1. Crocker_B

    Building a Repeater

    Hey all! So I am looking into building a small repeater at my home, just as a hobby or really a thing to do. But I would like to go about this the proper way, I do understand the equipment I will need but the one thing I am not sure of is how to go about getting the frequencies. I am looking for...
  2. D

    SDS100: Unable to Receive Repeater Traffic

    I'm a bit new to all this so excuse me if my terminology is not up to par lol... I have a new SDS100. I joined a GMRS club who has several nearby repeaters. Upon joining the club, they provided me with the RX Freqs, RX PL Tones/TX Freqs and TX PL Tones. I entered what I think is the necessary...
  3. T

    Radioddity GM-30 - which channel list (DB) is the accurate one -- radio vs. app versions?

    Here is something I came across recently when it comes to the Radioddity GM-30 radio and the dedicated PC radio programming app (v. 2.06) -- see screenshot below for the App's about info... I've noticed that the default channel lists (database) between the radio (reset to default) and the one...
  4. C

    Wide or narrow

    Hello, I'm wondering, when it comes to programing a radio to a ham repeater, do you set it as narrowband, mid, or wideband? Couldn't find much on it when researching. Thanks
  5. D

    Struggling with TRBO IP Site Connect over VPN

    Hey there, I have a problem with the installation of a simple IPSC connection. The master repeater is a DR3000. The peer is a SLR5500. The connection runs over an OpenVPN server and 4G (Latency under 90ms) . Attached is a setup diagram. I have programmed both repeaters and also set up port...
  6. Sheepdog777

    Traveling Ham Mobile Radio - U.S. Repeaters Common Frequencies (2M & 70Cm Bands Only)

    Hello Fellow Hams and Radio Enthisiasts, BOTTOM LINE UP FRONT (BLUF) LINK: Traveling Ham Mobile Radio: U.S. Ham Repeaters Common Frequencies - Google Drive Did you know that there are approximately 18,793 2M & 70CM Band repeaters in the U.S., which use only 1,303 frequencies? Imagine if you...
  7. N

    Vxr-9000 Trident Raider ii extreme

    First time posting on the forum hello all im having a little trouble i hope someone can point me in the right direction im trying to connect my vertex vxr-9000u repeater to a trident raider ii extreme controller with a db25 cable with breakout board connectors on each end. This is my first time...
  8. K

    Crossbanding VTAC and UTAC Channels

    Hope this is the right place for this: We have a bit of an interoperability problem where I am at. (Bet you haven't heard that before.) The LEO in the county are on UHF, the FDs and EMS are on VHF analog. I'm curious what the thoughts of some of the more seasoned radio technicians are on this...
  9. D

    Hytera to Motorola repeater

    I am looking to build another repeater using the STM32 board. I have one built using two Motorola VRM 850 radios. It works great except I cannot get my Hytera PD782s to work with it. After hours of digging, I came across a thread about how Hyteras don’t work with Motorola’s converted to 403-470...
  10. Z

    Offline/Single-Site MMDVM DMR Repeater

    Hello, I am part of a school club and we currently operate Analog FM and P.25 repeaters, and since many of the club members have DMR-capable radios we wanted to look into setting a DMR repeater as well. We own one of the RepeaterBuilder MMDVM kits, and two Motorola CDM750s to use for RX/TX, I...
  11. D

    Strange repeater setup

    Hi In New Zealand I have found a couple of repeaters in my area that transmit DMR. This is a strange setup as its only 1 frequency with a DMR TIER 3 format. It has 1 frequency and when its not in use it has no data flow, its just dead. When a user keys up the repeater it activates a TGID 9999...
  12. G

    Repeater Leasing in Wilmington

    Good Afternoon, Does anyone know of any companies in NC, specifically around Wilmington, that lease time slots on DMR repeaters? If so would somebody be able to provide the name of companies that provide this sort of service. I've done a lot of research on this but have been unable to identify...
  13. Fillmoreranger

    Setting CTCSS Tones for GMRS Repeater Access

    I am new to GMRS, looking to access local repeaters. When it comes to CTCSS tones, I am a bit confused. I see some repeater listings with a single CTCSS tone. Other listings have TX-CTCSS and RX-CTCSS tones (both the same). When programming CTCSS tones to a channel/frequency to access a...
  14. E

    Quantar programming question

    Hi guys, I'm looking at a UHF quantar repeater here (model T5365A), and I'm wondering what programming software is used and if it's possible to purchase a copy of it from somewhere. To be clear, this is not a "I want a free/cracked cps" request. Anybody have any ideas? Should I maybe just stay...
  15. S

    SLR5000 Status Monitoring using a browser

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to monitor our SLR5500 repeater using the browser by typing the repeater IP address; but it is not showing me any information similar to RDAC, I read on the cwh050 Blog that it is possible.
  16. W

    Creating a portable repeater with a mobile transceiver

    Hello all! I have returned to seek expertise on a project I am creating. Task: Create a simplex repeater for search and rescue operations using a mobile radio. I am trying to find a way to boost coverage of team communications in a remote area. I currently have a 25w AnyTone AT-778UV which I...
  17. BlueDevil

    Daniels / Codan VR-4R modules

    I am trying to program my Daniels / Codan VR-4R modules and I don’t have the correct programming cable. I believe it is a USB cable that interfaces with an RJ45 connection. I have looked hi and low all over the internet and haven’t been able to locate one. Does anyone know of where there might...
  18. rural_radio

    What type of coax for portable repeater?

    I'm building a portable repeater setup for my RV to extend the range of my family's GMRS handhelds. What type of flexible coax would y'all recommend that would withstand the repeated up-and-down of the mast and antenna yet not cause PIM issues from the dissimilar metals in the foil and braid...
  19. MTS2000des

    Repeater DO's and DON'Ts courtesy of K4BBL

    A local ham created this very informative video. The only thing I would add/emphasize is that amateur radio repeaters, while most are open for general amateur use, are in fact, private property of others. The owners may be a club, organization, government entity, or private individuals. In all...
  20. S

    Interferance between two Digital channels on different Time Slots

    Hi everyone, We have upgraded lately our repeater (SLR5500) from Analog to Digital and now we are on DMM mode and using two Digital channels on this repeater by using different time slots (1 & 2), but with the same color code. Now the users are complaining that sometimes an interference is...