1. V

    TK-5710-K - 3.5MM

    I plan to use the TK-5710-K for streaming, but I'm seeking guidance on connecting a 3.5mm male cable to the radio. Based on my research, it appears that utilizing the 9 Pin ACC is the appropriate method. The connection process is as follows: Connect the Tip (left audio) to either ES1 or ES2...
  2. I

    Programming MCS2000 Motorola Radio

    Is there anybody out there that knows how to reprogram MCS 2000 Motorola Radios? A few friends and I just got a handful of these radios and we would like to program them to a different frequency. I have the RIB cables, The CPS software was given to me by the same guy that programed the radios...
  3. H

    Freedom of the Seas

    Soon cruising on the Freedom of the seas , has anyone been able to hear and radio chatter , if so what frequencies? Thanks ,
  4. vin00011


    Hi everyone. What do you think about Thales Synaps ? Is it a good decision? They've been promoting it since 2016, I mean. No contracts, no supplies? Tell me something about this and your karma will bloom like a flower bed in spring. :)
  5. K

    Icom IC-T81A aftermarket duck ?

    does anybody have a good aftermarket rubber duck for the Icom IC-T81a all it needs to be 6m/2m/440 i dont need it to be a quad band.. just tri-band
  6. vin00011

    Harris prc-152

    Hi all. I found a large bunch of Harris prs-152 devices on eBay for the ridiculous price of $300. Is it a joke for Harris to sell a military radio for that price? prc 152 radio for sale | eBay
  7. K

    Help a beginner not lose his mind!

    Hello, first time ever posting and I was hoping for some help from people who have been doing this longer than I have! Basically I'm just getting into radios and I have a Baofang uv-9r Pro and 2 SANZUCO Walkie Talkies Two-Way Radio. I'm trying to get them to work together but for some reason I...
  8. Wanted: Biocom (Orange) Paramedic Radios

    Wanted: Biocom (Orange) Paramedic Radios

    I'm restoring Biocom Paramedic Radios for donation to various EMS Museums. I will purchase or accept donated equipment, in working or non-working condition. I'm looking for any Biocom equipment, including: Model 3502 Radio Model 3550 Radio Model 3552 Charger Model 5000 Console Anything else...
  9. hsmcco

    Astro 25 Q182 Enhanced Radio Control Protocol

    I've been trying to find the post on batlabs for the breakdown of what each flashcode option does but can't seem to find it. Does anyone know what the Q182 Enhanced Radio Control Protocol does? Is this for trunked systems?
  10. (2) President Randy II CB Portables.

    (2) President Randy II CB Portables.

    For Sale - Quantity (2) - President Randy II – Handheld CB radios with free options. Full feature AM/FM 40 Channel CB hand-held radio with home AC charger and antenna. Compact size, rugged design for travel, biking, camping, or home use; ideal for ATV/cart where space is a premium. TNC antenna...
  11. Sheepdog777

    IF: Low Frequency (LF) RF Travels Through the Earth/Water AND: Heat = Infrared (IR) (300 GHz - 400 THz) The Same... THEN: Why Not HF/MF/VHF/UHF/SHF ?

    Hello Hams and Radio Enthusiasts, So, upon my ongoing research regarding Underground Buried Earth Antennas (UNDERGROUND BURIED EARTH ANTENNAS &, I have received many conflicting responses. But, as with so many...
  12. F

    Having troubles with my dhp cmd

    I'm having trouble with field programming my dhp, everything was going smooth until today, now when I program a new channel or change anything on an existing channel, it disappears off my channel list, I can find it in the programming mode but not in the regular talk mode, anyone else have this...
  13. For Sale - Unication G5 Professional Pager - VG Condition

    For Sale - Unication G5 Professional Pager - VG Condition

    I am offering for sale a Unication G5 (VHF/700-800 MHz) pager (model #G5B66BF-SXVXEN1401UNI.) Firmware version 1.31 is installed. Full specs, datasheet and programming software are available here: Unication G5 . This unit has never been used in the field or mobile, only in my home. It is in very...
  14. M

    Difference between NAE6483AR and PMAE4016A antenna?

    I know the PMAE4016A is a replacement of the NAE6483AR, but I'm not sure how to tell the difference between them as they look identical, and for some reason, they're not labeled. I have some that have "MOTOROLA" on them while others don't. The ones that have "MOTOROLA" on them are taller than...
  15. J

    P25 Conventional - Header Info Collection

    Good day everyone. First off I would like to thank this excellent community for all the help they offer people. I would like to also thank all the open source developers in regards to SDR and GR. I have a question for the community and hopefully someone out there may have an answer. I have...
  16. A

    Can't hear local pd or ems radio

    Why can't I hear local pd or ems radio I have a uvh radio but quite on there radio frequency I'm located in waverly, Henderson ky area please help
  17. BlueDevil

    Motorola MTR2000 with Zetron HEAR Decoder Failure

    The local hospital is experiencing a failure with their HEAR (Hospital Emergency Administrative Radio) system. The system consists of a Motorola MTR2000 base station radio, a Zetron H.E.A.R Decoder, and a Zetron Model 284 tone remote unit. The issue is that received audio is not making it to the...
  18. M

    Harris radio PRC-117F

    Does any one have any experience repairing/troubleshooting a Harris radio PRC-117F? The keyboard Display unit(KDU) is stuck on the the Harris logo screen. I’ve tried restarting the radio and the same result.
  19. SlipNutz15

    W3GJS listening cabinet project

    I decided to venture out and consolidate all my scanners and radios in a computer server rack instead of just sitting on my dresser. I've seen various projects on the Internet using anything from large server racks to Troy console setups used on desks and figured I'd give it a go. I started...
  20. R-Finder B1 Dual Band DMR\Analog Android Phone

    R-Finder B1 Dual Band DMR\Analog Android Phone

    Used in great shape R-Finder B1 4g radio / android cell phone Works as it should Has glass screen protector in place. Comes with phone/radio, battery, antenna, and charger Works on T-Mobile, Verizon, ATT, Wal mart phone service ect. Selling to fund other projects $700 shipped to the lower 48...