1. S

    RasPi 4 and OP25

    I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 (8 gig) to run SDRs on, and other stuff. I have 2 SDRs, a NoElec using an 820T chip, and a DVB with an 820T2. Have OP25 set up and working, but when I try the command line to get the NAC, I get several errors, starting with PLL not locked, and "value error, need more...
  2. qc

    SDR# Electro Sense Network

    This looks like an interesting SDR project Electro Sense Network Compatible Hardware ElectroSense Network Kits
  3. AB5ID

    OP25 daytime and nighttime Whitelist

    I would like to change my OP25 whitelist based on the time of day. I'm running a single instance of OP25 in terminal mode launched with the command line: ./ --args 'rtl' -N 'LNA:47' -S 1000000 -o 25000 -T trunk.tsv -V -w -2 -U 2>stderr.2 --crypt-behavior 2 In the evenings, I change my...
  4. M

    DSDPlus How to monitor P25 conventional on DSD with FMP

    I'm having a hell of a time trying to set up my RTL-SDR V3 to decode my local police departments, each one functions on a P25 conventional single frequency. I've seen too many videos on Youtube and have read countless hours of forums and articles on how to set this up to absolutely no avail...
  5. RFSpace Cloud SDR Wideband Networked SDR

    RFSpace Cloud SDR Wideband Networked SDR

    ***SOLD*** Apparently I can't mark it as such if it is sold to someone outside of RR? Hello, I bought this CloudSDR on 4/6/21. It was either going to be this or reacquiring an Icom IC-R8600 for which I had looked for a good price on for months. As things often happen, once I ordered the...
  6. L

    Keep OP25 Folder Organized by Making Subfolders?

    Hey all, I'm loving OP25 and use it to monitor Multiple Counties in areas that I take my Pi with me to, and was wondering if I could make folders for a Specific Area. for example: In the main op25/op25/gr-op25_repeater/apps folder I would have: and then I would have folders...
  7. C

    OP25 Capture P25 Voice Frames using OP25

    Hello. I'm doing research about P25 Common Air Interface and encryption protocols. I'm new to using OP25, so please be understandable if I'm wrong about something. When I turn the logging up to -v 10, I can see the codewords and all the other info, but it's all messy. I think I'm missing...
  8. E

    SDR# Fulton Co, GA P25 issues after moving. Running out of options.

    Around a year ago I got in to the SDR hobby using SDRTrunk to scan/monitor the Fulton County, GA Project 25 Phase II system. I only monitor talkgroups 61001 and 61002. I lived in a town home in Fairburn, GA and moved into a house in Tyrone, GA at the end of 2020. I was getting great reception...
  9. A

    SDR# Issues...

    Can anyone help me out ? everytime i try to open SDR# appear this message i already installed everything, Zadig, .NET and it keeps like this.
  10. G

    How far can I listen?

    I’m getting started with using SDRtrunk and am fairly unfamiliar with how trunking scanning works. I work in three different services in Kansas and want to listen when there are events while off duty, and I know I can do that with a full fledged radio but is SDR capable of covering the whole...
  11. D

    OP25 RasPi 4 + OP25 Not Using trunk.tsv or Streaming

    Hello! First and foremost - thank you in advance for the help! I provide the DUCOMM Channel 1 East feed in IL on Broadcastify and am looking to improve it by using my RasPi (maybe include more talkgroups, etc.). I am trying to monitor STARCOM21 (Illinois; specifically the 774.43125 control...
  12. L

    OP25 32 bit vs 64 bit OS

    Would there be any advantages to using 32 or 64 bit linux OS for OP25. My main consideration is sound quality. I am building First Responder home monitors using the old Zotac ZBOX-CI320NANO-P and SDR(s) with small antenna. I have the total price down to about $110 (including USB powered...
  13. B

    Sdr# to dsd+ . dsd shows the nac but audio is garbled, sounds like beeps

    No matter what i do it doesnt get better. Turn up the gain, turn up the volume on sdr# turn down the vokume. Turn up and down the levels in virtual audio cable. Filter audio is unchecked. Strong signals. Not encrpted frequencies. I can hear analog signals listening to the audio directly from...
  14. B

    New sdr# plugin

    Got a usb rtl sdr. Used sdr# and virtual audio cable piped to dsd was working years ago. Now dsd just shows the nac, all audio is garbled.tried changing the levels in sdr, vac, windows audio control panel. Strong signals. Filter audio in sdr# is unchecked and frequency correction is...
  15. T

    SDRTrunk SDRTrunk Configuration

    @GTR8000 was giving me some info in another thread but we got off topic. I'm working on getting SDRTrunk setup to handle BCFY Calls for my county, but want to ensure I have the necessary configuration. I was informed I'll need a total of 3 SDRs to handle all the frequencies, but my question is...
  16. J

    Line In CC & SDR VC

    I cannot seem to get the setup I have working correctly. I have a maxtrac 800 (yes, it is receive only before someone brings it up) line input that works absolutely wonderful and has for a couple of years. I want it to be the channel control for a single SDR being the voice channel. I cannot get...
  17. R

    SDR# Metadata

    Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone could help me, I’m ,running SDR# with the fast scanner plugin. I want to know if it is possible to output the active channel frequency name into metadata so radio feed (ProScan) can read this metadata and show it on the audio feed? Thanks in advance.
  18. Bjc123

    SDR Trunked System Discovery

    Hello, I have recently been looking into and researching SDRs and I was wondering if it is possible to use a SDR to discover new P25 trunked radio systems and talkgroups? If this is possible what software should I use? Thanks in advance, Brad
  19. A

    DSDPlus Help to setup DSD+ Fastlane with 2 SDR !!

    Hello before i using one sdr and it's work with me without any issue and i Need to know how setup DSD+ Fastlane with 2 SDR first i run FMP24-CC after that run CC.bat next run FMP24-VC and run VC.bat the problem is shown me when i run FMP24-VC error : Initiating FMPx link using link...
  20. nothotscott

    USB 3.1 with a RTL2832U dongle

    I have a RTL2832U sdr dongle and everything was working fine, but I was encountering a strange error in logs of some programs on both windows and linux using the librtlsdr driver (an older branch with IR support). I narrowed it down to my USB 3.1 port causing it. My solution was to just move it...