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  1. 2wayfreq

    RCS Phase 2 Transition Timeline/Technical Details.

    Hey All, Maybe I haven't dug deep enough, just looking for details on the new future system. And yes I hate to ask but, if main dispatch talk groups will stay in the clear. I would assume that Motorola is still the main vendor. Thanks!!
  2. A

    NextGen testing

    Picking up signal on 855.7125MHz...I think this is the Nextgen...? It lit up my NextGen licensed frequencies conventional scan list. Paul
  3. N

    San Diego RCS Northcomm & Heartland

    Since Thursday, Heartland dispatch is broadcasting on Northcomm on the north zone and seems not to be transmitting on the Heartland dispatch channel on the south zone. I am unable to find where Northcomm went to as well as their tac and command channels nor can I find where Heartland want on...
  4. SCPD

    San Diego Co/Imperial Co Regional Communications System (RCS) Question Thread

    I have 2 ? 1st one is should I program all 19 north site freq in or just the main control channel and the 3 alts 2nd one is what happens if they have a major failure in the RCS system do they go into fail safe non-trunking mode and where does the radio traffic go does rely on all 19 freq to...
  5. C

    RCS - North Cell all choppy!

    Hello Everyone! I am utilizing a Uniden 396xt scanner to monitor SD sheriff and a few other talkgroups on RCS. The P25 decode on these channels is awful! I pull up the brodcastify.com website and listen to others who are broadcasting the same channel and it sounds great on their scanner, but...
  6. D

    Can someone help ID this Antenna

    Found my old scanner antenna I had on my 1992 Z28 Camaro. I Had it mounted on a mag mount on the back lid and it worked great and I had it hooked up to my old BC235XL programmed with 42.’s, 150.’s and San Diego 800.’s. This was back in the late 90’s early 2000’s. I cleaned my storage shed and...
  7. Z

    TRS simulcast on 900MHz?

    I was scanning the mid-900MHz band on my ham radio and was surprised to hear a familiar dispatcher clearing "station A." I left it on that frequency for a while and heard several other TRS tidbits, including medics talking with Mercy, SDPD talking with ABLE, etc. Here are a few of the...