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    Motorola HT1250 CPS programming

    I currently have CPS R06.04.00. We recently acquired some Motorola HT1250 radios. Can my current CPS version program these radios? All the radios say VER.NO: R05.03.02 Also, I was looking on ebay and I saw some RIBless USB cables that claim to be able to program these radios. Would they...
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    (Actual) programming information sources?

    Hi, I have a neat idea for an application (I have a Pro-106) and being a programmer, the skills to pull it off. I have the 20-047 programming cable (which I use with PSR500). Can anyone point me towards any documentation for how to talk to scanners such as the Pro-106 via Windows based...
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    PRO 164 programming

    Greetings I purchased a Radio Shack PRO 164 scanner today and would love to be able to program all of my local frequencies (Trunk IDS also) into my new scanner. I became a subscriber here in hopes that someone that is knowledgeable with this scanner could set me on the right path. I have the...
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    Programmers WANTED

    Greetings to all… I have been reading posts on your site from time to time. Great site paid my dues. I am currently working on a project with Jaguar portables 700p’s P7100IP’s, mobiles m7100’s to start out. I have the latest version of Radio Personality Manger, and ProGrammer Software, using...
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    PSR 600 Programming Software

    Can someone suggest the best programming software for the GRE PSR 600? I have Uniden and AOR scanners but have never found good programming software. The PSR 600 is a new purchase. Suggestions and advice welcome. THANKS!