police bands

  1. Y

    Ottawa scanner Frequencies

    I read another thread a while back last active in 2011. The thread had conversation about Ottawa Police using Pro-Voice or something similar. There was debate on not being able to monitor the police, even on a digital scanner due to the type of encryption. I am hoping this is no longer the...
  2. R

    question about unknown frequency PD uses

    The police where I live (City of Hillsdale, Hillsdale County, Michigan) use some type of communication I can't seem to find using my Uniden BCD396T. I can scan the main dispatch and a few secondary channels just fine, but they have a radio in their cars that they switch to every now and then...
  3. B

    Allegheny County Radio- Eastern Police Frequency

    I am trying to find the Eastern Area Police radio frequency that covers EDGEWOOD, SWISSVALE, WILKINSBURGH and RANKIN POLICE DEPARTMENTS. I seem to find every other listing except that one. Does anyone know where I can find it or how it can become available?
  4. S

    Lake County Ohio - Scanner Problem 9.27.2011

    Does anyone know why the is no police radio traffic on the scanner? Did the frequencies change?
  5. rpedersen

    I just want to listen to my local police department!

    I've been on a quest to listen to the dispatch chatter of my local police department. I had been listening to the Clackamas County LE scanner and thought I was in the right place, but I later found out that my PD (Milwaukie) isn't handled by that dispatch center. It's handled by Lake Oswego...
  6. K

    RS Pro-528 Analog Scanner still good for Detroit?

    Just got this radio as part of a trade/sale. Will this handheld work for scanning Detroit precincts? If not, I'd appreciate any suggestions from the forum on what it will take to start listening to the Detroit cops again. Thanks in advance, Jeff
  7. 8

    Police Bands

    Hey all, I am fairly new to scanning I have a simple question for you guys out there. What would I need to do to keep my scanner only scanning on police band frequencies if I were driving into different states? Thanks in advance.
  8. 8

    Questions regarding the BC346XT

    Hey all, I am fairly new to scanning and I am planning on buying a handheld scanner for a road trip I am doing. Essentially I am looking for a scanner that will keep me posted with local law enforcement as I move through each state. The BC346XT looks like a great deal because of the GPS support...
  9. L

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  10. D

    Trunking: Data Noise Problem

    I have a Radio Shack Pro-96 scanner, a friend has a Radio Shack Pro-528. Both are programmed (separate bands) with two trunking police agencies (La Quinta California and Palm Desert, California) and several other local non-trunked public service frequencies (Indio, AMR, CHP, etc.). We have no...