1. S

    Cleveland County P25 with RS Pro-2096

    Up until maybe 6 months ago my pro-2096 picked up the Cleveland County/Shelby P25 system great, however, it stopped working (only receiving between 0-14 percent) and I thought there was something wrong with my scanner. I tried the Viper system and it sounds great still so I think the scanner is...
  2. mbax64

    ARC96: New user pro-2096

    arc96 gives me a error message when i try to import freq.: trunk system type not supported by this scanner model, I have the pro-2096 Trunking system so im confused??
  3. I

    Pro-2096 & APCO25 ( IL. StarCom) Question.

    Evening, I have a Pro-2096 and for the past few Months I have been trying to program STARCOM21 Statewide Illinois P25 system in to this radio. No matter how I program it it does not RX that system. I've tried different antennas, different locations outside. I even had a friend come here TODAY...
  4. H

    Really frustrated pro-2096 owner

    First off, I live in Omaha, NE. Second off, I am an absolute newbie to this digital stuff. I purchased a used 2096 for $100.00 and thought I got a good deal. It seemed to work just fine for county public safety and various other channels. The problem; I also wanted to receive the Omaha...
  5. M

    Pro-2096 Squelch Stopped Working

    The squelch stopped working on the conventional, non-trunking frequencies on my Pro-2096. The squelch opens and closes randomly when there's no signal, or will open on a signal but not close when the signal ceases. The squelch knob has no effect either way I'm pretty sure I'll be sending it...
  6. X

    ARMER Sites

    I'm looking at ARMER sites in Benton county. The latest map shows sites at Gilman, Duelm, and Blue Wing. Only one of these, Gilman, appears to be in the RadioReference database. Is the database behind? I'm trying to update my PRO-2096 and can't seem to find the sites to go with the talkgroups...
  7. X

    PRO-2096/PRO-106 Question

    Some time ago I bought a PRO-2096, it was preloaded by the local RS store. Recently I added a PRO-106 to my collection, again preloaded by the local RS store. The PRO-106 seems to hear things that my PRO-2096 does not. I assume there are new frequencies/channels in it that aren't in the...
  8. KG5KS

    Can one software program both RS / UNIDEN ?

    I'm using a trial version of software that came with RS usb adapter for RS 2096 digital scanner. I would like to have ONE SOFTWARE PACKAGE that will program the digital trunking scanners such as RS PRO-197, PRO-2096, UNIDEN 396, Uniden 996T , GRE 600 etc.. Is there a full featured programming...
  9. countryfiregod

    Pro - 2096 No Audio on Digital

    Hey All, Im sitting here pulling what little hair I have left out , while programming a law enforcement friend's Pro-2096. I have programmed it the same way as I have programmed my own personal Pro-197 (which works perfectly) and I am not getting any audio on the Digital Talk Groups on the...
  10. G

    Manually select ID's on Pro-96/2096

    I have both of these radios but I am unable to manually select and ID/talkgroup. I've read the manual several times but apparently just don't "get it". Any ideas? Thanks, Gregg
  11. mikef1234

    Help needed on trunking

    Toledo, Ohio recently went to digital and I have been trying desperately to separate the police from the fire.I would like to have the Fire and medical grouped together, that way I can lock out the Police when I feel like it. I have the Radio Shack Pro-2096 using Win96 software to program it...
  12. T

    Pro-2096 for Houston? Best $250 Scanner Option?

    I've got a Radio shack Pro-2096 coming in to a local RS store for $250 (brand new in box) - as you know, the 2096's are being cleared out. I'm new to scanning, and want to scan all the local PD, FD, sherriff, etc. I've been looking around, and trying to figure out if the Pro-2096 is the...
  13. J

    Success with Radio Shack PRO-2096

    A good luck story here, I bought a PRO-2096 in new condition from Ebay for a quarter of the new price. It said "fault on computer I/P socket causing radio to remain in clone mode. Sold as seen." Well, ten minutes with a soldering iron and I have now a perfectly servicable 2096. Now all I need...
  14. F

    PRO-2096 bank setup question? How to locate nearest tower?

    I recently purchased a PRO-2096. I am looking to put Detroit PD in one bank, Detroit Fire in another bank and Detroit EMS in a third. Do I have to put the Primary and Secondary frequency in each bank along with their talkgroups id? Or do the primary and secondary frequencies go in just one bank...
  15. News4Shooter

    2096 control channel problem

    We've got a 2096 that has spent it's entire life inside, on a good surge protector, that has suddenly developed a problem. When I put it in manual, and go to our P-25 control channel here, it should show MO, and it does, but only for a split second. As soon as the sys ID info starts to show...
  16. crcarter

    Pro-2096 & Pro-96 discontinued?

    Both are listed a my local RS as "Clearance" for $379.00 What is going to replace them?