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    Harris RPM (How to import and export data)

    Hello All, This is my first thread started here or anywhere on the internet! Thanks for all your input in advance. I am trying to figure out how to import and export data in RPM 14. Whenever I use the data extractor the files all come out as .csv which is great, however I can't seem to figure...
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    Help with XG-100P Roaming NAS

    I have a question on programming XG100-P NAS on multiple sites, my local Project 25 Phase II has the same WACN and IDEN Sets for all sites, and some of the talk groups are Simulcast in all areas. How can I program all sites in RPM so I don't have to make a new mission plan when I travel? Any...
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    Programmers WANTED

    Greetings to all… I have been reading posts on your site from time to time. Great site paid my dues. I am currently working on a project with Jaguar portables 700p’s P7100IP’s, mobiles m7100’s to start out. I have the latest version of Radio Personality Manger, and ProGrammer Software, using...