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  1. KQA726

    HP-1: HP-1 personalities or profiles?

    Hi, been playing with HP-1 for a week and been saving the various talkgroups into specific favorite lists. First Question: Now, is there a way I can save each one of those favorite lists as a 'personality/profile' scanlist? So if I want local fire only, can I save a FIRE scanlist/profile? So if...
  2. C

    XTS5000 Scan List Programming Issue

    Hey. I have several XTS5000 radios that I use periodically as FRS radios, as well as scanners for my local police agencies and fire departments. I just tried to modify the scan list on one of my radios and encountered an issue I haven't seen before or been able to find an answer on. When I am in...
  3. R

    Whistler WS1040 can't change Scan List

    Does anyone know how to switch Scan Lists on the WS1040? I tried what the manual says but it just keeps scanning Scan List 01.
  4. K

    Pro-651: PRO 651 Object Not Playing In Scanlist

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong, or if I'm using the correct terms so please bear with me. I'm in Sacramento, CA. I have everything set up and working fine except one object/channel/frequency won't play during scanning but it plays fine during manual mode. I have it selected for the same scan...
  5. F

    Question on location scanning

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before...when importing Radio Reference data from the library on the SD card to a TRX-1 using your location where are the imported frequencies stored? Are they in the preset scanlists, in the reserved scanlists, or in a scanlist that I have created? I'm asking...
  6. P

    PRO197 Changing Scan List

    This will seem like a silly question... but... How do you change from one scan list to another and have it stay on the second scanlist. We have several scan lists built and loaded (from ARC500) and when we try to go from say list 4 to list 5 it just turns them off or on and/or it does not go...
  7. S

    Need help with Pro-106 Scan list

    I used the radio shack software to put in three counties in my area. I put one county at a time and labeled each county under a different Scan list. The first county under scan list or bank 1. The second county under scan list or bank 2. And the third county under scan list 3. Imported each...
  8. Eaton90

    HT1250 - scan programming issue

    Hi everyone! I've got a problem with programming scanning in my HT1250LS+. I've created two conventional zones - the first one consists of 2 channel, the second one- of14. I also created 2 scan lists which also have 2 and 14 personalities. What I wanted is to be able to scan all the channels of...
  9. A

    MaxTrac 300 Scan

    My Moto MaxTrac 300 UHF 6ch has the scan button on the control head, but I cannot access the scan list in the rss. I am able to get into the user program scan list and alter the list. When I exit the user program scan and enable scan it will only recieve activity on channels 1 & 6. it does this...
  10. JamesPrine

    ARC500 PRO and 197 - nothing enabled?

    Hello all! Got a PRO-197 yesterday and immediately purchased ARC500 PRO for it..I've had great success with other Butel ARC software and I wanted to stick with it. So far, everything works well escept for the 'Nothing Enabled' display when the unit turns on. I tried manually programming a...
  11. P

    need help with stopping Scan List number on display

    Hi there... I am not sure if this is a SCANNER question or a WIN500 question, but I'll ask here first. I am setting up my Mom's new Pro-197 for the first time. I think I have about everything functioning and am pretty comfortable with navigating the menus in Win500. Anyway, when the scanner...