pro-106 programing

  1. H

    Pro-106: Just can't find info RE: Conv channels.

    I got a Pro-106 and Pro-2096. I used info from RR to program. I am hearing things, but want to have better control. I might just not be seeing or making it harder than it needs to be. Here is my issue. I am in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Berkeley County. It is SIRN P25. I hear the County...
  2. C

    Pro-106 Problem

    Good Evening, I am trying to troubleshoot and issue with my buddies Pro-106. He only monitor the Indiana SAFE-T system, along with a few VHF channels. Whenever a TalkGroup first comes up on his scanner, he usually doesn't hear the beginning part of the traffic. For example, if a firetruck...
  3. Terri1

    PRO-106 Programming help

    I just worked with Radio Shack who were good about exchanging my PRO-164 for a PRO-106 because the Police Dept in Davenport, IA have already gone digital. I am still very new to this but I now have the programming cable needed as well. I have done some research as far as the frequencies used in...
  4. B

    No voice when stopped on scan

    I recently bought a Pro-106 scanner. I have programmed in the City of Pearland trunk system with CC 851.15. In scanning mode, the scanner will 'hit' on a talk group showing the programmed LED, but there is no sound. All of the conventional frequencies in this scan list work OK (Hobby tower...
  5. B

    SOMEONE HELP! No clue where to start.

    I recently inherited an OLD pro-42 scanner. Well my city is all digital now so I just bought a pro-106 today and just have no clue where to start. The 42 was easy to program but this digital trunking, talk group, signal stalking, object oriented stuff has me stumped. SOME ONE HELP PLEASE! I...
  6. S

    PRO-106 Not receiving DC & Baltimore Trunk Frequencies - Very frustrating

    If I could get some help on this, it would be very much appreciated. I have the PRO-106, ARC-500 sw, and link to the Radio Reference Database. I wanted to receive Wash DC & Baltimore Trunked Scanned Frequencies. I have downloaded & updated the scanner with the appropriate links using ARC-500...
  7. G

    New Jersey Programmers??Anywhere??

    I have had a Radio Shack Pro-106 for about a year and have not had the patience to program it. Does anyone know someone in New Jersey that will program a scanner for a fee? I don't mind paying if they know how to do it. Thanks for any advice.
  8. radioscan

    Digital Scanner Training Session

    The MONIX Digital Scanner Team (DST) will be conducting a Digital Scanner Cloning Training Session at 5:30PM on Tuesday (10/18) right after the regular weekly DST meeting. Meetings are held at the American Legion Post, 1100 Winton Road in Greenhills, 500 feet south of the Sharon Road...
  9. C

    WIN500 and pro 106 memory infomation

    Hello, i am new to radio scanning, and this forum. i just picked up a pro 106, and have purchased win 500 i have a memory question about the two items, when i started typing in my frequencies in win 500, the top says i only have about 1700 blocks of memory, what does that mean? does that...