1. I

    Yaesu: FT5D - New Bugs found on firmware v.1.11

    Dear all, I found two new bugs after I installed the new firmware v.1.11 on my FT5DE. 1 - If you start the “Voice Recording” function when the volume of the radio is set to zero, the radio always records even if no signal is present on that frequency, in other words the record doesn’t go in...
  2. D

    SDS200E - Ability to see what time a recording was created?

    Hi All, I am a fairly new user to the SDS200E and have a question. Around 5PM I turned on Recording and left it sitting on a channel to try and catch some comms and came back a few hours later to 25 recordings which is excellent but is there a way for me to see what time that recording took...
  3. Salvatorejrc

    Recording Import Question

    When transferring recordings from my sds100 to my computer, is there any way to have, instead of multiple files with single transmissions, one large file with all of the transmitted recordings back to back per each recording folder (just like how it is when replaying the recording on the...
  4. C

    ProScan: Proscan not recording with line-in (Windows 10)

    Using the computer line-in input connected to the earphone out jack on my BCD436HP: Scanner audio comes through the computer speaker, but does not register in Audio Control tab. Input Device choices are shown in the attached screenshot. Thanks, Dave N0HMI in St. Louis
  5. W

    Disk Nearly Full when Not Recording

    Every day, after the scanner (Uniden SDS-100) runs for a few hours, I get the attached error. I have no recording going. Replay is set for 60 seconds. When I check the folders, both system and user recording folders are empty. Why would it be saying disk is full when it is not? This only started...
  6. connah

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Replay Mode Displays Incorrect UIDs, Offset by -1.

    Hi all. I am new to the forums so please forgive me if I have missed an existing thread on this topic and point me in the right direction. I think I have discovered a bug in firmware version 1.11.31 (latest as of this posting). When replaying audio, be it recorded or buffered, the UID displayed...
  7. fdnyfish

    Will we ever have RECORDING by Channel

    Whistler does a great job with this, anyone know if this is a feature that Uniden might try again? I scan numerous channels, but only interested to record a few of them. by the time I hold on a channel and hit record, the transmissions are over. This seems like a logical feature.
  8. C

    BCT15X: Recording: Issues with IAC implementation

    Hello all, I have a BCT15X that I have hooked up to a Windows 7 laptop to stream my local frequencies. I would like to start recording my channels but am running into issues. When I open my "Scan Control" app and open the program options section it tells me there is an issue with my computers...
  9. C

    BCT15X and Recording with Windows 7 Issues

    Hello all, I have a BCT15X that I have hooked up to a Windows 7 laptop to stream my local frequencies. I would like to start recording my channels but am running into issues. When I open my "Scan Control" app and open the program options section it tells me there is an issue with my computers...
  10. H

    Monitoring/listening from computer?

    Hi all! New to scanning here. I have a Uniden BCD325P2, along with a discone antenna set up on my roof (thanks to some folks on this forum). Pardon if I'm asking something that's been answered over and over before... Here's what I want to accomplish: I'd like to connect the scanner to the...
  11. AggieCon

    Trunking Recorder Missing/Skipping UniTrunker Calls

    Howdy, I have Trunking Recorder configured to record via Universal Trunker (and via DSD+ for ProVoice). It's an awesome setup; however, Trunking Recorder is not recording all of the radio calls UniTrunker follows with the VCOs. It's getting to the point of being quite unreliable. The calls...
  12. T

    CM200 com in/out to GoPro

    We are trying to wire up transmitting and receiving audio out from a CM200 to a GoPro audio input. the go pro has a simple mic input. I have theCM200 connector pin definitions 1 - 16 and the connector (HLN9242A) to get the wiring out. This is for racing and we wish to record the cockpit noise...
  13. G

    Recording a Baofeng UV-5R?

    Hello all, I've just made my first CB radio contact with my Baofeng UV-5R, and I realized that I should record my calls on my cassette tape deck on my desk. I don't know how to combine the microphone and headphone jacks, any ideas? The tape player has 2 input jacts (Left and Right), I might be...
  14. O

    Recording with the BCD536

    Sorry if I missed this (I did do a search of the forum) but while I know how to start recording, I do not know how to save a recording for future listening or to pull off the sd card and save on my computer.
  15. P

    Laws of broadcasting and recording a scanner feed

    Hey guys I'm wondering what the law says about recording the audio of a police incident from my Uniden 396XT or from an online source and later using it on YouTube mixed with the audio of my video? More precisely is it legal in Canada? Thanks!
  16. A

    Best scanner audio recording/backup

    What is the best free and easy to use scanner audio recording and backup software. It would be helpful if the software allowed me to recall audio from a specific time. Recommendations?
  17. S

    BCD396XT Recording

    Hey all, it's been a couple weeks with my scanner and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I'm able to program with ease using freescan and so far have not come up with any issues except for one--recording. I've followed all references on the wiki and everything with my soundcard is set up...
  18. D

    ACR996T Recording

    I am running ARC996T PRO on a Win7 DELL T7400 with SoundMax. In ARC996Pro, Virtual Control>Recording there is a button "Set Recording Volume." It doesn't do anything. What I want to do is change the sound source -- it is now "line in" -- I want to change it to a USB Sound Card. I already...
  19. T

    uniden bct-15x recording HELP PLEASE??

    i got a samsung series 9 laptop running windows 7 and a bct15x im using pro scan software.i can record but i cannot get just the transmishions picks up everything thru my built in comp mic on the side of the using the usb-1 cable.ive tried the use of the usb-1 and...
  20. M

    If money were no object???

    I need to place my 996xt at a remote location that is in a better location to receive signals. I also need to control the scanner, I need to record audio, and need to be able to erase those audio files from my home location to prevent my remote hard drive from becoming filled up. I also need to...