1. M

    Delay Time

    I know there is no way to actually set a delay for conventional frequencies like you can trunked. But, is there a way to, sort of, trick it to basically be the same as being delayed. Would it work to set the same conventional frequencies in multiple banks in the same channel or in different...
  2. J

    PRO-97 Not displaying all TGID tags

    My PRO-97 will not display certain talk group ID tags. It displays some but certain TGs will only display the number not the ID tag I have programmed. I have tried pressing the text button when the TG is active and this does not remedy the situation. I have manually scrolled through the TGs...
  3. I

    RadioShack Pro-97

    Hello, I am posting this because I am purchasing a RadioShack Pro-97 1000 Channel scanner and I just wanted to know if anyone has it and what their opinion is about it, I also want to know if anyone has any knowledge of it. This is my first scanner, I am new to the scanning world, and I am only...
  4. A


    What is the item number for the pc interface cable for the RS Pro-97 scanner? Just got a scanner for dirt cheap and just need the interface cable to get her up and running. Thanks.
  5. G

    Priority Delay: 396XT vs PRO-95/97

    Just curious if there is a quick fix or if this is just a Uniden quirk. I've read other posts in regards to P25 delay time, but I'm currently only scanning conventional systems. When Priority is enabled on the 396XT, I always get a minimum 1-second pause while the scanner checks stored priority...
  6. J

    Radio Shack Pro-97 vs Pro-106

    I have had my Pro-97 for almost two years, a couple of months ago I got the Pro-106 because it was able to decode the digital trunked frequencies. However I feel the Pro-106 does not receive about half of the frequencies I had programed in my old Pro-97. I live in the center of Davidson County...
  7. mkmissey76

    Need Assistance with pro-97

    I am not sure if I am posting in the correct area but I have had a radio shack pro 95 for years and it went out on me. I now have a pro-97. I had frequencies from before but I know alot of places are going to starcom 21. I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I dont know how to program this...
  8. R

    pro-97 wont receive

    Hi - Does anyone know why my pro-97 wont receive the frequencies that I loaded? I used the correct usb cable, used RR frequencies for my county (Hillsborough, FL), and used Butel ARC 300 software. Everything looks good, cable lights up when downloading, but scanner sits quiet. Any ideas? I'm...
  9. R

    Compare Pro-97 versus Pro-164

    Hey everyone, I have a friend that is looking to upgrade his RS Pro-24 - 16 channel handheld scanner. While many agencies are transitioning to the digital, this guy cannot afford the Pro-96 or Pro-106 or their base models.I am very familiar with the Pro-97 and think it will serve him well, but...
  10. S

    help just got pro-97 and having trouble

    I have read my manual this is my first radio scanner. i read that this scanner was easy to use and i have also read that it isnt very simple. i am from franklin county in ohio and i am trying to program my radio scanner. i do not have a data cable. but have read you can program channles by hand...
  11. B

    I need some help with my RadioShack Pro-97

    Is there anyone out there that can assist me in programing my RS pro-97 scanner? Buying software is not on option for me, Hopefully someone in Ohio has the same scanner, and is willing to share with me.
  12. A

    Radio Shack PRO-97 scanner problem

    Hi All, Im new to this forum, i joined in hopes of getting some advice on a problem i have had with my scanner. I hope this is in the right section, if not could a mod please move it. I have had my Radio Shack PRO-97 (1000 channels, triple trunking) for about 3 years now, but about a month ago...
  13. WX9RLT

    WIN97 problem

    I am having a problem with WIN97 It keeps crashing on me when i am trying to do the web import features. It will allow me to do it for a few minutes, then it crashes. Anyone else have this problem? How can I fix this problem?
  14. J

    Longer antenna, worth it? If so, which?

    I'm kind of new to monitoring, so forgive this if its a rookie question. I have a Radio Shack Pro-97 that I use to monitor mostly aviation and local fire/police traffic (mostly in the 100 and 400 MHz range, I believe). I have the stock 5 1/2 in antenna. I live about 7 miles from out local...
  15. J

    PRO-197 Programming Problems - MN ARMER

    Anybody here have any advice for programming the 197 to monitor Minnesota ARMER ? I'm manually programming a friend's PRO-197 scanner. I thought I had the scanner properly programmed, but I'm getting nothing. I don't care to buy the cloning software as I own a PRO-96 and already own that...
  16. U

    HELP - Pro-97 Trunking and Motorolla programming

    I have a Radio Shack Pro-97 scanner but dont have the programming cable or the Pro-97 software at this time. I'm trying to program it to carry the frequencies for the Friendswood VFD along with the FVD's of surrounding areas. I cleared the device to factory default and have gotten all of the...
  17. D

    Pro-97 Trunking

    OK, so I can program regular frequencies on my Pro-97, however, I'm confused as to how to put the actual trunking frequencies in. On the trunking page (located at Scanner Frequencies: Saint Mary's County Trunking System, Saint Mary's County, Maryland) it lists 10 regular frequencies above the...
  18. ntnahed

    Win97 Question For Don

    Hi, I'm just getting back into scanning after a year or so off. I tried Win97, an excellent pgm, sent in a money order, and never heard back. I then used the 180 day key, (thanks!) but it's now expired. So, here's my question - I tried to use my Visa debit card to re-order another key, but it...
  19. N

    Newbie needs help

    I have had a Pro 97 for several years that I never used. I have decided I would like to use it but found the programming very tedious, and had little sucsess doing it manually. I have since learned that there is a program available called Win 97 that would allow me to program from my laptop...
  20. V

    Pro-97 trunking help

    I need help programming the trunking on my pro-97 scanner. I believe I have all the frquencies I need, but don't know how to set it up. any help is greatly appreciated!