1. N

    PSREdit: Gre-310

    I an having issue getting my scanner to pick up the rebanded pinellas county fire and clearwater police. Any one have ideas what to do to get it to work? On the live audio section i can listen to pinellas county fire but there is time i like to be able to use scanner and not my phone or laptop.
  2. K

    Albertville AL PD

    Can anyone tell me if they are successfully receiving the Albertville PD communications? I believe they have been rebanded in the 800 mhz band. I have a PRO-197 and have programmed it as described in RR but having no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. bob-k

    Mayday Mayday

    Raleigh - Wake County, NC USA Raleigh Fire and PD I have a RS Pro-96 some time in the past two weeks I lost Raleigh Fire Grounds and all Raleigh PD I bought from RS a USB/data cable and loaded ARC 96 SW. I bought a RR 180 day account and proceeded to load the Arc 96 SW. when I loaded it on...
  4. AK4FD

    Broward County - rebanded??

    I need some help because I'm getting mixed info... Is Broward County's Public Services (Sheriff/Fire) system Site 1 rebanded or is it Normal trunking? Some people say it is rebanded, some say it isn't, I have tried different modes on my scanner between normal and custom/rebanded and both...
  5. Bote

    Fort Lauderdale rebanded

    The Fort Lauderdale trunked system threw the switch to turn on their rebanded repeaters today. Subtract 15MHz from all the old frequencies and plug them in. You do not need the rebanded channel lookup table, although it can't hurt to enter it if you choose to do so. I'll have my Mixer Board...
  6. htdnet

    Re-banding Fauquier

    Anyone know the new frequencies for Fauquier? Seems there was a re-banding recently (I think today) and Culpeper was a week or two ago.
  7. U

    PRO 163 MULTI-TABLE and rebanding

    I'm fairly new to the whole trunking tech. I have a PRO 163 and would like to program in the local county TRS. I have programmed in the control channels and receiving transmissions. FW Version 1.08 Sheboygan County Trunking System, Sheboygan, Wisconsin - Scanner Frequencies The system is...
  8. S

    Tippecanoe Trunking

    Hello all. I'm new to the site. Have owned a number of scanners. Currently have RS Pro-528 and Pro-95. Used Pro-95 for the longest time to trunk Tippecanoe county, worked great until they rebanded the system. I got discouraged and put the scanners in the closet. Anyway, I am looking to buy a...
  9. radioscan

    Ohio Rebanded Trunked Radio Systems

    As of 11-01-13 Completed: Barberton Belmont County BRICS (Butler County) Clermont County Clinton County EDACS Dayton, City of Fayette County EDACS Greene County EDACS Hamilton County-Cincinnati Public Safety Jefferson County Miami County EDACS Completed October 31, 2012 Montgomery County...