1. I

    Riverside PSEC

    Question about the PSEC system. i just bought by BCD436HP unit a few weeks ago and have been monitoring the system and of course i know that all police agencies TGID's are encrypted, but today i noticed that i programmed it as P25 X2-TDMA, not P25 TRUNK. I have heard clear talk on N/W call...
  2. kearthfan101

    Riverside SO Simulcast Conventional channels

    Now that Riverside County sheriffs dept is making the transition from their EDACS system to PSEC (I'm not following the progress, I just am aware of the occurrence), can anyone in that area confirm for me if the Jurupa and Cabazon 800 mhz conventional simulcast channels are in use, and if they...
  3. hotshotmike1001

    Riverside County Public Safety Enterprise Communication Project (PSEC)

    looks like the county is testing the new radio system the old EDACS Networked Standard has no traffic at all Bummer well soon i will hopfull get the new uniden
  4. spectr17

    Double Homicide suspect from OC ex cop on run in Riverside. Just shot 2 PD

    Listening to San Bernardino SO respond to 3 officers down from Riverside. Suspect is Christopher Jordan Dorner http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/02/07/suspect-identified-in-deaths-cal-state-coach-fiance/
  5. T

    Riverside County System late/overbudget

    This is what happens when you don't have technically knowledgeable people running a program and then handing the keys to the project to the vendor. RIVERSIDE COUNTY: New radio network late and over budget | Breaking News | PE.com - Press-Enterprise BY JEFF HORSEMAN STAFF WRITER December 05...
  6. spectr17

    Blue Mtn Fire. Riverside CA

    Broke out late Monday Aug 20 2012, fire appeared to start on SW slope and was making a run to top of mtn. Power lines down being reported. Nothing on the news or wildfire sites yet. Unit reported trying to get access from Reche Canyon side just now.
  7. spectr17

    Santa Ana Incident. Fire near Riverside CA

    Scanner just woke up with traffic for Div A. 2nd alarm just went out. Haven't caught where exactly the fire is yet, dispatcher directing engines in off Riverside Dr. Sounds like a brush fire in the Santa Ana River wash there by I-60. Gonna be a hot one, we're sposed to hit 100F here today.
  8. eNubiX

    Riverside California RPD and Fire feed

    Is anybody going to cover Riverside again? I know the feed was changed some time ago. But I never heard anything about it sense.
  9. C

    Riverside County GMRS 462.650mhz

    If you have ever scanned GMRS frequencies and live in the Inland Empire of Riverside County then I am sure you may have heard radio traffic on 462.650mhz (channel #19 on bubble pack radios). Here is a link to the group that uses the repeater on 462.650mhz CTCSS 218.1 WRRG.net They are made up...