1. resnickm

    Difficulty Scanning Miami City P25 System

    I know the city's P25 system is fairly new (and still seems to be underway), but I was hoping someone had some insight to its current status/functionality. I set up an SDR last week and programmed in the P25 system and was able to pick up fairly decent audio for a few days. All of a sudden, it...
  2. T

    Scanning in a region where no references exist!

    Pretty much the title says it all , how would one go about scanning when there’s no scanning community that shares findings? Ill walk you through the spectrum and my setup here and if you can chime in on how people managed before RR database existed i would be grateful. Aside from the scattered...
  3. qc

    Help With SDR Stream Project

    I have new Project need some advice, I like to set up a broadcastify stream, I have an Airspy R2 SDR our local police uses P25 Phase 1 trunk system they will be switching over to Phase 2 in June of this year, I'm looking for something where I could use a Raspberry PI with Sdrtrunk or OP25? like...
  4. M

    DSD+ not decoding.

    Hi everyone, First post here and I don't know a ton about radios, especially in regards to SDR and digital radio. Long story short, I have an SDR dongle. I am using DSD+ and SDRSharp. I can receive and hear FM stations with it, and I can hear the 'static' of non-decoded radio frequencies, but...
  5. J

    PDW Can't Get PDW to Work!!

    I am beating my head on the wall trying to get PDW to work with SDR#. I have attached some pics of the setup with hopes someone can pick out what my issues is/are. I am using RTL-SDR and VB cable. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
  6. Chibson

    DSD+ Fastlane Issue

    I have bought DSD+ Fastlane about 7 months ago and used it for a few weeks and forgot about it until, well today. I was scrolling through my email until I found the email containing my DSD+ Fastlane files. See, I went to the first email I got from them which told me to go to the next email they...
  7. P

    Buffalo police p25 frequencies

    I’m looking for the buffalo police p25 frequencies to program my SDR dongles. Any help appreciated!
  8. severance17

    Airspy R2 MCX port Useage

    I am a long time member of radio reference and a long time scanner user who has recently begun a dive into software defined radios (6 months or so). And I have recently purchased a number a of SDRs (RTL-SDR, AIRSPY HF+ Discovery, and AIRSPY R2 w/ Spyverter). And during this dive with the...
  9. P

    SDR stream to Broadcastify

    I’m looking at getting a SDR to replace my scanner feed to Broadcastify. I have a few questions: 1) can I just “plug and play”? -if I plug it in will RadioFeed or other software that provides feed to Broadcastify recognize it? 2) playing off the question above, if not what do I need to do to...
  10. B

    NYPD talk-in frequencies?

    Hello! Pretty new to radio, so forgive me if I mix up some terms. I'm interested in tuning into transmissions directly from NYPD mobile units, rather than repeater-broadcast frequencies featuring the dispatcher. I was reading this thread, which states the mobile units use a separate "talk-in"...

    cannot get Trunk Recorder to install

    I have tried on multiple systems MacOS 10.15 and 10.13 as well as Ubunto 16.04 and it fails every time although i have followed the instructions from the Git Page... has anyone gotten this to work? if so, what are you using and what did you do? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. Airspy HF+ HF and VHF SDR

    Airspy HF+ HF and VHF SDR

    Selling Airspy HF+ , has been indoors since purchased, I am the original owner. For detailed information on its capabilities visit Airspy HF+ (Dual Port) SDR – Airspy.US . This is an inexpensive but superbly performing SDR that works wonders on the HF bands. It works with its "native" software...
  13. D

    How Do I setup a RTL-SDR Blog V3 SDR for Shortwave on GQRX software?

    Hello SDR fans, I am very new to SDR.. I am planning to buy a RTL-SDR Blog V3 on amazon. It has shortwave HF support. I read somewhere you need to configure SDR's for shortwave to work properly. What values do I need to add or modify and where to put them in the GQRX software? I appreciate...
  14. Airspy & Spyverter Combo

    Airspy & Spyverter Combo

    Airspy & Spyverter combo w/ included accessories. Purchased April, 2016 from AIRSPY.US. PCB silkscreen dated 16 Aug. 2015 and I don’t believe it is the current hardware revision. Firmware was keep current with GitHub (v1.0.0 rc10). Works well with SDR#1700. Several months later I purchased a...
  15. K

    SDR - Universal Trunker + DSD - AFRN

    As of today (June 28, 2019), I am finding that most local municipalities have moved to AFRN. On the old JeffCo Pub Services P25 system, I have no problem with my set up. I usually monitor 855.6875 for the control channel in unitrunker, and I route the output from to DSD+ for decoding the audio...
  16. C

    Trying to Monitor 160mHz railroad band - Issues with constant static/ no reception

    Just started to really get into SDR over the past couple of weeks and wanted to try to monitor local railroads to see how SDR compared to my traditional setup of a Kenwood TK-780 with a 160mhz tuned 3db gain antenna. I attached an identical antenna up to an RTL-SDR stick with the intent of using...
  17. J

    SDRTrunk JMBE Build HELP!

    Hi, This is my first post on this form. I'm trying to get back into SDRs again but SDRTrunk is kicking my butt. I need some help building the JMBE.jar file. I'm following these instructions DSheirer/jmbe but every time I run the build command I get this: BUILD FAILED in 44s 5 actionable...

    ETTUS RESEARCH USRP B200: Exploring the Wireless World

    I thought this video was pretty interesting because it shows the many way SDR can be utilized. I am planning to experiment in SDR in near future and have not yet decided the HW platform. So I am just throwing this out.
  19. G

    New to Scanning looking for advice.

    I'm looking to get back into scanning, I currently live in the Chicago Uptown area and was wondering what kind of equipment I might need. I would like to listen to Police/Fire as well as Marine and Air. I'm currently using SDR for police but having a hard time figuring out fire and air and was...
  20. Charlie1068

    Baofeng Baofeng RD-5R DMR TDMA Help

    I recently purchased a RD-5R and can program DMR no problem, but some of the frequencies I can receive in DSD Plus are TDMA. I can receive them fine on DSD, but then I program the frequencies, Color Code and Talk groups. I can't pick up any of there chatter, I have retraced my steps to make sure...