Digital Scanner Training Session

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Aug 15, 2001
Butler County, Ohio
The MONIX Digital Scanner Team (DST) will be conducting a Digital Scanner Cloning Training Session at 5:30PM on Tuesday (10/18)
right after the regular weekly DST meeting. Meetings are held at the American Legion Post, 1100 Winton Road in Greenhills,
500 feet south of the Sharon Road intersection. Use the door above the balcony. Talk-in is on 146.880 W/ 123.0 pl.

Bring a 500/106, batteries, and a 1/8" Stereo Clone Cable.

The proposed addenda is to learn and practice;

1. Brief History of MONIX and the MONIX Digital Scanner Team
2. What clone we wanted to do and why we had to do what we did
3. Intro to the stores, training employees to "Full" Clone
4. Cloning (Single)
5. Clone Pull Multiple, no computer is needed)
6. Brief discussion on WIN-500
7. Explanation of the DST & ADST 500 Clone Diagnostic Entry
8. Anything else?
9. Brief operation of the 500/106 including CPU/DSP Upgrades
10. Questions and issue of cards

Anyone else interested please RSVP to ""
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