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    Motorola GP340 CPS Language

    Hello! I am thinking about buying this item off of eBay later this week.Motorola GP340 Two-Way Radio UHF + Accessories - eBay (item 370186361317 end time Apr-14-09 21:07:00 PDT) My only questions about this radio are... Does the radio come with programming software?? And if it does, is it in...
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    MT2000 RSS 06.07.00 Problem...HELP!

    I was programming my friends MT2000 last night/early this morning and got all 48 channels entered and clicked to program the data to the radio but I received an error message that stated the target radio is not capable of 2.5kHz spacing, please upgrade the firmware. The only problem is that none...
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    Programming Issues with the STX

    I was programming them for a while, then my board went up. Got my hands on an old 100mhz, RSS shows the error saying that the radio and rib need to be on for it to work when its off, but when the rib is on i get the bus collision error, i have done everything i can think of from changing the...