priority scanning

  1. J

    G2 priority scanning

    Has ANYONE had luck with priority scanning actually working on a G2, Motorola Phase 2 system using Talkgroup paging? Firmware 1.31. I have been told the "system" needs to be set up for priority. i have looked into this as well but have not had any luck with what ive seen.
  2. J

    TK 5320 Choppy on Priority Scan

    I have programmed a new TK 5320 with two priority channels. When in scan the reception on all other channels is so choppy you cannot understand what they are saying. It is not simply a matter of staying on the priority channel too long - it is checking far too often. It breaks off of an...
  3. gibson135

    Trunked Priority Scan

    Just want to double check something here. With a Trunked System on BCD436HP, you don't enable in the main menu but only in the individual system options. Then after than, since priority scan will not be able to be enabled, even though the "pri" and inverted P are not on the screen, they are...
  4. Mrthor3232

    BCD536HP: Priority Channels not working.

    In my favorites list I have set some conventional and some digital channels for my priority scans. I only can get one conventional channel to work. I double check the settings but it will not do my other channels that were set to priority. Can someone please help.
  5. L

    BCT15X, Audio Cut-out on Scan. Possible Cause

    I was listening intently on my Bearcat BCT15x yesterday and Noticed the audio would cut out, and it seem to be the same interval every time. Went googling around and noticed i wasn't the only one having this problem. Upon reading further i noticed a connection. The Priority Scan function seem to...
  6. F

    Pro-106 Skipping Voice

    I just recently took role of my frequencies, and refigured where i want them, as sorted in banks. I have priority on a few of the channels probably about 15 of them, my Pri - interval is set at 15, but it says i have no pri channels, Im thinking that this may be related to the voice skipping...
  7. J

    BCD996XT: Priority Scanning

    i am still a little confused on how priority scanning works on the BCD996XT. I have 2 separate trunked systems and a conventional Vhf system that I scan regularly. I have a channel on the conventional system set as priority but the scanner never jumps to this channel. Putting the scanner in...