1. T

    PRO-404 Overhaul?

    Hi! I have an old PRO-404. The casing is chipped, beltclip socket is broken, and the buttons are fading. Does anyone know if I can order a new casing and or belt-clip AND OR button pad? Is there an RSU# or something? Thanks so much! Sam
  2. M

    Help with programing?! (CTCSS)

    I am going to buy this radio UA300 Compact Programmable UHF Radio Uniforms & Accessories Warehouse - Security Uniforms, Law Enforcement Badges, Lightbars and i am going to have them program it to 460.55 and apparently i was told by my boss i need them to add 141.3 for CTCSS now..i dont know what...
  3. K

    Oregon State Radio OWIN Project Revamped Crews will break ground in the coming week on a tower on Chehalem Mountain near Newberg that will carry microwave equipment for a new wireless radio system being built by the state. {SNIP}
  4. carddude99

    Shortwave radio user groups

    I own a Eton e1 but had to send it to drake for repair (Duh) and since it was under warranty, I did just that. We all know it is a great radio but this one sometimes did key lock and had screen display issues so I finally sent it in while it was still covered. So I bought alot of new radios...
  5. W

    Antenna question

    I'm currently using a Diamons D-220 for my radio scanner, but I am thinking about getting into the ham radio hobby sortly. The antenna allows tunes transmitting on certain VHF/UHF bands. Is it possible to transmitt on my ham radio and listen to the scanner simultaneously? Thanks, Robert
  6. D

    Digital Communications Radio System

    I am looking to set up a digital, secure, long distance network where I would have 4 transceivers in cars and a base station. I trust that with digital distance would be really good. - What are my options? - What equipment should I use? - How much will it cost (long and short term) to...
  7. mkewman

    RR Sacramento Signal Hunt

    There's no prize for this, it's just for fun. Somewhere in the licensed 400 to 460 mhz range, there's a constant signal for your entertainment. You'll enjoy it if you enjoy the "classics" and music. Please don't share the Frequency on this thread, as it ruins the fun for everyone. But feel...
  8. J

    CB Radio Antenna Question For My Truck

    Hey guys i have a question about cb radio antenna. i was thinking/wondering if its possible to use the car stereo antenna that is mounted on the hood/front fender already. i dont use my radio i plug in my ipod all the time. so my question is can we plug in the end of the stock antenna into the...
  9. G

    Gre psr-800 s/n

    Just received my psr-800 last week. My S/N 001461 I have the fourteen hundred and sixty one... unit sold. List your S/N.
  10. G

    GRE-PSR 800 Sweeper.

    Was wondering if the spec . sweeper is same as close call ? If it is do you activate what the manuel calls special mode. I understand what the search service and freguency search does. bottom line ...."Is special mode same as close call" ? HOW IS THE SPECIAL MODE ACTIVATED.?? Following...
  11. D

    Scenario: Power is interrupted globally; People turn to radios to communicate:

    How do you communicate 5 Miles away, 50 Miles away, and 500 Miles away? Thanks. I have read a lot of posts and there are many thoughtful people.
  12. K

    Oregon's OWIN Digital Radio System Faces the Budget Ax

    Oregon's emergency radio network, OWIN, can meet safety regulations at a fraction of the initial cost | For the past four years, Oregonians have been told the state needs a new emergency radio network that couldn't possibly cost less than $400 million to $600 million. The price...
  13. J

    Help Needed With a Spectra

    Goodmorning All, I recently purchased a Motorola Spectra 110w vhf high band radio. The unit is designed to be a trunk mount I believe. I was hoping to get any information I could as well as what programming cable was needed, as i know they are different depending on the model or head? of the...
  14. murrayustud

    Murray's radio desk (KI4DCR)

    Ok, gang, here's my setup... 5 Motorola Maxtracs, 3 VHF, 2 UHF 2 CDM 1250's One 42-50mhz, one VHF 1 Icom V8000 1 Alinco 220mhz DR235 1 Pro 96 1 Alinco DJ280 (220mhz) 1 Realistic Pro 2006 1 realistic DX 302 HF receiver 2 Motorola Minitor 3's VHF 1 Motorola MTS2000 VHF 2 linked...
  15. Z

    Walt Disney World radios

    I am planning on taking a trip to Walt Disney World soon & had some questions. 1: Are the UHF radio frequencies for the Magic Kingdom Parade & firework ops still active or have they been moved to the Nextel System? 2: I have heard rumors that the Disney world staff is touchy on the subject of...
  16. G

    Just a Lean Clean Radio Shack

    PRO 2006, Pro 2004, Pro 106, Pro 2096.
  17. S

    CB Antenna Options

    Hey all, I'm working on installing a CB, among other things, in my car. I have a Uniden 520XL, which will be hardwired into the car. The antenna cable can be run from that to the trunk, where I can drill in a hole to mount the antenna. What I'm wondering, is what kind of antenna to get. I...
  18. nate1992

    Receiving A license & Cost

    First off if this is in the wrong section my apologize it looked like the most fitting! I am looking into getting radios for my company in the near future as we expanded & start providing services in the county, My first thought was to try & use unlicensed radios from like radio shake, how ever...