1. C

    Pro-164: Programing Trunked System using Win97

    Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me. Ok so basically I have a pro-164 and also have the software Win97. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to program a trunked motorola II system into Win97, I have searched the internet, forums and I just cant find anything. Somebody please help me...
  2. A

    *New to Scanners* NEED HELP!!!! PRO-164

    I just bought a used RadioShack Pro164 off of ebay, got a decent deal and listing said it worked like new. I work for a towing company here in Iowa and we have our local P.D., our counties Sheriffs Dept, and also Iowa State Patrol all on contract for accident and impound tows so having a scanner...
  3. 25259250

    PRO-164 trunking frequencies help !!!

    I have 851.2750 that always has a shhhh sound and when the scanner is in manual can hear part of the conversation, 852.2875 shirps every ~10 sec and when the other frequency 851.2750 stop to hear the conversation this 852.2875 completed well, dont know how to program the scanner (MOT,ED,LTR) if...
  4. J

    New to Illinois scanning

    Hello everyone. Man radio reference is awesome. I'm gonna have to get a full account. Anyway I'm fairly new to scanning and I'm seeking experienced and educated advice. I just got a PRO 164 for Christmas. I live in Clinton County, IL. I'm looking to scan fire, ems, police, and state police as...
  5. andrewyb

    Louisville Scanning

    Dear Friends, I just recently bought a new Radio Shack Pro-164 thinking that it would allow me to hear the new metrosafe system. I just finished programming using the recommended software and I'm not hearing a thing. Will this scanner work?
  6. J

    Setting Up EDACS Trunking

    I'm trying to set up EDACS to listen to trunked traffic. Working from this table: State of Alabama Trunking System, Statewide, Alabama - Scanner Frequencies Want to listen to Huntsville, so I programmed the 5 frequencies into my Pro 164, beginning with channel 01 in an empty bank. I'm using ARC...
  7. sheriff205

    Milwaukee County pro 164 HELP ME!!!!

    hi all i live in Milwaukee County and i need help with programing my pro 164 with Milwaukee County 800 freq. and i have tryed reading the Easier to Read Pro-97/2055 Scanner Manual. and that made ir HARDER to understand how to program the trunked freq for Milwaukee County, jail ,and other...
  8. T

    Pinout for Pro164 PC/IF cable

    I need help on building a usb cable for my pro 164 scanner. if someone can send me a pinout of the stereo plug corresponding to the USB data pins (+5v, data+, data-, -5v) i would greatly appreciate it. I refuse to pay $30 for something that should cost only $10 because radioshack is greedy...
  9. L

    Neophyte help (brand new PRO-163)

    I'm absolutely new to this; while I grasp theory, the practice seems to be eluding me. The manual for the PRO-163 reads as if there is an assumed base level of knowledge, which means I am grasping at straws. I've tried to set up the scanner using the data on RadioReference for Fairfax County...
  10. J

    BC246T vs PSR300 vs PRO164

    I have my General ham license, but I'm new to scanning. Can't afford digital and I figure these are next best. Not sure which one to buy. Mostly listening in to Spartanburg, SC. Confused on which one is best for the $. I want to use software to program. Any advicewould be apreciated...