1. johnnyelectron

    396XT replaced by 396T issues

    Yeah, I know, I moved backwards. The 396XT worked without issues until it disappeared. Bought a 396T, thinking it would be a breeze to program with the control channels=WRONG. No dice. No audio. I can only assume it's because the 396T was 'born' before the XT? Can the 396T do 700MHz and do I...
  2. B

    Pro-164: Where to get firmware?

    Seems that is not supporting firmware upgrades any longer. I'm running 1.08 firmware, and our area has rebanded. Since then, I can't pickup almost anything. Will 1.10 fix this....and where do I get it? Help!
  3. T

    Not receiving some transmissions for Seattle Fire

    The problem I'm seeing is that I miss some transmissions on particular talkgroups - I notice this most often on Seattle Fire's primary talkgroup 1648. I have a BCT8 and have re-banded it and programmed it from scratch using ScanControl v7.1.0 and the latest frequencies for the Seattle...
  4. A

    Montgomery County

    Has anyone out there who has successfully re-programmed a BCD396T for the re-banded Montgomery County systems got directions on how to do it? I have attempted to reprogram my 396, followed the directions to a "T", and all I get is dead air. I would appreciate any help that someone might be...
  5. W

    Pro 107 rookie

    Since Pearland texas PD rebanded late last year I have not been able to rx brodcast. I have since purchased a Pro 107. I installed the iscan sofrware and did the updates for the software, firmware and, liberary. Sent latest library to my sd card. When I browse all I can find for pearland is a...
  6. S

    PRO-106 Not receiving DC & Baltimore Trunk Frequencies - Very frustrating

    If I could get some help on this, it would be very much appreciated. I have the PRO-106, ARC-500 sw, and link to the Radio Reference Database. I wanted to receive Wash DC & Baltimore Trunked Scanned Frequencies. I have downloaded & updated the scanner with the appropriate links using ARC-500...
  7. N

    DeSoto County FL reband freq.

    Does anyone know the DeSoto Couty FL rebanded 800 trunking freqs.? I tried 15 down but that did not work. Could the be the freqs. listed around 801? Bob
  8. J

    rebanding spreadsheet

    Rebanding spreadsheet. See attachment or Google documents link. I am submitting the data weekly to the RR AWIN admins.
  9. htdnet

    Re-banding Fauquier

    Anyone know the new frequencies for Fauquier? Seems there was a re-banding recently (I think today) and Culpeper was a week or two ago.
  10. U

    PRO 163 MULTI-TABLE and rebanding

    I'm fairly new to the whole trunking tech. I have a PRO 163 and would like to program in the local county TRS. I have programmed in the control channels and receiving transmissions. FW Version 1.08 Sheboygan County Trunking System, Sheboygan, Wisconsin - Scanner Frequencies The system is...
  11. w2lie

    Suffolk County NY Updated

    Attn Suffolk County, NY Database admin, I've updated the Suffolk Trunk system since they've partially rebanded. Someone already went in and set all frequencies incorrectly as a full reband site. I created a new site called Simulcast (Custom) and added all the frequencies I confirmed working...
  12. D

    Athens-Clarke County and UGA rebanding?

    What is the status of the Athens-Clarke County and University of Georgia trunked system rebanding?
  13. w2lie

    Nassau County EDACS Reband

    Nassau County has rebanded their EDACS system. Shift all their current frequencies down 15MHz and enjoy I'm currently listening to Talk Group 00-002, which I assume are the radio techs...they sound like they are trying to tweak the system. I've submitting the reband info into the database...
  14. P

    a reliable list of scanners that are reband ready today?

    So there seems to be at least three categories of scanners now. Those that are reband ready today, those that are reband capable but but are not currently "ready" (pro-164, for example), and those that are on the brink of complete obsolescence because they can't trunk the rebanded systems. I own...
  15. P

    PRO-93 the "old fashioned" way

    Hey All, and thanks in advance for the help, I've reprogrammed my PRO-93 this morning with Davis County frequencies each 15 lower than the old frequencies, and it's not working. When in trunking mode, the scanner seizes on the control channel 852.83750, flashes familiar talk group IDs for...
  16. bneilson

    UCAN Rebanding has started

    Hello all, As we saw in our other thread (which is getting quite long so I started this one) UCAN has began its rebanding process. To my knowledge Site 12 and Site 42 are the only two that have been rebanded thus far with site 22 coming up soon. I figure we can use this thread to talk about...
  17. N

    New FCC Push for Rebanding

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NEWS MEDIA CONTACTS: September 11, 2007 Robert Kenny: (202) 418-2668 or FCC ESTABLISHES NEW BENCHMARKS AND PROCEDURES TO EXPEDITE COMPLETION OF THE 800 MHz REBANDING PROCESS Washington DC – The Federal Communications Commission (Commission)...
  18. N

    FCC Moving Rebanding Along

    The FCC has just entered its first decision in an appeal involving rebanding. This appeal involves the State Of New York trunked system that covers the New York City metro area. But the basic issues are nationwide. New York has the Open Sky equipment on hand to put up the metrol sytem. They...