1. U

    DSDPlus P25 No Audio

    Hi all, I'm very new to HAM radio and still in the process of reading my technician book prior to testing. In the meantime, I'm playing around with monitoring to get my feet wet and help prepare myself for the test with some practical knowledge. A few years back, I attended DefCon and...
  2. V

    BCD325P2: Rockland county talk group

    New to phase 2 and p25 system I currently have a BCD325P2 scanner and am trying to get into Rockland talk groups for police and I’m just unsure on how to do it can anyone help I have the TGID. https://www.radioreference.com/db/sid/7128
  3. Uniden HomePatrol-II  HP-2 - 32gb SSD / Extreme Upgrade / Like New

    Uniden HomePatrol-II HP-2 - 32gb SSD / Extreme Upgrade / Like New

    Home Patrol II Hp-2 * Has the Extreme Upgrade $50 value ** Upgraded 8gb ssd to 32gb ssd - more recording room In the Box / Non Smoker / Adult Owned INCLUDES US Shipping. Paypal or Venmo.
  4. Unication G3 in Excellent Physical Condition With Desktop Charger (Make Offer)

    Unication G3 in Excellent Physical Condition With Desktop Charger (Make Offer)

    Gently Used Unication G3 Very good physical condition Includes desktop charger Purchased from East Coast Pagers in June 2021 ALL REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED Paypal friends and family accepted.
  5. MTL_Emergencies

    OP25 Mobile radio scanner based on OP25

    I recently built a mobile radio scanner to monitor P25 trunk communication systems based on OP25 (Boatbod). I have been working on the project for 3 years and am finally happy to say that it's done! I am using a NooElec SMArt v3 dongle as hardware, Raspberry Pi 3B for signal processing, 3.5"...
  6. Bluetail Technologies P25RX (Original Model) With Accessories

    Bluetail Technologies P25RX (Original Model) With Accessories

    Selling mine. It was a great experimental tool for me, but as my statewide P25 system is still about 2 years from arriving here I'm going to let it go. I expect I'll get a version II (or maybe III at that point?) when the system gets here. Outstanding performance and it was fun to work with Todd...
  7. MTL_Emergencies

    OP25 OP25 crashes mid conversation

    I am having an issue with OP25 (Boatbod) that it crashes mid conversation at random times. Sometimes it runs for 3hrs without any issues and sometimes it crashes after 10 mins. I added below a copy of my stderr.4 file (I had to cut some parts because the message was too long) Using Python...
  8. ***SOLD***Icom IC-R30 Receiver w/Case and Alkaline Battery Clamshell

    ***SOLD***Icom IC-R30 Receiver w/Case and Alkaline Battery Clamshell

    ***SOLD*** to a party at QRZ.com, so unfortunately I can't mark it as sold here. I knew I'd sell it...so here it is. One hardly used Icom IC-R30 receiver with all original accessories. Added a carrying case and the battery clamshell as well. Also will throw in a SMA to BNC female adapter...
  9. T

    BCD396T P25 Digital Handheld Scanner

    9/10 cosmetic condition, functions as it should with no issues. Comes with antenna and power adapter. $250 + $10 shipping to anywhere in the US. Payment by venmo only, or local meetup in Colorado Springs / I-25 corridor. Email if interested. Pics upon request.
  10. A

    Charlotte UASI Questions

    I have a couple questions about Charlotte UASI control channels: 1. What's the deal with control channels? Do I need to program all of them? Should I program the non-control channels? If not, why are they listed, what do they do? 2. Why are there multiple control channels? If I remember...
  11. MTL_Emergencies

    OP25 Increase CC hunt speed

    How can I increase the control channel hunting speed on OP25 (Boatbod)? I programmed a lot of frequencies and would like to increase the hunting speed in order to make it more efficient.
  12. FD101

    Hancock County Fiscal Court approves $3.2-mil emergency communications project

    Some changes coming to Hancock County in the next 2-3 years. "Fiscal Court approved a bid of $3.2 million for the Tait Communications equipment, providing a four-channel, six-site, P-25 Phase 2 TDMA digital system, which will allow both cities, the county and Hancock County Schools to...
  13. D

    P25 Simplex XTS5000

    Hello, I recently bought a couple XTS5000's and was trying to figure out how to setup them for use on p25 phase 1 in simplex mode with no repeater. Cant find a tutorial online. I am still very new to the ASTRO CPS, Can someone please give me some steps on how to do this or attach a video if you...
  14. K

    BCD996P2: Bcd996p2 randomly looses control channel

    I picked up a bcd996p2 brand new a while back and I’ve been trying to figure out an issue any help would be appreciated. While scanning Howard county indiana it will randomly stop trunking and display NFM. It’s very hard to recreate because it does it randomly but won’t scan properly until I...
  15. MTL_Emergencies

    Multi site system

    I'm trying to monitor a multi site P25 system (SÉRAM). Basically I want the G4 to connect to the underground site (site 15) when I'm in the subway (when there's no connection to the other site, site 1). I programmed the CC (of the 2 sites) into one P25 trunking system list, but I can only...
  16. SirJ

    Motorola XTL5000 uhf T Band 450-520MHz

    I have the modified CPS so I’m able to bring the radio below the commercial van split down to amateur radio however some stuff works some stuff doesn’t as far as the ham band goes the radio is pretty forgiving I only use the radio for receive because I listen to Los Angeles PD in Los Angeles...
  17. M

    Caledon Fire Station Dispatch Talk Groups

    I am putting a Caledon scan list together for somebody and I cannot seem to find the dispatch talk groups for Caledon's Station dispatch. I was able to Program OPS 5, TAC 8 & 9 but OPS 5 does not dispatch any calls even for Brampton. I rarely hear them page because they have the dispatch setup...
  18. R

    SDRTrunk SDR Trunk not working

    Howdy, I'm a newbie to SDR, and I'm trying monitor Montgomery TX's P25 system using SDR trunk and two RTL-SDR's. I am getting nothing. No events, no messages, nothing. Seems like I'm getting a signal on both dongles, and the freqs programmed in come directly from radio reference. Anybody know...
  19. Uniden SDS-100 w/ 32gb microsd / Remtronix Antenna - No Scratches

    Uniden SDS-100 w/ 32gb microsd / Remtronix Antenna - No Scratches

    Uniden SDS-100 * Bought 1/2021 * Works Great - Little Use. ** NO SCRATCHES !! * Upgraded to 32gb sd (will include original) * Upgraded to Remtronix Antenna (will include the original). * No added DMR or NXDN etc. * Great Shape in original box' * Adult owned - non smoker - never left the house...
  20. Whistler TRX-2 - 1 month old - Upgrades - NXDN/DMR/MotoTRBO/ P25 Phase 1&2

    Whistler TRX-2 - 1 month old - Upgrades - NXDN/DMR/MotoTRBO/ P25 Phase 1&2

    Whistler TRX-2 still under warranty just used a few time. Adult Non-Smoking hosehold - never outside / no scratches. Great scanner - I just don't need it afterall. See my feedback. Upgrades: Remtronix Antenna (much better) - will include stock telescopic Upgraded 32gb SD Card for more...