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  1. D

    Yagi upgrade of my trunked scanner

    My old setup was just 2 telescopic antennas and 2 SDRs and it wasn't great, and with that, I wasn't getting the best reception and so I wanted to listen to systems that were farther away from me and get better reception on my local systems. I started doing some research on a better antenna setup...
  2. Uniden BCD996P2 (NO UPGRADES)

    Uniden BCD996P2 (NO UPGRADES)

    Like new BCD996P2 with power cable, usb cable, and stock antenna. Recently moved and simulcast renders this scanner useless on the system I monitor.
  3. rvacs

    G4 to G5 - Learning Curve? Profile imports?

    Hello All, First of all love my Unication G4. Just tried a new SDS100 with latest firmware and it couldn't even come close to SIMULCAST Phase 1. Thinking about upgrading to Unication G5. Seems Texas DPS uses 154-160Mhz. P25 statewide. How hard of a learning curve is it to upgrade to G5. I...
  4. I

    P1 vs P2 Indication?

    Is there any way to tell whether a received signal on the G5 is using P1 or P2 modulation? According to RadioReference, some of the talkgroups on DaneCom (Dane Co, WI) are using Phase II modulation, however, none of the talkgroups in the database are listed with a Mode "T" (TDMA) designation...
  5. G

    Need Advice Choosing Radio Type (Willis,TX)

    My son is a firefighter for MoCo ESD1. I live a stones throw from main station 91 or about an eighth of a mile from I45 on FM1097 west. I'm primarily interested in listening to fire/EMS in my area but I want to be able to pick up as many of the transmissions as possible. Anything out of my area...
  6. NFR85

    BCD436HP: Trouble listening to Project 25 Phase 1

    I have loaded all my information in my scanner as my town in Nashua,NH has switched to P25 Phase 1. I have loaded everything I believe is correct please look over the screen shots. When anyone talks my scanner is still scanning. What I've done 1. The latest firmware is updated on scanner and...
  7. J

    Am I able to program a Motorola XPR 3500 to listen to P25 Phase 1 talkgroups?

    Hello, I am knew to everything radio, and as you can see by the title, I was wondering if I was able to program a Motorola XPR 3500 radio with P25 Phase 1 talkgroups. The most probable answer is no, but otherwise, please put in your 2 cents. Thanks peoples, Jake
  8. RonBon

    Fairfax encryption

    Hello, Just curious if anyone knows who's encrypted on the Fairfax county p25 system. My scanner is picking up encryption warnings.