1. chrisb480

    East Coast Pagers

    Coming to you from Maryland.. Does anyone have any experience with East Coast Paging? We are considering them as we are planning on ordering a significant amount of Unication products. I have observed their website but just wanted to get some local opinions if possible. Thanks in advance!
  2. C

    Hustler MRMBNC Antenna Review

    I am trialing a few mobile antennas and I just had to write a review about my first impression of the first antenna that I'm trialing. I spend most of my time listening mobile or at work. I rarely listen at home, but I do listen all day when in my office. Environments: Vehicle: GMC Sierra...
  3. w2xq

    Alinco: Review: Alinco DJ-MD5T Series DMR Radio

    HVDN Notebook: Review: Alinco DJ-MD5T Series DMR Radio From the Hudson Valley Digital Network, a comprehensive review of Alinco's new DMR portable is, IMO, an interesting read. A "teardown" article is forthcoming.
  4. K7MFC

    Btech gmrs-v1

    I recently wrote a review of the BTECH GMRS-V1 handheld radio for my club’s forum, and after using it for a few months I would like to share my thoughts here as well. The original review can also be read on my blog. I was in the market for a handheld GMRS radio to be used primarily for outdoor...
  5. M

    NooElec NESDR SMArt Bundle Review

    This is the USB unit I bought for my first venture into SDR radio. Unlike some others, it's packaged in a metal housing, which is slim enough to allow two dongles to fit in adjacent USB sockets. It comes with three antennas, including two fixed-length and one telescopic which screw onto a...
  6. dugan

    Grecom psr-500 - No Regrets

    I live in Ontario, Canada and mostly listen to the OPP (P25). I decided to buy the Grecom psr-500. Friends told me not to waste my money, because the OPP would encrypt in the near future. I have used that radio almost daily for the past eight years. When I bought it, I figured that if they did...
  7. K

    Video I made of setting a Baofeng UV-5R on fire

    Over the past weekend I did some rather extreme testing on one of the Chinese made Baofeng UV-5R dual-band HT's and asked permission from radioreference support to post the link here. Love them or hate them the Baofeng took a lot of punishment and kept on ticking. Definitely a cheap HT, but...
  8. B

    BCD436HP: For those thinking about buying a 436

    I had this radio for about 4 months and wanted to share my thoughts with those who are thinking about making the purchase. First I will start with the good things about this radio. I will agree with what others have stated in other threads that this radio on systems such as the ones in...
  9. WX9RLT

    Pro-197 Antenna

    I am looking for a good antenna for my Pro-197 I know I will have to probably pick up 2 different types. I want to monitor the following freq ranges, ranked in order of priority: 800-900 150-160 118-136 I prefer something not outdoors. Any ideas, cheaper the better
  10. N

    Elecraft K3 Build Project

    So it starts - don't get too excited the radio hasn't actually arrived yet: Elecraft K3 and N1IC
  11. M

    PAR FM Broadcast Filter with PSR-600

    I was getting fuzzy audio in the background on most 2m ham and 155 mHz police transmissions from a 50,000 watt fm broadcaster around 10 miles away. I bought a PAR fm filter from Grove, and the difference in receive sensitivity has been amazing. The distorted audio has disappeared, and signal...
  12. P

    Home Patrol Mini Review on Road Trip in CT/MA

    I took a trip from Southwestern Connecticut all the way up Route 15 to I-91 and I-84 and on to the Massachusetts Turnpike I-90 on Monday of this week. I continued East to 495. I thought it would be of interest to report how the Home Patrol worked on the trip and to pose a few questions that...