1. melona380

    Announcing Trunk-PlayerNG (Next Generation)

    Howdy All, I recently took over Development for Trunk Player and I am happy to announce myself (@maxwellDPS) and @NebraskaCoder are bringing life back to the project! Development is in progress This will be a complete rewrite of Trunk Player, all from scratch! The new version will be all API...
  2. T

    Alpha tags not displaying

    I'm listening to the Albany City and Colonie Police Fire and EMS feed, which (usually) has alpha tags which I can see in Scanner Live on my computer, or on the 5-0 Radio iPhone app. This feed is really tricky to understand clearly because of how many agencies are on it, so the alpha tags are a...
  3. A

    BCD536HP Audio Record Playback Metadata

    I have been extensively using the record function to assign unit IDs (UID) but about 20% of the time it is not showing the UID of the transmitting station. In addition, another 10% of the time the UID is showing up on the on the transmission following audio sample. Needless to say this is not...
  4. G

    PSR-800 Record/Playback Question

    If you are recording channels w/ Tone Search or NAC Search, will the radio display the PL/DPL tone or NAC code that was active during the recording? Also, is there any way to record audio from Limit Searches or Signal Sweepers? If so, does it display tone or NAC on playback? Thanks!
  5. S

    R20 questions on PC-interface, audio playback, and linux...

    Hi, I'm new and I tried and failed to find my ICOM R20 questions on the wiki-- 1. What precisely is the PC-to-Radio USB cable OPC1382 for? Is it just the ability to control one's radio from one's computer? And I'm still confused as to precisely which cables are required. There are things...