1. M

    Difference between NAE6483AR and PMAE4016A antenna?

    I know the PMAE4016A is a replacement of the NAE6483AR, but I'm not sure how to tell the difference between them as they look identical, and for some reason, they're not labeled. I have some that have "MOTOROLA" on them while others don't. The ones that have "MOTOROLA" on them are taller than...
  2. J

    P25 Conventional - Header Info Collection

    Good day everyone. First off I would like to thank this excellent community for all the help they offer people. I would like to also thank all the open source developers in regards to SDR and GR. I have a question for the community and hopefully someone out there may have an answer. I have...
  3. A

    Can't hear local pd or ems radio

    Why can't I hear local pd or ems radio I have a uvh radio but quite on there radio frequency I'm located in waverly, Henderson ky area please help
  4. BlueDevil

    Motorola MTR2000 with Zetron HEAR Decoder Failure

    The local hospital is experiencing a failure with their HEAR (Hospital Emergency Administrative Radio) system. The system consists of a Motorola MTR2000 base station radio, a Zetron H.E.A.R Decoder, and a Zetron Model 284 tone remote unit. The issue is that received audio is not making it to the...
  5. M

    Harris radio PRC-117F

    Does any one have any experience repairing/troubleshooting a Harris radio PRC-117F? The keyboard Display unit(KDU) is stuck on the the Harris logo screen. I’ve tried restarting the radio and the same result.
  6. SlipNutz15

    W3GJS listening cabinet project

    I decided to venture out and consolidate all my scanners and radios in a computer server rack instead of just sitting on my dresser. I've seen various projects on the Internet using anything from large server racks to Troy console setups used on desks and figured I'd give it a go. I started...
  7. R-Finder B1 Dual Band DMR\Analog Android Phone

    R-Finder B1 Dual Band DMR\Analog Android Phone

    Used in great shape R-Finder B1 4g radio / android cell phone Works as it should Has glass screen protector in place. Comes with phone/radio, battery, antenna, and charger Works on T-Mobile, Verizon, ATT, Wal mart phone service ect. Selling to fund other projects $700 shipped to the lower 48...
  8. P

    P25 Phase 1 recommendations?

    Currently using a Pro-82 to listen to Fire Rescue (453 - 460 MHz). Considering getting a programmed HT1250 UHF to get better reception. I want something to listen to Miami-Dade Police. Specifically Site 102 on the system. Was thinking of getting a BCD996P2 to listen at home, and a BCD436HP to...
  9. M

    HT1250 Unknown sound after transmissions?

    I have Police, Fire, and EMS programmed onto my two HT 1250's. After most transmissions on those frequencies, there is this unknown sound that plays. I also have MURS frequencies programmed onto the radios, and after transmitting on them, that sound doesn't happen. I don't have this issue on my...
  10. J

    Wouxun wouxun kg uv8d: how to use the duplex feature?

    Okay, I'm confused on how this works. I just made a contact on so 50... I thought the duplex mode was active, I could still hear the squelch in my headphones when I keyed up... But I didn't hear myself talking on the rx side... Someone did respond to me so I know I got through. How can I...
  11. S

    Angeles National Forest - Radioing for help?

    Hello! I was recently speaking with a fellow enthusiast and they said if you are hiking at ANF and you get stuck or need emergency help, you can tune to one of the main input "net" frequencies (admin, law, forest, service) and you can broadcast to them for help. Naturally, I am extremely...
  12. F

    Antenna on a Fiberglass Airboat - Grounding Question

    I'm a member of my local fire department, where we have this airboat equipped with a dual band radio. It may be hard to see in this picture, but the antenna is mounted toward the front, right in front of the cab. Transmit quality is not great on it. Since it's a fiberglass boat and that...
  13. FreeSpeechIW1776

    Wouxun Wouxun KG-UV9 Repeater Programming

    Hey everyone, I just bought a Wouxun KG-Uv9 ham radio. Does anyone have experience with programming it? I watched a few videos but can't figure out how to program a repeater into it. I'm trying to program a repeater using Repeater Book. If anyone knows how, can you walk me through a step by step...
  14. T

    XTL/XTS5000 O3 head but no Radio ID Alias

    Hi all - we just took in a Motorola XTL5000 from our local PD that still has a lot of life in it. We have all apparatus and personnel outfitted with APX radios and therefore, each radio has an alias associated with it (D.C. 1, Command 804, etc.) These alias’ aren’t transmitted anywhere, just...
  15. S

    AOR DV-1

    I'm going to be selling my family's AOR DV-1. This receiver has been handled extremely carefully its entire life and treated with extreme care. I will be uploading pictures shortly, but am making a preemptive post to see if there are people who will be interested. $1,200.00
  16. M

    430-470Mhz antenna on 403-470 ht 750?

    I'm not radio savy so this might be a dumb question. Can I use a 430-470Mhz UHF antenna on my UHF ht 750 that's 403-470MHz without harming it? Or should I just buy a 403-470MHz antenna?
  17. Salvatorejrc

    Radio comms

    I am new to the scanning world, and in the process of purchasing my new scanner (uniden sds100). I am very interested in radio communications and want to learn about it, where is a good place to learn the basics? Thank you
  18. M

    XTS3000 Problem with XTS3000 III Motorola

    I bought a Motorola XTS3000 two weeks ago from ebay, it arrived today and it is not programmed, it is normal that when the radio is not programmed when you accept it the green LED stays on and the screen is not seen and nothing happens? - Andrea
  19. S

    WTB: Scanners with Broken Screen

    If anyone is looking to make something back on their scanner with a broken screen or other defects, please contact me as I am interested.
  20. J

    Question about NX-700 mic input

    Hello guys, i have a noob question about the mic pin of this radio (in general). I am new in this world, and i don't know if i can deploy an audio file in this pin. This is my situation: I am looking to connect a computer to this radio: jack (computer) to RJ45 or DB25 (if it's possible). I am...