1. V

    Pro-651: Need help with receiving Pinellas County P25

    Hey guys need some help with my scanner. For some odd reason I have programed all of the Pinellas County P25 Control and Secondary control channels and I only tend to receive reception in my apartment and my deck (Sometimes) Scanner shows it has a good signal and is receiving the trucking datta...
  2. S

    Please Help, Newbie.

    I reside in Pinellas County Florida and am looking for a rechargeable handheld scanner that can pick up Pinellas County Sheriff, St. Petersburg Police, EMS/Fire, NOAA, etc.. I am not worried about cost, as I have been looking at Uniden BCD436HP. However, I was hoping to tap your folks expertise...
  3. N

    PSREdit: Gre-310

    I an having issue getting my scanner to pick up the rebanded pinellas county fire and clearwater police. Any one have ideas what to do to get it to work? On the live audio section i can listen to pinellas county fire but there is time i like to be able to use scanner and not my phone or laptop.
  4. C

    Pinellas County - CAD/Incident List (redesign?)

    Hi, I'm currently testing my application development skills and currently it only involves web applications. So I've taken the Pinellas County 911 data feed from their official CAD site and made my own site/app that is easier to read and follow. Currently it only has the active calls/incidents...
  5. Tryton

    Which Stream would you like?

    We will be losing a very dedicated Feed provider here in Pinellas County, Klentathu. He will be leaving the state at the end of February, and he is taking his feeds with him :) He was running the Pinellas county Sheriffs office, Saint Petersburg PD, Pinellas Park PD. When we lost the Fire and...
  6. L

    Pinellas County Rebanding

    Lots of discussion this week on SPPD's talkgroups about rebanding, most of the portables are done and the mobiles will be done next week. Does anyone have the new frequencies? It would be great to get the database updated, too.