1. TJX400

    Caroline County Fire & Rescue Changes

    Monitored Caroline some over the last few weeks. For those of you who are out of range or don't monitor it frequently, I want to note some changes that seemed to be introduced at the start of the year. They're currently in the process of installing Phoenix G2 Station Alerting equipment in their...
  2. wm8s

    Bell & Howell pager tones

    I have a pretty complete list of 2-tone sequential pager tones, but my table of Bell & Howell tones has a few holes: BH04 BH05 BH06 BH08 BH10 BH13 BH19 For reference, this is the series with BH02 = 1220.0 Hz, BH03 = 1291.4 Hz, through BH22 = 1600.0 Hz. Can anybody fill in the...
  3. Quik-Call03B74

    Inquiry for Motorola Quik-Call™ Selective Signaling Information (2+2 2-Tone Sequential Paging)

    Hello, I am 911 Telecommunicator/Radio Collector that has taken special interest in Motorola Quik-Call™ 2+2 (QC-I) paging. I own 3 Motorola Quik-Call™ Selective Signaling T1251-B units, as well as 2 Zetron Model 25 consoles, and a Midian Electronics PDE-1 Encoder which also encodes QC-I. I am...
  4. J

    G3 VHF/UHF Antenna

    Hey everyone, I know a lot of people have posted their experience with third party antenna on a G5 with 700/800 but I can't seem to find post for VHF/UHF configuration. Any advice on what is a good antenna for the G3 would be great. I was wondering if the Nagoya 810 would work. Thanks
  5. K

    NC Forest Service Paging

    Hi, Recently purchased a Unication G1 pager. I live in Buncombe County. When there is a report of a brush fire, they tone out the Forest Service on the main fire dispatch channel. However, I can't find any info on what tone frequencies these are to program them in the pager. Does anyone know...
  6. SlipNutz15

    ICORRS counties fire and ems dispatch

    For those counties part of ICORRS, which counties are still using conventional paging for Fire and/or EMS services? Armstrong - Fire was low band but shows deprecated. Are they using alpha pager or a different voice paging? EMS paging still 155.2200? Fayette - Fire dispatch still 155.1900...
  7. R

    IDPS Paging Tone/Sound/Noise

    Hey Friends...I hope you can help. I'm just curious more than anything, and learning a lot about my new scanner. It's a Uniden Bearcat BCD996P2, and every now and then I get several paging tones....usually displaying IDPS Paging. I've been locking them out when then happen, but should I be...
  8. melona380

    Lancaster county Pageing systems

    Are there any POCSAG or FLEX systems in Lincoln besides St e's ?
  9. CQ

    TRX-2: Paging Intermod

    My new TRX-2 has awful paging intermod on the Ham 2m and 150Mhz band. I've never had this issue with my receivers, other scanners, SDR and even Ham gear. They're all sitting in the same area. Anyone else suffering this issue?
  10. D

    Which is the best incident paging service?

    I know all about the different services like USEMERAlerts, Alertpage inc, BNN, Incident paging network, etc. but I'm wondering which one is the best to go with. I like all them and cant decide, but i also realize that some of the services might have a little bit more to offer than the other...
  11. SlipNutz15

    Centre County 9K20F1D emission

    Ok, I seem to have run into something I can't find. There is a new paging channel for Centre County 460.6125 that has emissions of 11K0F3E, 9K20F1D. I know that 11K0F3E is NFM...but what is 9K20F1D is for??? I see it says Zentron based alpha-numeric paging. Does that mean this frequency is...
  12. D

    XTS 2500 group Paging

    Hello, We currently use A25 UHF in WV. My agency is wanting to alert groups of mobiles and portables over our trunking system. I am currently able to page individual radios using astro25 from an XTS2500 Model III using the keypad to enter the target radio's "Call List ID" number. This works...
  13. S

    Incident Paging Services?

    I was wondering if anyone knows about any incident paging services for Illinois or the Midwest?
  14. S

    Milton/Halton Hills Fire Paging/Radio System

    It seems like im not getting any pages on 154.1600 for Milton and Halton Hills fire any more. Anyone know what they are doing?? Also I know halton region is switching to a Project 25 radio system in 2012. Anyone have any news on that? Thanks
  15. J

    ASTRO group call

    Can anyone help me to set up a group call in ASTRO mode? I can do individual calls with no problems, but when I try to send a group call, I get a message on the display that says "INVALID ENTRY". I would also like to set up an audible alert tone as an attention getter in ASTRO. Is this...
  16. J

    Montco VHF Paging

    Has anyone noticed Montco fired up the VHF East paging channel, 158.950 on Tuesday afternoon? At this time they are sending POCSAG data, possibly for testing purposes. Any ideas what this may be used for in the future? The signal is strongest in the East and breaks up some what in the West. JJ
  17. B

    Anyone have experience decoding POCSAG or FLEX?

    I am trying to use PDW a program to decode pocsag and flex paging protocols but I am having some trouble... Can anyone help? P.S. Moderators, If I posted this in the wrong place please move it for me. Thank you!
  18. B

    Minitor 4 and alpha pager questions... Livingston county

    A few years back I worked on a fire department here in livingston county. We were issued a Minitor 4 or 5 and a alpha pager to be alerted for fire calls. I have two questions regarding that equipment... 1) Recently I was given a minitor 4 by a friend from ohio... I have the frequency to listen...
  19. J

    Contacting authors of Files

    I was wondering where I might find the author(s) of the files that are located under each particular county designation. Specifically, I am trying to locate the provider of the "Fire/Rescue Pager Tones" file for Volusia County, Florida. -Thanks!