1. K

    SDRTrunk SDRTrunk Troubleshooting

    Hello Everyone! I have been trying for the past 24 hours to get my SDRtrunk to work with my RTS-SDR model V3 and I can not hear any stations. I downloaded SDR++ to see if the dongle was picking up stations and it is. I am obviously missing something I just don't know what. My control...
  2. K

    Newbie, Sdrconsole, Sdr# and Sdr++

    Without changing anything on the Airspy HF+ , antenna terminated into 50 ohms, agc set to medium, same frequency 11396 kHz and no other dsp. SDRConsole shows noise floor at -135dbm SDR++ shows noise floor at -130 dbm SDR # shows noise floor at -115 dbm. which one should I consider is better or...
  3. JamesWest

    Has anyone got a bagbuilds?

    Anyone been to and checked out the SDR mounting system they have put together for a backpack? Its crazy cool in my opinion. Anyone have one?
  4. K

    What's the best SDR for listening above 1700MHz but with better than 8bits?

    Airspy is good for up to 1700MHz at 12bit to 16bit bitdepth (lower sample rate modes increase bitdepth, as it still does hardware sampling at the full sample rate but then the driver decimates to the lower sample rate to increase the bitdepth of the digital signal presented to the user...
  5. KCSDRDiscone

    SDR Neewbe - Request explanation of NFM, WFM, AM, DSB, LSB, CW, USB & RAW use by frequency

    I am only about a month into having purchased an RTL-SDR dongle and a Tram 1410 Discone Antenna that I have mounted on my old Dish Network mount (minus the disc, the arm now horizonal, and adding a 3' tall antenna mounting pole to the end of the old Dish Network arm). I have watched many...
  6. scannerloser

    SDRTrunk Just became new proud owner of a Dual RTL-SDR (v5) P25-II Trunked Scanner Setup

    I gotta say, when I saw the price tag of what it might cost to get back in to scanners, I was completely appalled by the idea that I'd be forced to fork over around $700 on average to a select few manufacturers that are able to decode P25-2/II and then I remembered I own SDRs! I picked up some...
  7. Icom IC-R8600 Receiver

    Icom IC-R8600 Receiver

    ***SOLD SOLD SOLD*** (sorry, can't officially mark it as sold as buyer was on QRZ and not a member at RR) Hello, A change in radio room plans (again, and Mr. Carlson will laugh at me because he was right) is prompting me to sell my Icom IC-R8600 receiver. I am the second owner of this...
  8. J

    SDRplay launches the RSP1B SDR receiver

    SDRplay Limited is announcing the launch of a new Software Defined Radio receiver product – the RSP1B. The RSP1B is an enhanced version of the popular RSP1A powerful wideband full featured 14-bit SDR which covers the RF spectrum from 1kHz to 2GHz. The RSP1B comes in a rugged black painted steel...
  9. kf6olc

    Recent Uniden updates video.

  10. D

    Streaming to OpenMHZ/Broadcastify Calls

    So I currently have 2 SDRs that I use to monitor my local P25 system via SDRTrunk. There is someone who already broadcasts the system to OpenMHZ and Broadcastify, and if for some reason they ever take their feed offline I would like to take over for them. I am trying to find a good way I would...
  11. E

    Jim Wells County Texas - SDR to listen to P25

    New to this whole SDR thing, bought something off of ebay called a Skyfall SDR. It has 2 of the newer (v3's), not newest RTL's in it supposedly. I can pick up the hum and noise of the control channel. Stumped on how to do the decode, looking to see if anyone knows how to finish setting up Sharp...
  12. M

    DSD+ Output level problem

    hey everyone my first post on this site so forgive me if its in the wrong place! i have a question/problem with DSD+, with the Output level as shown on the 'DSD Interface' plugin. I cannot get this volume level into the green .it constantly stays red and never goes green no matter how much i...
  13. S

    First attempt at SDR... what did I do wrong? (Ontario, Canada)

    Hello, I'm a new user. I've previously owned an analog scanner and used it to listen to emergency channels before they went encrypted many years back. I decided to get back into it and ordered the Noelec RTL-SDR v5 from Amazon. I understand you ideally need two for trunking, but I wanted to see...
  14. A

    sdrtrunk not hearing any traffic

    I just hooked up my sdr and I imported from rr my county, however after listening for several hours I noticed nobody is talking. I played around with it earlier changing the control freq and I was picking up neighboring counties traffic. I will post a few screenshots as well. I know my city is...
  15. T1000

    SDR# Monitoring and Decoding TIII (MOT) Help?

    Hello community, nice to be here. I recently came in the radio world, i find it beautiful to play around. I have a RTL SDR V3 and started playing around with SDR# checking for signals in my arera. I found a DMR signal, always transmiting day and night non stop. Tried DSD+ on it and it says TIII...
  16. C

    Rdio with outside network

    I am trying to make it possible to listen to my rdio server outside of my home WiFi. I used tailscale and it worked fine, but I'd like to be able to share it with others without having to have them install tailscale. So I tried the port forwarding. I entered the internal port as 3000...
  17. C

    Transmissions coming through a different frequency

    Hi, I have multiple scanners and dongles running all at the same time, and I've noticed something weird that's been happening lately. I have an analog only scanner that scans the airband frequencies from the nearby airport. One of those frequencies is the guard frequency, 121.500 AM. I have...
  18. C

    Temporary broadcast error

    Hello, I feed to BCFY feeds, 2 calls nodes, and 2 rdio scanner servers. All of a sudden, and since the lost recent update, everything but the calls node's work. Once a call goes in line for either, it immeidaltey switches from "connected" to "temporary broadcast error) and no calls go through...
  19. M

    RTL SDR V3 PICKING UP NO SIGNAL in SDR++ with Baofeng Antenna

    I just purchased a RTL SDR v3 upon inserting it into my PC yesterday & setting it to the dongle in the device settings it will not pick up anything what so ever. I am however using a wide range baofeng antenna which is pretty wide range (JUST TO TEST WITH). I was wondering if someone could could...
  20. n1moy

    FMP24 download?

    Searching for FMP24 or any leads for download. Thanks,