1. T

    PSR-500 vs BCD396XT For a newbie

    Hello all I was planning on buying a scanner. Now I pretty much understand how trunking works. I have been researching scanning for about a year and I am a new ham as well. Now here in columbus, oh they use a motorola type II system which is analog. Now if I wasn't going all over the states i...
  2. H

    GRE PSR-500 Belt Clip Mod - BIG improvement

    Well, after using the my new PSR-500 for about 1 1/2 weeks, I quickly came to the conclusion that the belt clip is definitely inferior and certainly the worst part of this otherwise great radio. I dug around in the parts bin at the house and found a new Motorola HT1250 clip. It has a similar...
  3. NB0B

    Spectrum Sweeper - How it works

    Has anyone ever posted how Spectrum Sweeper actually works? I've picked up bits and pieces along the way through several threads. What I'm looking for is an authoritative, concise, semi-technical, "no kidding" description of how Spectrum Sweeper actually does what it does. If you're not sure...
  4. BuiltonAsus

    PSR-500 Original Design vs. Others

    Looking back at the original thread that first introduced the PSR-500 I've noticed there are some design changes that have occurred, and some that seem to be on par with the upcoming RadioShack release. Looking at all three, I believe I like the original design and color. Just checking to see...
  5. brandon

    PSR-500 handle EDACS patches?

    Does the PSR-500 support EDACS talkgroup patches? This thread implies that it does, however I've not had any luck. An example of a talkgroup patch would be ID 04-021 and 04-023 being patched as ID 15-157. It would be nice to still tune either 04-021 or -023 and be able to follow the group is...
  6. beischel

    GRE500/600 Marine Freq File

    Does anyone have a marine frequency file (VHF and even UHF) that they can send me so I can import it into Win500 to load into my GRE (PSR500 and 600) scanners? Or are the conventional frequency files on RR someplace that I keep missing. Also looking for railroad freqs if you have those also. If...