1. P

    Laws of broadcasting and recording a scanner feed

    Hey guys I'm wondering what the law says about recording the audio of a police incident from my Uniden 396XT or from an online source and later using it on YouTube mixed with the audio of my video? More precisely is it legal in Canada? Thanks!
  2. J

    Legal to use transceiver in receive mode only?

    Hi All, I'm studying to get my Canadian Basic license. I have a question regarding what equipment I can buy and use utill then. I found the following Q/A at the RAC site. Unfortunately it's not very clear Here is the question and answer: Q - I want to be a ham and I found the perfect radio at...
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    ALL POSTS HERE ARE MODERATED (Please read here for thread rules)

    All threads in this forum are moderated and will not show up until approved by a moderator. This forum is to be used for only the following topics: 1. Announcements and News in reference to the RadioReference/Broadcastify site and posted by the staff. 2. News of interest to the entire...