1. shmiller58

    Searching for new TGID?

    School Board of Sarasota County has already transitioned to project 25 Motorola system. The transportation and higher level of security already had a talk group ID. All schools have been issued new Motorola APX 900 radios. I have tried scanning for new IDs and nothing is showing up. Last month I...
  2. *SOLD* WS-1065 - In Box used 3 months - with BONUS

    *SOLD* WS-1065 - In Box used 3 months - with BONUS

    WS-1065 in the Box with all items (including data USB - PC Cable). Used about 3 months in non-smoking adult home. Works GREAT on P25 Phase 1. BONUS: Including the Superior Remtronix Antenna which is much better than stock. Ready to Ship (PAYPAL ONLY). No trades - firm on price.
  3. SOLD -BCD536HP - Bought 4/8/2021 - Like New in Box - 2 BONUS Items

    SOLD -BCD536HP - Bought 4/8/2021 - Like New in Box - 2 BONUS Items

    BCD536HP - Bought 4/8/2021 for a project that I never got around to. Only used inside - WORKS GREAT ! All original items in Box. BONUS: Upgraded 32gb Sandisk SSD - more record time BONUS: Remtronix Antenna - so much better than stock FYI: No upgrades purchased. Non-Smoker - maybe used 10-20...
  4. MTL_Emergencies

    UID not displaying in P25 Phase II on patch talkgroup

    Hello, I am monitoring a P25 phase II trunk system (SERAM, site 1) but I am having issues with unit IDs: FD dispatchers use patch talkgroups to combine multiple talkgroups together (the patch name is REGROUPEMENT and patched talkgroups are COMMANDEMENT). In phase I, unit IDs show up just fine...
  5. M

    Enabling Channel announcement on XTS 5000r

    Hi I was wondering if I can enable Channel announcement on my XTS 5000r on Astro 25 Portable CPS 20.01.00. I have never actually programmed a radio in CPS before so is this something if I do wrong I can brick my radio or screw something up?
  6. P

    P25 Phase 1 recommendations?

    Currently using a Pro-82 to listen to Fire Rescue (453 - 460 MHz). Considering getting a programmed HT1250 UHF to get better reception. I want something to listen to Miami-Dade Police. Specifically Site 102 on the system. Was thinking of getting a BCD996P2 to listen at home, and a BCD436HP to...
  7. manxman

    SDS100: Getting started with Trunked Systems

    Howdy folks, and warm regards from the tropical Isle of Man! I'm getting back into the hobby, having recently upgraded my 3500XLT to an SDS-100E, and to say I'm finding it complicated would be an understatement. Can somebody please point me in the right direction for some high-level steps to...
  8. F

    Unitrunker Is UniTrunker still popular? Alternatives?

    Hi there, I just entered the wonderful world of SDR and as such I am very new and inexperienced. I have watched a few videos online on how to decode P25 and similar trunked signals but these videos were fairly old. I have two RTL-SDR dongles (one RTL-SDR v3 and one NESDR Smart). I am using SDR#...
  9. M

    DSDPlus How to monitor P25 conventional on DSD with FMP

    I'm having a hell of a time trying to set up my RTL-SDR V3 to decode my local police departments, each one functions on a P25 conventional single frequency. I've seen too many videos on Youtube and have read countless hours of forums and articles on how to set this up to absolutely no avail...
  10. *SOLD* Uniden BCD436HP - 32gb SSD  / Remtronix / Box - $300

    *SOLD* Uniden BCD436HP - 32gb SSD / Remtronix / Box - $300

    Ready to Go...BCD436HP Includes BONUS Antenna - Remtronix Antenna much better than stock Upgraded from 8gb to 32gb SSD for more recording time. Installed Yellow Screen Filter - you can search and see others that did this. (can easily be removed). Original Box Only a month old 2800mah...
  11. C

    OP25 Capture P25 Voice Frames using OP25

    Hello. I'm doing research about P25 Common Air Interface and encryption protocols. I'm new to using OP25, so please be understandable if I'm wrong about something. When I turn the logging up to -v 10, I can see the codewords and all the other info, but it's all messy. I think I'm missing...
  12. D


    Has anyone on here ever programmed a Harris radio with P25 Phase 2 trunking for the Arkansas Wireless Information Network? I just bought a Harris XG-75P radio and imma looking to program to listen to the local non encrypted frequencies. There is a lot of information in the database concerning...
  13. E

    Trouble with china pi-star

    Hi guys, I got myself one of those china pi-stars, though I know the china ones are generally frowned upon. Anyway, I've been trying to configure it and it seems to be working except for the fact that I can't transmit to it. I can receive RF on my handheld via networks but the pi-star seems to...
  14. L

    True Trunk Tracking with OP25 Multi_Rx.py and 2 SDR Dongles?

    Hey there everyone. I was wondering if it would be possible to truly track a OP25 Simulcast system using multi_rx.py. Like just have one SDR Stay on the control frequency and have the other Tune around. Let me know if this is possible or if Im just crazy. Right now I have it set up but its just...
  15. B

    BCD325P2: Uniden BCD996P2 is silent

    I am trying to program a scanner for my father who had a stroke and is unable to do so himself. Me being new into the scanner world, I am getting a crash course on how trunking systems operate. I live in, and am trying to receive, Mills County, Iowa. I have tried using Proscan and Freescan to...
  16. D

    Mystery 37xxx talk group on Cobb RRS

    I have seen this talkgroup for a while now and I have always wondered if anyone has an idea of who it could be, however, given that it's always encrypted its almost impossible to know but what's the harm in asking if anyone has a clue who that talkgroup could be.
  17. G

    How far can I listen?

    I’m getting started with using SDRtrunk and am fairly unfamiliar with how trunking scanning works. I work in three different services in Kansas and want to listen when there are events while off duty, and I know I can do that with a full fledged radio but is SDR capable of covering the whole...
  18. villlythekid

    BCD996p2 picking up one site but not the other

    My BCD996p2 can not pick up the South site in the PG County System, however it can pick up the North site very well. Any reason why? At the best I can pick up a very distorted transmission on the South site very rarely. Am I simply too far away? I live right on the Montgomery County/PG County line.
  19. villlythekid

    Issues with BCD996P2 and P25 system

    So I scan Prince George's County, MD (Prince George's County Trunking System, Various, Maryland - Scanner Frequencies) police and I noticed that my BCD996P2 scanner randomly goes quiet and doesn't pick up transmissions. I check the online feed for the same exact same system (openmhz) and all...
  20. N

    Multiple Voice Channels using DSD+

    Hey all. I have three sdr's (one of them is sitting idle right now). One of them monitors a control channel, other one monitors a voice channel. My question is, has anyone been able to use the third SDR to monitor two separate voice channels at once? For example, one SDRlistens to a fire...