1. D

    P25 Motorola 0x90 Link Control Opcode 0x15 & 0x17 - Radio Reprogram?

    I'm seeing these unknown link control messages carried in a contiguous chunk of TDULC messaging on some Phase 1 traffic channels. In both examples, it was immediately following an AES-256 encrypted group call. Within sdrtrunk I'm calling these RADIO REPROGRAM, but I'm not yet certain of the...
  2. B

    Mac Compatible SDR Software for Motorola Type II Smartzone Omnilink

    Howdy all you much more experienced people with this realm than myself! I've recently been trying to scan local trunked frequencies using the SDR Trunk software on my M2 Macbook Pro with an RTL-SDR dongle. I love this software's ease of integration with Radio Reference, but I've been striking...
  3. S

    Boston Fire Ch 3 & 4

    Hi, I’ve doubled checked the TGIDs for both the BFD Ch 3 & 4 patches to the P25 system. Ch 1 & 2 works but not 3 or 4. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  4. ***SOLD***Icom IC-R8600 Communications Receiver

    ***SOLD***Icom IC-R8600 Communications Receiver

    Selling it to fund my next ham radio purchase. Radio is in excellent working conditions, nothing scratched, rusted or burned out. Radio comes with DC cables and AC adapter. Please note the condition of the AC adapter cable. When I bought it, the previous owner had it terminated in such a way...
  5. P

    Old P25 decoding

    Why was P25 phase I decoded with so many artifacts in the audio? this even goes for P25 radios of the 2000s. Was this the first attempt at digital voice decode? Why did it take so long to improve it?
  6. G

    FleetNet Mapping Questions.

    So, lately I've been looking for help with some of the things I'm seeing within Zone 1 and 2 of the FleetNet P25 system here in Ontario. I've been helped by members with things to try etc (big Thanks). I'm Located near Peterborough and should have coverage of the Peterborough, Pontypool...
  7. Crocker_B

    Harris P5500 - SYSGRP# 0 Issue

    Hey Everyone, got a bit of a Tech Special today. So I received a Harris P5500 in the mail that seems to have a slight issue. The radio feature menu is showing "SYSGRP#0," where normally it would say SYSGRP#65535. Ive already gone through some troubleshooting steps like upgrading the feature...
  8. n1moy

    SDS100/SDS200: sds200 P25 distorted audio

    Perplexed by the flawed reception of a conventional P25 public service repeater. SDS200 receiving over a ~6.8 mile route with no sizable obstacles. [low-lying hills] No scan priority, weather alert, attenuation or filters employed. Firmware: Main Version 1.23.03 Sub Version 1.03.02 In my...
  9. U

    DMR vs P25 - Encryption standards and software vs hardware encryption

    Hey all, I'm really hoping this doesn't turn into a flame war or anything, I'm just trying to better understand the key differences in implementation. Question I'm aware that companies like Anytone, Hytera, Motorola, etc. offer encryption in their DMR radios, and I know that Anytone and Hytera...
  10. G

    Bell FleetNet Help

    Need help... Sorry, I'm new to digital scanning and P25 systems in general. Located in the Peterborough County area etc.. I have been trying to figure out which sites in Zone 1 & 2 to select in my favourites lists to speed up my talk group scanning times, eliminating areas/sites too far to...
  11. K

    Turn XTS into a scanner

    Hello. Hopefully this is the right place for this. So, basically, I am a radio nerd in Michigan and want to listen to MPSCS. I understand that MPSCS is fully P25 phase II capable, but all talkgroups are phase I in every county except Oakland. Making this thread I'm assuming they'll stay phase I...
  12. P

    MPSCS Talkgroup questions

    Sorry for making another post on here, I have another question again. 1. If 13406 is labeled for school busses, what school, or district even uses it? Does this TG even belong to Allegan or has it been misplaced in the wrong county? I have never once heard this TG active ever since loading it...
  13. W

    Questions and Concerns on P25 and Simulcast - New SDS-200 Owner

    Just a heads up, I am very new to scanners and radios so if I make any mistakes I'd like you to please inform me. Background: I recently bought an SDS200 because I've heard really good things about them. I live in the Charlotte, NC area and have looked at the Charlotte UASI page quite a bit. I...
  14. D

    Broome County NY Channels

    I am having trouble getting channels for a uniden bcd996p2. I used radioreference and imported into the freescan. Before hand I paid the company I bought it from to program. It just had 1 channel at the bottom. Now it has multiple channels and some channels come and some don't. I was wondering...
  15. P

    Static between P25 transmission?

    Does anybody else near or in Allegan County hear what sounds like static clipping in at the beginning and end of each transmission like analog? I mainly hear it from dispatcher units, It almost sounds like a cross-patch. So is it just my radio or is something going on with our system and their...
  16. P

    Unication G4 Programming for CVCRS

    Hello, I have recently purchased a Unication G4 pager and I am attempting to program it to work on the CVCRS system. I live in Campbell county and it works fine on Campbells 2A site. I have noticed that when in Campbell County I cannot hear any of the traffic in Lynchburg, Bedford, or Amherst on...
  17. *SOLD* Uniden SDS-100 in Box w/Accessories NXDN/DMR unlocked / Remtronix Antenna - Free Shipping

    *SOLD* Uniden SDS-100 in Box w/Accessories NXDN/DMR unlocked / Remtronix Antenna - Free Shipping

    Uniden SDS-100 in Box All Accessories included UNLOCKED DMR/NXDN - big savings having that already done. Upgraded Sandisk Ultra 32gb SD Card for more recording time Upgraded Remtronix Antenna better for 700/800Mhz. (include original) Full Size - Color Printed Manual No scratches on unit...
  18. E

    Jim Wells County Texas - SDR to listen to P25

    New to this whole SDR thing, bought something off of ebay called a Skyfall SDR. It has 2 of the newer (v3's), not newest RTL's in it supposedly. I can pick up the hum and noise of the control channel. Stumped on how to do the decode, looking to see if anyone knows how to finish setting up Sharp...
  19. panoboy

    H-CPM demodulation using SDR

    Is there any SDR software which can demodulate H-CPM? If not, are there unique challenges which make this difficult or is it due to a lack of interest? Thanks.
  20. S

    C4FM vs CQPSK - Scan Behavior

    BLUF: Why can I receive a P25 channel regardless of the modulation type (C4FM vs CQPSK) but while scanning the radio will only land on this channel if the modulation is set to CQPSK? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have an Astro Spectra that mostly gets used as a scanner for conventional channels, a...