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    PRO-91 Scanner and Kirkwood, MO

    FIRST... I am not an experienced scanner person, so forgive my ignorance... I turn it on and plug in the freq and hope to hear something. :) I use it to listen to local Fire / Police / Ambulance happenings in Kirkwood, Crestwood, Glendale, Webster area etc.. I used to be able to scan and...
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    Reviews on 800MHz Scanner Antenna with Pro-91

    Hey Guys, I have been looking up the 800MHz Scanner Antenna : Scanner Antennas | on a Pro-91 and I am wondering if anyone has any reviews? Thanks Much, Adrian
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    Pro-91 Antenna

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a stronger Antenna for my RadioShack Pro-91. The Antenna I would be looking for would be one that will allow me to continue to use the full range of frequencies the scanner was designed for. Any Recommendations? Thanks, Adrian
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    Trunking on a Pro-91

    Hello, How do I enable the trunking features on a pro-91? Thanks, AP
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    PRO-91 Power Supply

    With regard to the PRO-91 9v 300ma Negative Tip p/s, for starters, I'm desperately looking for one, mine just puked, and it is what I host my feed here on RR with, if you can help please advise. I have tried RS itself using the cat#'s in the manual which seem to be non-existent, and trying an...
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    King County Sheriff

    I want to program my PRO-91 scanner to receive three talkgroups: King County Sheriff North, King County Tac-2, and King County Northwest. The DEC codes are, respectively: 23152, 23184, and 23344. I have no idea how to program these into my scanner. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!
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    Pro-91 help!!!!

    I want to program my scanner to receive King County Sheriff North, Tac-2, and King County Sheriff Northwest. I have no idea how to program into my scanner the three relevant DEC codes: 23152, 23184, 23344. If anyone could render some assistance, I would GREATLY appreciate it! Scanner...