1. Unication G4

    Unication G4

    Eagle eyed readers will remember my previous postings, regarding how many times I've owned a G4. If memory serves, this would be my 5th one. Anyways, I've come to the realization that, I am not using my G4 as much as I thought I would. I take my G4 to work everyday, where I "listen" to it. Thing...
  2. G

    New (to me) APX Radio - cannot transmit on -p25 conventional

    I bought an APX7000. It transmits fine on analog UHF/VHF. I tried transmitting on UHF conventional p25 and nothing comes across any other radio. I tried using three. The radio receives p25 conventional no problem. Thoughts? Time for a refund?
  3. P

    toning P25 800mhz

    Can someone tell me if the below tones will work over P25 800 to alert stations? Also, can someone recommend a good program to check tdma and fdma tones and a program to convert it into MIP5000 format? I have been told that P25 800 is only FDMA. Thank you! 375 562.5 375 343.75 656.25...
  4. Whistler WS-1095 - P25 Phase I / Phase II / DMR MOTOTRBO in Box (SOLD)

    Whistler WS-1095 - P25 Phase I / Phase II / DMR MOTOTRBO in Box (SOLD)

    Whistler WS-1095 In the Box (all accessories) Upgraded SD Card 32gb SanDisk Extreme Pro Additional Cigarette Lighter Cord Additional Large Format Manual (Color Bound) Works Great - just don't need. PAYPAL only - insured FREE Shipment to Continental USA only. Will be on Ebay as well at a higher...
  5. UNIDEN BCI25D APCO P25 Digital Card For Bearcat Digital Capable Scanners

    UNIDEN BCI25D APCO P25 Digital Card For Bearcat Digital Capable Scanners

    UNIDEN BCi25D APCO P25 Digital Card For Bearcat Digital Capable Scanners Scanner Accessory Digital Card enables APCO25 With the BCi25D Digital Card inserted into either the BC785D Base / Mobile or BC250D Handheld TrunkTracker Scanners you can monitor Conventional, Trunked (analog control...
  6. Dark_Hunter

    P25 Stream In Burke County, North Carolina

    A friend of mine wants to set up a stream in his state, he has ordered 2 SDR's an antenna, and a Pi. He wants to use the VIPER on High Peak. Could anyone please advise anything we need to be aware of? And could someone maybe share a config for trunk recorder? Thank you.
  7. S

    Questions About San Bernardino County Trunking

    Let me start by saying I am very new to scanning in general but have some experience with my BC125AT. I've been casually listening to Air traffic for a few years and have just recently gotten into listening to the local fire frequencies. I live in Riverside County and have been able to listen to...
  8. D

    Yagi upgrade of my trunked scanner

    My old setup was just 2 telescopic antennas and 2 SDRs and it wasn't great, and with that, I wasn't getting the best reception and so I wanted to listen to systems that were farther away from me and get better reception on my local systems. I started doing some research on a better antenna setup...
  9. dnadareski

    SDS200 DMR with a Control Channel?

    I have a SDS200 with DMR key activated. I programmed Leominster, MA UMASS Hospital with the 14 frequencies found on FCC Website. I set it up as conventional and I hear a control channel. I also hear the staff talking on some of the other frequencies and it shows as DMR with Slots 1 and 2...
  10. Like New Uniden BCD325P2 w/ DMR & NXDN

    Like New Uniden BCD325P2 w/ DMR & NXDN

    OPEN TO NEGOTIATIONS, ID LIKE AT LEAST $370.00. Used Uniden BCD325P2 w/ DMR & NXDN upgrades (Less than a year old). It comes with the USB cable & stock antenna. Minor cosmetic wear to the left side keys & belt clip is not included due to being broken. It does not come with box or any manuals...
  11. ChrisBoden

    Legality of decoding P25 Police/EMS/Fire data in an educational video.

    Greetings everyone. :) I'm in preproduction on an educational video teaching how to use an SDR with DSD+ to build a simple rig and listen to trunked emergency services data on P25 systems. Could someone please advise me on the legality of teaching this and posting it to the internet? I'm...
  12. V

    Programming a XTS5000 to safely monitor only P25 trunking freqs.

    Hi Im hoping there someone reading this thread who could help me safely program my Motorola XTS 5000 Model 3 700 / 800Mhz P25 9600 handheld. The frequencies I need to load into the radio to receive are all on this list: Click Here I want to use the radio to RX only my regional wireless...
  13. resnickm

    Difficulty Scanning Miami City P25 System

    I know the city's P25 system is fairly new (and still seems to be underway), but I was hoping someone had some insight to its current status/functionality. I set up an SDR last week and programmed in the P25 system and was able to pick up fairly decent audio for a few days. All of a sudden, it...
  14. S

    Walpole PD P25

    Has anyone confirmed Walpole PD has moved to P25 on their old analog frequency? Is the 396XT able to decode it, assuming it's not encrypted? Thanks, Steve
  15. N

    APX Trunking Can't RX or TX audio

    I've previously been monitoring a P25 trunked network (NSW Government Radio Network Trunking System, NSW Statewide and ACT, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies) in my state using the non-affiliate scan method. I.e. I created the actual trunked channels and placed them in a scan list linked to a...
  16. E

    Scan P25 on Uniden SDS100

    I just recently purchased a Uniden SDS100. I have added custom scan lists on P25 and analog channels. My problem is there is 50+ sites for the local statewide P25 system. I currently have a local scan list with just the tower thats in my county but whenever I am traveling I have to re-enable the...
  17. M

    DSD+ not decoding.

    Hi everyone, First post here and I don't know a ton about radios, especially in regards to SDR and digital radio. Long story short, I have an SDR dongle. I am using DSD+ and SDRSharp. I can receive and hear FM stations with it, and I can hear the 'static' of non-decoded radio frequencies, but...
  18. R

    How to listen to Oklahoma Police from a handheld scanner?

    I am new to this radio thing, I have a UV-5R and have played with that for awhile but i am interested in how I can listen to the Oklahoma City Police Department dispatch channels on a handheld radio. I know the UV-5R cannot do this but what is a radio that would allow me to listen? I think they...
  19. K

    DSD PLUS 1.7 Trunking ??

    hey everybody this might be a dumb question but does anybody know how to edit the frequency file for System 381 here in SD to follow the CC and the voice channels ?? Con+, 381, 004, 01, 452.8500, 457.8500, 1.0 Con+, 381, 004, 02, 452.2750, 457.2750, 2.0 Con+, 381, 004, 03...
  20. Chibson

    DSD+ Fastlane Issue

    I have bought DSD+ Fastlane about 7 months ago and used it for a few weeks and forgot about it until, well today. I was scrolling through my email until I found the email containing my DSD+ Fastlane files. See, I went to the first email I got from them which told me to go to the next email they...