1. 3

    SDR# CTCSS / DCS Decoders: Not Working

    RTL2832U R860 V.3 SDR# V. I have downloaded both the CTCSS and DCS decoders, placed the .dll file in the SDR# Folder, and written the code into the .xml document, but neither one will work to decode. Any thoughts on how to get these working?
  2. S

    Greenie questions about listening to UCA with SDR-Trunk

    I've recently gotten an RTL-SDR v3 dongle and have been trying to listen around and had a few questions. Getting right to the point, I'm trying to use SDR-Trunk to listen to UCA but I'm unable to get any data from the control channels an I don't quite know why. To my knowledge I should have...
  3. RSP1a SDR

    RSP1a SDR

    Selling my RSP1a. It's basically brand new, but I decided to get an Airplay HF+ instead since I'm most interested in SW listening. Asking $90 shipped. Shoot me a message if interested. Thanks for looking!
  4. MikeTheListener

    Need Help with Openear

    Hi at all, I have now tried Openear 1.7.0 on two PCs (one with WIN 7 in the final version, one with Win 10 incl. all updates) on neither PC is it possible to start Openear. It seems that MSVCR.dll files are always missing. First it was the MSVCR100.dll, after I installed it Openear did not...
  5. MikeTheListener

    SDS Plug-In for SDR# searched

    A question in the round and to the SDR experts. I am new in the matter of SDR reception (with an Airspy mini and SDR#) and I am looking for a Plug-In to make the SDS readable at the Tetrafunk. Is there such a Plug-In for SDR# ? Gladly also another which runs under Windows. Many thanks and...
  6. Airspy R2 SDR Receiver

    Airspy R2 SDR Receiver

    Great condition Airspy R2 for SDR scanning. Everything works great, including the original USB connector. View more info here: Airspy R2 SDR – Airspy.US
  7. A

    My SDR or SDRSharp is "broken"

    when i try to hear a radio or a frequency like 93.5 or any other and i go to shortwave for example the 93.5 radio is in shortwave (see picture) and the frequency changes when i go "up" in the frequency, and when i go above 200mhz appear like in the screenshot at 416mhz, the antenna can be near...
  8. ****SOLD****Icom IC-R8600

    ****SOLD****Icom IC-R8600

    ****SOLD**** Good morning, I've decided to sell this receiver as I feel that I am considerably under-utilizing it and I have some ideas for other projects that might suit my radio room better. I purchased it from HRO in Salem NH on 4/19/21 (.jpg of receipt is attached). Here is HRO's info page...
  9. **SOLD** Afedri LAN-IQ SDR

    **SOLD** Afedri LAN-IQ SDR

    **SOLD** Great portable SDR. Requires external 5VDC power supply (not included). Also requires speaker (not included). This will display 768 KHz of bandwidth in portable mode and about 2 MHz when connected via LAN. Exceptional receive capability from "DC to Daylight". Includes USB power...
  10. **SOLD** Authentic Russian Malahit Receiver

    **SOLD** Authentic Russian Malahit Receiver

    **This sold at QRZ** This is the real one, not one of the Chinese knock-offs. I received it about 6 months ago but I'm just not using it. If you try to buy one new they take a great deal of time to arrive, and in the current world situation, who knows at all. This one can be yours if you're...
  11. T

    OP25 (OP25) Is it possible to Blacklist certain RID's

    I'm curious of it's possible to B-List individual radio's on a P25 system with OP25 Boatbod. A few members of a very special FD are just a bit much to listen to, so I want to block the UID's of their radios.
  12. tateconcepts

    Simulcast audio/data reception issues with SmArt SDR tuners and SDRTrunk

    Hello all. I've recently had time to get back into SDR after a few years and I'm having some issues with my new tuners and software. The SDR setup consists of a Windows 8.1 workstation with two tuners, the first a Nooelec NESDR v4 RTL-SDR (820T) and another NESDR XTR (E1000). The first time I...
  13. J

    P25 Conventional - Header Info Collection

    Good day everyone. First off I would like to thank this excellent community for all the help they offer people. I would like to also thank all the open source developers in regards to SDR and GR. I have a question for the community and hopefully someone out there may have an answer. I have...
  14. L

    SDR / PDW question.... POCSAG - Is there nothing local to me? (UK)

    Hi all. Based in Gloucestershire, UK. Having spent the last few days looking around POCSAG and Flex, there seems to be only two frequencies that contain anything. Literally anything: 153.025 and 153.350. Although these frequencies are busy - everything that comes through on PDW is up north...
  15. Omega-TI

    SDR Dongles -vs- Real Scanners - for Trunking Reception

    Trade-offs: price -vs- headache factor (SDR dongles -vs- a real scanner radio). There is a lot of talk about hooking up multiple SDR dongles into hubs, using multiple power supplies, gobs of cabling, antenna splitters, with software configuration nightmares, etc. So my question is, how many...
  16. J

    SDR software run time issues on Window 10 OS, Restart Windows to get SDR applications to work.

    When I boot my laptop running Windows 10 and start an SDR application it's 50/50 chance the SDR device will start and communicate with the software with no issues. I have 4 different software packages, and 2 different SDR dongles. The behavior is the same on my laptop. 1. 4, Installed...
  17. Afedri LAN-IQ SDR

    Afedri LAN-IQ SDR

    Selling seldom used Afedri LAN-IQ SDR. This is a very versatile standalone SDR that shows 768 KHz of spectrum as a standalone, and 2.2 MHz when connected to a LAN and accessed via SDR Console or HDSDR. Exceptionally sensitive on VHF and above. I never used it for HF reception. It covers 50 KHz...
  18. H

    Get Broadcastify Calls Node stats from API or database? Future feature suggestion?

    As a SDR based feed provider for Broadcastify calls, I would find it very helpful to be able to fetch statistics from the Broadcastify database / API. Being able to know how often a node picks up a talkgroup and when can be very helpful to determine if other nodes nearby should also monitor that...
  19. N

    Butler County ICORRS - possible new talkgroups?

    First of all, I am using SDR to monitor ICORRS here in Butler. Specifically op25 on a Raspberry Pi. I stream the audio via Darkice and Icecast. Importantly, I can view my Raspberry Pi display via VNC and see the real-time activity in op25, but my audio is ~1 minute delayed because of the...
  20. R

    PDW Anyone else getting crashes?

    I had PDW running perfectly stable for years, but recently it has started crashing after random periods of time (sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes an hour). Reports a BEX error every time. I'm running Windows 7 with an older version of SDR#, but also tried with the new SDR++ and the same is...