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    Double Murder Investigation in Rockford 2 People shot and killed in Rockford this morning on Bruce st. Details at Rockford Scanner
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    Last Call For Officer Jaimie Cox Killed In Line Of Duty In Rockford

    Listen to the last call ~ rockfordscanner(dot) com/2017/11/the-last-call-audio-for-officer-jaimie-cox/ High def video of the procession ~ rockfordscanner(dot) com/2017/11/the-last-call-audio-for-officer-jaimie-cox/ If the links don't work, just type in Rockford Scanner into Google Rockford...
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    Violent Night In Rockford Leaves Many People Shot, And 2 People Dead

    Violent Night In Rockford Leaves Many People Shot, And 2 People Dead http://rockfordscanner(dot)com/2017/08/violent-night-in-rockford-leaves-many-people-shot-and-2-people-dead/
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    BREAKING: Shooting at a Rockford Bank, During Robbery

    BREAKING: Person Shot During A Bank Robbery In Rockford ~ UPDATE: At least one confirmed dead via scanner traffic
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    3 People Shot In Rockford Today

    . 3 people shot in Rockford today # 2 People Hospitalized After a Shooting in the Rolling Green Neighborhood | Rockford Scanner # Another person Just Shot in Rockford, 3rd Shooting Victim In Rockford Today | Rockford Scanner .
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    Another shooting victim at Rockford Mall

    Another shooting person shot at Rockford mall One person shot at a Rockford mall, still developing | Rockford Scanner 2nd shooting incident at the mall within weeks
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    Suspect steals taxi then shoots at officers then police chase in Rockford

    Suspect steals a taxi cab, shoots at officers, then leads police on chase in Rockford Full details ~ Stolen taxi & Shots fired at officers, Many officers assisting in the chase | Rockford Scanner .
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    Rockford Police Going Fully Encrypted

    Rockford Police Going Fully Encrypted~ Rockford Police Going Fully Encrypted | | Rockford Scanner .
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    Fatal Motorcycle Accident In Rockford

    Full story ~ Serious Motorcycle Accident in Rockford | | Rockford Scanner On Sunday, May 15, 2016 at 12:11pm the Rockford Police and Fire Departments responded to a report of traffic crash at North Central Avenue and Ashland Avenue. Upon arrival officers discovered that the crash involved a...
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    3 Dead In Firey Accident In Rockford

    3 People passed away this morning in a firey accident in Winnebago County ~ Accident With Vehicle On Fire, Possibly Occupied | | Rockford Scanner 3 people passed away after their SUV crashed into a guard rail, bridge and down an embankment. Vehicle catches fire, 1 ejected. etc....
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    Serious Accident Involving A Tractor In Winnebago County

    Today several emergency personnel were dispatched to a serious accident that involved a vehicle crashing into a tractor in Winnebago County. Helicopter was requested to the scene Helicopter Requested To Accident Scene | Rockford Scanner "Breaking News As It Happens"
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    Police shoot and kill man in Rockford

    More info ~Man Shot & Killed By Officers In Rockford | Rockford Scanner "Breaking News As It Happens"
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    Scanner Audio: Officer Reporting Multiple Shots Fired, Real Close To The Officer.

    Scanner Audio: Officer Reporting Multiple Shots Fired, Real Close To The Officer. They were so close, he could hear the bullets ricocheting off the ground ~ Officer Reporting Multiple Shots Fired, Real Close To The Officer | Rockford Scanner "Breaking News As It Happens"
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    P25 For All Departments In Winnebago County

    Awhile ago, Loves Park Police mentioned they were going to P25. I talked to the previous chief of police and he said when the 911 center switches over to the P25, all the departments were switching over. He did mention they do use P25 on occasion, but not primary. Anyone heard any...
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    Fatal Accident In Rockford

    Traffic Diverted On Busy Road, Because Of Auto Accident | Rockford Scanner
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    Comed Building Fire In Rockford

    Video of the Comed Building Fire in Rockford and info. Video ~ Rockford Scanner ~ ComEd Building Fire In Rockford, Illinois on 11/30/2013 - YouTube More info ~ Comed Building Is On Fire In Rockford | Rockford Scanner
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    Fatal Shooting In Rockford

    Fatal Shooting In Rockford ~ Fatal Shooting On College ave | Rockford Scanner
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    Rockfords First Murder of 2013

    Rockfords First Murder of 2013 One Person Dead, Shooting On Underwood | Rockford Scanner
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    Rockford Public Safety

    It would seem that since the merge of PD and FD, medical calls are no longer being dispatched/toned out on the Fire North channel. Has anyone else noticed this?
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    Couple House Fires

    Here are a couple house fires in the Rockford Area ~ #1 ~ Loves Park House Fire (Video & Photos) | Rockford Scanner #2 ~ House Fire On Van Stone ~ Machesney Park (PHOTOS/VIDEO) | Rockford Scanner Reminder: As it gets cold, make sure you do routine maintenance on your furnace, change...