1. B

    NOOB looking for recommendation on a HAM/SCANNER

    Hey all USMC veteran Rhode Island resident looking to buy a HAM or scanner and need some advice. My main usages will be to monitor local traffic (PD, FD, State Police, etcetera) and to maintain and become proficient with a back up reliable source of communication. Any recommendations on what...
  2. D

    Need help with trying to pick up RISCON

    Hello everyone I am fairly new to the whole scanner scene the last time I had a scanner was the early 90's and I have noticed things have changed. One being ALOT of local police stations in RI are using this RISCON thing and I can not for the life of me figure out how to get the frequencies or...
  3. LuckyDog10

    BCD396xT & RISCON need help

    I am using Freescan and downloaded the RISCON system from RR. I see several bars showing I am receiving a signal from the South Simulcast but I am not catching anything. The bars aren't always there. I would expect that when no transmissions. I have squelch set to 0. I see it doing ID scan and...