1. I

    Nashville guy w/PRO 106 needs opinion on which program to use?

    Fri 9:25 pm on 12/23/2022 I'm new here... and ran this post yesterday on the Radio Shack Scanner forum. Hope I don't get thrown out for re-posting here. One of the replies mention this forum may bring better luck in answering my question. Picked up a never before used (with box, manuals...
  2. RadioShack PRO106

    RadioShack PRO106

    ** SOLD **RadioShack PRO106 scanner for sale. Very good condition. 100 % works. Minor static when turning on. Does not effect performance. Includes scanner/belt clip/antenna/4 rechargeable batteries/Yellow & Black battery holders. Asking $ 150 which includes free Priority Mail shipping to lower...
  3. M

    Pro-106: USB Cord Driver

    Hello guys!! I'm just getting started with my radio and already learning a lot by reading around in here! I dug for information for my problem but I'm not seeing an answer. If I overlooked it, feel free to kick me in the shin and say "look at this link, dummy" :D I have a Pro-106 and I...
  4. connah

    FTDI Cable for Pro-106 Not Working with Arc500Pro

    Hi all. I have seen others with this problem but haven't found anyone who resolved it yet. I purchased the FTDI cable (from here Radio Shack Scanner FTDI Programming PRO-106 PRO-197 PRO-651 PRO-652 20-546 500) for use with my Pro-106 in Arc500Pro. The latest FTDI drivers (the VCP ones) installed...
  5. M

    ARC500: Confused Newbie to Trunking

    I want to monitor Columbus, OH Police and Fire. It's my understanding they use the statewide MARCS P25 System. In my ARC500 software; when I select the state and county that I want, and then select the MARCS system from the trunking tab, in the left pane are all the sites are listed. and on the...
  6. dfbailey

    PRO-106 Alpha Tags & WIN500 v02.08

    Several agencies just updated to the P25 system so I had to update my scanners. I also downloaded the most recent version of WIN500. For some reason some of the groups are not showing the ALPHA TAGS even though they are all filled in. Any ideas what I am missing? I want to get my feed...
  7. W8HDU

    RS Pro-106 Power Connector

    Does anyone know for certain the specications for the power plug which goes into the side of the radio? It appears that it's a 4mm barrel, but I'm unsure of the center pin. Manual doesn't say. I'm trying to make a custom power cable for my radio.
  8. G

    Pro-651: Pro 106 and Pro 651 Expert Settings Differences

    Does anyone know exactly what differences there are in the Expert Settings between the Pro651 and the Pro106? I know about the RSSI Threshold and the Zeromatic Threshold InHi differences, but there must be more. I have a pro 651 and pro106 programmed exactly alike sitting side by side and the...
  9. T

    Pro 106 Speaker #11717485

    looking for a speaker for my Pro106 scanner part# 11717485 SEA 36A550 8OHM 0.5W any ideas?
  10. Stavro35

    Justice integrated wireless network notes(Seattle area)

    These notes are for talkgroups found to be in use on the JIWN Seattle site 6. So far no clear voice on any talkgroups except one . 13602 according to the database this is a radio tech talkgroup Other hits that are so far strictly encrypted are as follows 13087 13296 13908 13485 13640 I...
  11. dwylie

    Pro-106 runs like a gem

    My 106 runs like a gem and has not failed me yet. But I need to know is how can I get the EDACS to sound better?
  12. B

    Need help reprogramming my PRO106

    I would like to completely wipe out the frequencies that I currently have in my PRO106 and reprogram it with one of the pre-programed databases. I no longer have the list of the pre-programed databases. Can anyone help me with how to wipe it clean, re-program, and the list of databases. BTW, I...
  13. B

    Listening to the Snow plows?

    I would like to listen to the snow plow people on my RadioShack PRO106 but i can seem to find any Freq. i have the scanner programming software and know how to upload to my scanner, but i can seem to find anything on Raytown Missouri, i have been listening to Lees-summit so i figured i would try...
  14. J

    Pro-106 Programming AFS frequencies

    I know how to manually program my scanner, except for the AFS frequencies. Everything I've read would say just to use the DEC (.) key where the dash goes, however when I try to program something such as 02-021, my scanner wont allow me to enter 02.021. Does anyone know how I can program it using...
  15. K

    Pro 106 Was receiving digital

    I was receiving digital but I uploaded some frequencies for Kansas City and now all I seem to be receiving is conventional. I am using Arc500 pro. Just wondered if I could have accidentally switched something off. Thanks...
  16. J

    New to Illinois scanning

    Hello everyone. Man radio reference is awesome. I'm gonna have to get a full account. Anyway I'm fairly new to scanning and I'm seeking experienced and educated advice. I just got a PRO 164 for Christmas. I live in Clinton County, IL. I'm looking to scan fire, ems, police, and state police as...
  17. F

    Anoka county,mn

    Does anyone have a Radio shack Pro106 with Anoka County you will let me clone?
  18. S

    Need help with Pro-106 Scan list

    I used the radio shack software to put in three counties in my area. I put one county at a time and labeled each county under a different Scan list. The first county under scan list or bank 1. The second county under scan list or bank 2. And the third county under scan list 3. Imported each...
  19. R

    Programming a pro 106 with a MAC

    Can anyone tell me if its possible and what software that works with a mac to program a pro106?
  20. A

    Cannot Install ARC500 on my new PC

    I have a PRO-106 and downloaded ARC500 for it. When I tried to install the software, I kept getting an error dialog box that said “Error 1327 Invalid Drive K:” and the install program would stop; and therefore, I could not get ARC500 on my new computer. I did install it on my old pc and...