1. 03msc

    Throwing it Back to the 80s - Radius M216

    So, as a ham I have developed an interest and appreciation for "vintage" radios. Maybe not as vintage as some are, but in this case I'm talking about the Motorola Radius M216 (and GM300). I have a few GM300 radios and can program them fine. I'm still working on getting the M216 to program...
  2. B

    Motorola Radius M216

    I've got a radius M216 that I've programmed. Its 25watts according to model number but I couldn't find a PA part#, just the logic (16 pin) and the RF board. Reading the article on upgrading to 32 channel it asks for a specific maxtrac firmware chip and I know I don't have it since it's a radius...
  3. k9wkj

    P110 scan

    ive got 6 or 7 of these P44QLC20B2AA with speaker mics,belt socket clips,charging stations and even ear pieces everything is great except i cant figure out what to bang on to enable scan im thinking these are to late of vintage to make into 16 channel radios they are the oddball 6 channel good...
  4. P

    Wideband Repeater Hack

    Motorola question but with older wideband only equipment (for ham use). So me and a few friends have been wanting to upgrade a UHF repeater (I think it's Kenwood based) but it's really working too well to begin with. It keeps overheating and having a few other problems but we were just wanting...
  5. A

    CM300 Unassigned

    Anybody ever seen a CM300 locked up with UNASSIGNED on the display and a solid steady tone? The only way to clear it is to power cycle the radio off and on. It's usually good for a bit but then does it again. I'm probably going to send it out to Moto but thought I'd ask around first. Thanks!
  6. T

    Motorola Radius GP300 problems

    Hi all, Totally new to the site and this is my first post. I build airbus aircraft in France for a living, but I know almost nothing about ham radios and I have a slight understanding of electronics. My problem is I bought 3 GP300 Radius radios for a long haul road trip a few years ago. I...
  7. F

    Precious Metals in battery connectors?

    Hey everyone. Im totally new here and to this radio thing. I have been reading as much as I can on scraping for precious metals in radios, pc's, etc. Then I recently came across several Motorola Radius CP200's, P1225's, and GP300's.. More than I know what to do with... In thinking I was going to...
  8. C

    Where to find M1B30 NPN Transistor?

    Hi guys, I'm searching for M1B30 NPN Transistor for " "TX command Control " Motorola R100. Anyone knows a equivalent reference? Thanks,
  9. C

    Motorola R100 PA trouble

    Hi, I have own a R100 from ebay. I have re-tune it for 145MHz band. I have followed all procedures to re-tune it but in the ending I have only a few milliwatts out. In the Transmit Command Board, the CV point have only 1.984 V at fully CW (R463), so I think that's not enough to power the...