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    Pro-528: Cannot get it to work

    Hello fellow scanners! I just got my Pro-528 that I bought on Ebay, but can't seem to get the truncking working. I can get the normal frequencies working, so I know it's not a sound issue. I followed the instructions on page 64 and 65 of the manual, but to no end. I have tried over and over...
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    Pro-528: Programming for EDACS

    I have a radio shack PRO-528 and I am trying to program it to EDACS but I cannot figure it out, is there anyone that can help? I just don't understand the whole EDACS system. I have read the manual for the EDACS section but I cannot figure it out. Thank You.
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    does my radioshack pro-528 work still

    hi im new to scanning and bought an old Pro-528 does it still work cant really pick up anything any help? anything I have to do?
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    Using ARC433 software with PRO-528

    Hi Folks, I have a question regarding the programming of a PRO-528 using the ARC433 software. I have been using the PRO-528 scanner for a while now, but only have a few talkgroups which I manually entered. This has worked quite well for what I wish to listen to. However, I now want to add a...
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    RadioShack Pro 528 newbie needs help w/ trunking

    I got a RadioShack Pro-528 triple trunking 1000 channel scanner some time ago and thought I had it porogramed. I got the PC cable and Scancat Lite with mr. Scanner .RSD databases. I chose what i wanted from the database and programmed it to my scanner, but the trunking systems aren't working...
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    Completely resetting the Pro-528???

    Is there a way to totally reset the Pro-528 so all the channels are blank?
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    Radio Shack Pro 528

    HELP SCANNER PROS!! I just got this scanner and I'm trying to get LAPD Van Nuys, Burbank, Reseda etc.. and LASD, I would like to have someone help me as I don't know the first thing about scanners or "Trunking??", what is that?. I got it for my 13th B-Day and need guidance. If you can help...
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    pro 528

    ive got the ids programed i cant put a text in ? and i cant fig out y it wont scan ids please help me