1. S

    First attempt at SDR... what did I do wrong? (Ontario, Canada)

    Hello, I'm a new user. I've previously owned an analog scanner and used it to listen to emergency channels before they went encrypted many years back. I decided to get back into it and ordered the Noelec RTL-SDR v5 from Amazon. I understand you ideally need two for trunking, but I wanted to see...
  2. A

    sdrtrunk not hearing any traffic

    I just hooked up my sdr and I imported from rr my county, however after listening for several hours I noticed nobody is talking. I played around with it earlier changing the control freq and I was picking up neighboring counties traffic. I will post a few screenshots as well. I know my city is...
  3. T1000

    SDR# Monitoring and Decoding TIII (MOT) Help?

    Hello community, nice to be here. I recently came in the radio world, i find it beautiful to play around. I have a RTL SDR V3 and started playing around with SDR# checking for signals in my arera. I found a DMR signal, always transmiting day and night non stop. Tried DSD+ on it and it says TIII...
  4. C

    Rdio with outside network

    I am trying to make it possible to listen to my rdio server outside of my home WiFi. I used tailscale and it worked fine, but I'd like to be able to share it with others without having to have them install tailscale. So I tried the port forwarding. I entered the internal port as 3000...
  5. C

    Transmissions coming through a different frequency

    Hi, I have multiple scanners and dongles running all at the same time, and I've noticed something weird that's been happening lately. I have an analog only scanner that scans the airband frequencies from the nearby airport. One of those frequencies is the guard frequency, 121.500 AM. I have...
  6. C

    Temporary broadcast error

    Hello, I feed to BCFY feeds, 2 calls nodes, and 2 rdio scanner servers. All of a sudden, and since the lost recent update, everything but the calls node's work. Once a call goes in line for either, it immeidaltey switches from "connected" to "temporary broadcast error) and no calls go through...
  7. M

    RTL SDR V3 PICKING UP NO SIGNAL in SDR++ with Baofeng Antenna

    I just purchased a RTL SDR v3 upon inserting it into my PC yesterday & setting it to the dongle in the device settings it will not pick up anything what so ever. I am however using a wide range baofeng antenna which is pretty wide range (JUST TO TEST WITH). I was wondering if someone could could...
  8. n1moy

    FMP24 download?

    Searching for FMP24 or any leads for download. Thanks,
  9. C

    Rdio scanner server and saving changes

    Hello, i set up a local rdio scanner server thats connected to sdrtrunk so i can roll the tapes back if need be. ive been editing the talkgroups and organizing everything, and have made some serious progress. however i am having an issue that just popped up out of nowhere. all of a sudden, when...
  10. kingshootr

    How to Enter a P25 USAF Base Radio System into SDRTrunk? (Luke AFB Arizona)

    I'm close to Luke AFB in Glendale, Arizona and would like to listen in if they are not fully encrypted. The link is to the RR frequency information page. For non-military systems, I can find the repeater tower that is broadcasting, but LAFB I'm not seeing anything on the Radio Reference...
  11. C

    SDRTrunk Sdrtrunk and teardown

    Hello, after I figured out how to use Sdrtrunk and became more educated on the matter, I decided to create 2 calls nodes (one for each site), and 1 feed to fill a void in my areas BCFY feeds. Everything has been smooth sailing, but recently ive been running into problems after playing around...
  12. C

    Ottawa YOW airport

    Hello, I live not too far away from the Ottawa airport (MacDonald Cartier international YOW) and sometimes can pick up ATC talking and such. I decode fire pages with PDW, and today, I attempted to decode ACARS messages with PDW because it supports that protocol. There are three different...
  13. C

    SDRTrunk Sdrtrunk and control channels

    Hello. I'm new to scanning and newer to SDRs, but I do actually have 75% of it figured out. I know how to use sdr++, pdw, sdrtrunk, satsagen, dsd+, and all that stuff. After I figured out sdrtrunk, I discovered it was comical Ly easy to create a broadcastify calls node and a feed. So I did both...
  14. N8DAD

    RTL bandwidth dongle issue

    I have 2 RTL v3 dongle's, on sdr trunk. Michigan MPSCS system. I have a site that has freq on 774mhz and control and other voice channels are up to 853,855mhz. Question is how do I keep getting getting "tuner unavailable" bulls*** from coming up. I need help understanding how to get this to get...
  15. T

    More Than 100% inlvl in DSD from GQRX UDP

    Hi, I output the audio from GQRX to DSD for decoding using UDP. nc -l -u localhost 7355 | dsd -i- -o pa:2 command is used to launch DSD and pipe in the UDP data. The connection is working fine and I am listening to a DMR amateur radio station. However, I found out that the inlvl is usually more...
  16. N

    SDR error message

    Hello, I am receiving the attached error messages while running SDR to monitor a P-25 system using Windows PC. Does anyone know what it means? The decoding is still working as far as I can tell. Thank you
  17. JamesWest

    Anyone tried running SDR++ for Android on a Samsung Galaxy A7 tablet yet?

    Wondering if I should buy a Samsung Galaxy A7 tablet to run SDR++? Thanks.
  18. L

    Removing Talkgroup

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if someone could assist me with removing this talk group with the “P” as it is irrelevant and I do not want it being scanned. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  19. MTL_Emergencies

    OP25 Mobile radio scanner based on OP25

    I recently built a mobile radio scanner to monitor P25 trunk communication systems based on OP25 (Boatbod). I have been working on the project for 3 years and am finally happy to say that it's done! I am using a NooElec SMArt v3 dongle as hardware, Raspberry Pi 3B for signal processing, 3.5"...
  20. W

    SMA connections on SDR Dongles

    Greetings: First of all, I do not know if I should have placed this thread either in the "Antennas" thread or in the "SDR" thread. If I placed this in the wrong thread, I apologize. My logic was that I am specifically wanting to discuss those micro small SMA antenna connection points on the SDR...