsor-Essex area. With regards to Fleet Net Zone 1, while in Windsor, I got OPP, EMS...
  6. dustinrenz

    Barrie area opp

    On the OPP reference page, there is no frequencies for central region (Barrie, Nottawasage etc) OPP. Does anyone have them??
  7. Northerner71

    OPP Pagers

    Anyone know what freqs these would be on? Are they even scannable? Just curious, thanx for any info.
  8. P

    Brand New BCD396xt - OPP Zone 1 - Downloaded from RR but ...No transmissions??

    Hello Scanning Professionals! I must admit.. I am brand new to scanning. So i purchased the best equipment (that i referenced) Uniden BCD396XT and signed up with Radio Reference for great forums and freq uploads. All i want to do is listen to Essex County (Windsor) area Ontario Provincial...