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    West Linn Police!

    For a while now, I have been trying to listen to the dispatch chatter of my local police department which is West Linn. I had been listening to the Clackamas County Law Enforcement scanner on Broadcastify and 155.430/155.190 on my Baofeng Uv-5ra and thought that I was in the right place until I...
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    portland Oregon p25 systems?

    just wondering if portland/mult county is even really using p25 yet?? i have free scann to program it.and their is a listing for it. i uploaded it to my scanner.seems to get a lot of the departments. but sometimes it seems some channels miss some of the transmission at the beginning. is their a...
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    portland police

    Does anyone know what Portland has switched too? A few months ago I programmed their trunked system using this site and it worked perfectly. Now there is no traffic. Wondering if someone may have new frequencies or more information on what Portland has done
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    Military Air in Portland region?

    Is there a list for military air freqs for the Portland Oregon area? Thanks
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    400MHz Federal Channels near Portland, Maine

    Hey There Any ideas as to the users behind the following channels, all strong in Portland, ME? 408.2000, 414.3125 probably two channels on same Digital Voice system - MotoTRBO-like 411.650 Digital voice - MotoTRBO-like 415.625 Digital voice - smooth noise unlike Moto sound 419.250 FM Analog...
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    Military Aircraft Report for Portland, Oregon (USA) - (Updated Each Day)

    Found this link on another forum. Nicely display each daily aircraft log. __________________________________________________ Military Aircraft Report for Portland, Oregon (USA) - (Updated Each Day). Follow this link: http://www.usscanner.com/MilAir/MilAirIndex.htm Live Map...
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    BOEC Southeast talkgroup MIA?

    I have noticed in the past week or so that Southeast talkgroup (9456) has disappeared on all my scanners (pro-91, pro-92, pro-2067, pro-96, bct-785). I have listened intently for Southeast calls on all the other known police nets, and even tried open scanning (not easy with BOEC). Did I miss a...
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    Kelly Butte BOEC Dispatch

    Greetings: I thought some of you old-timers out there might enjoy this. Does anyone remember the old BOEC dispatch center at Kelly Butte, in Portland? The dispatch center began as a command and control bunker, built during the 1950's, to be used by city and county government in case of a...