1. Bjc123

    SDR Trunked System Discovery

    Hello, I have recently been looking into and researching SDRs and I was wondering if it is possible to use a SDR to discover new P25 trunked radio systems and talkgroups? If this is possible what software should I use? Thanks in advance, Brad
  2. A

    DSDPlus Help to setup DSD+ Fastlane with 2 SDR !!

    Hello before i using one sdr and it's work with me without any issue and i Need to know how setup DSD+ Fastlane with 2 SDR first i run FMP24-CC after that run CC.bat next run FMP24-VC and run VC.bat the problem is shown me when i run FMP24-VC error : Initiating FMPx link using link...
  3. nothotscott

    USB 3.1 with a RTL2832U dongle

    I have a RTL2832U sdr dongle and everything was working fine, but I was encountering a strange error in logs of some programs on both windows and linux using the librtlsdr driver (an older branch with IR support). I narrowed it down to my USB 3.1 port causing it. My solution was to just move it...
  4. SDRPlay RSPdx Wideband SDR

    SDRPlay RSPdx Wideband SDR

    This SDR had a reasonably brief stay here. I am the original owner. It is in excellent condition and was always used indoors in a non-smoking environment. Includes original box. This does NOT include a USB cable; SDRPlay did not include them. You must provide a standard good quality USB cable...
  5. WiNRADIO G313e Professional HF/SW/LW SDR Receiver

    WiNRADIO G313e Professional HF/SW/LW SDR Receiver

    In Excellent Condition, G313e High Sensitivity DX receiver, HF/MW/LW receiver. USB 2 runs on Win10, 32 & 64 as well as older OS's. This model was typically used by Government and professional organizations around the world. CD with current SW USB Cable 12v Power Supply Asking $825 Shipped...
  6. R

    Can a Pi enable me to do this remotely?

    Hi Team. Looking for your suggestions on how to accomplish something, if it is even possible! I would like to run a Pi at my cousin's house where the reception is much better than at mine. With 3 or 4 SDRs installed on the Pi (could be a mix of Airspy units, RTL-SDR v3),I would want to be...
  7. SDR Patriot Waves "Dark Tower"

    SDR Patriot Waves "Dark Tower"

    I love to experiment with different forms of communication attempting to capture the State of Colorado DTRS Simulcast system in my area. I am now ready to pass this SDR unit to the next radio enthusiast. Below is the description from the company. Asking $49 plus $10 USPS Priority Mail...
  8. P

    SDR Windows Application

    Which SDR Windows application do you guys use and the pros and cons of it.
  9. Uniden SDS100 Digital SDR Scanning Receiver Package

    Uniden SDS100 Digital SDR Scanning Receiver Package

    For Sale: I have a mint condition, Uniden SDS100 handheld digital trunking software-defined scanner complete package available. This was a backup radio for me that I've found I am just not using so I am selling to someone who'll put it to good use. The scanner is capable of scanning...
  10. J

    OP25 Distorted Audio

    Hi All! I'm having the same issue as this thread: OP25 Audio Slow and Choppy I'm using a brand new RPI 4b (1gig) and new NooElec NESDR smart v4 running raspbian buster. I am trying to listen to the North Fulton Regional Radio System (NFRRSA). My first setup had audio that sounded terrible, so...
  11. Dark_Hunter

    P25 Stream In Burke County, North Carolina

    A friend of mine wants to set up a stream in his state, he has ordered 2 SDR's an antenna, and a Pi. He wants to use the VIPER on High Peak. Could anyone please advise anything we need to be aware of? And could someone maybe share a config for trunk recorder? Thank you.
  12. H

    Long-term integration to detect band activity?

    Hi everyone, As I wasn't able to find anything on the topic, but think that this can't be my original idea and thus probably is implemented somewhere, I wanted to ask if anyone can give me a hint. I'm looking for a software to work with any SDR (but ideally RTL-SDR devices) which can integrate...
  13. W

    DSD+ and bias t

    Is there anyway to enable bias t currently with the use of DSD+ fmp24? I saw some posts but they were a bit older and want to know if its an option now?
  14. N

    RTL SDR using two dongles of exact make in Unitrunker

    Hey all, was searching for an answer to my problem and finally solved it and wanted to share here for others having the same issue. (I've seen a few posts having the same issue but are very old, hopefully this helps someone out that has the same issue. ) I have 2 version 3 dongles from...
  15. J

    OP25 on RTL-SDR: LNA Gain Setting Issues

    Hey, Thanks to boatbod's setup, OP25 is running nicely on an old laptop I had running Ubuntu 18.04. The only weird issue is that it seems like the SDR's noise floor's do not change significantly when messing with the -N 'LNA:xx' setting in OP25. The noise floor from what I have seen in GNU...
  16. F

    DSD+ Fastlane Error Issue

    Hopefully, I'm posting this correctly? Is anyone familiar with what a "libfftw3f-3.dll" Error is?? I downloaded DSD+, DLL files & Fastlane onto my windows 10 laptop. Then I opened DSD+ & copied the files from DLL & Fastlane into the DSD+ file. Next, I edited my control channel frequency for my...
  17. resnickm

    Difficulty Scanning Miami City P25 System

    I know the city's P25 system is fairly new (and still seems to be underway), but I was hoping someone had some insight to its current status/functionality. I set up an SDR last week and programmed in the P25 system and was able to pick up fairly decent audio for a few days. All of a sudden, it...
  18. T

    Scanning in a region where no references exist!

    Pretty much the title says it all , how would one go about scanning when there’s no scanning community that shares findings? Ill walk you through the spectrum and my setup here and if you can chime in on how people managed before RR database existed i would be grateful. Aside from the scattered...
  19. qc

    Help With SDR Stream Project

    I have new Project need some advice, I like to set up a broadcastify stream, I have an Airspy R2 SDR our local police uses P25 Phase 1 trunk system they will be switching over to Phase 2 in June of this year, I'm looking for something where I could use a Raspberry PI with Sdrtrunk or OP25? like...
  20. M

    DSD+ not decoding.

    Hi everyone, First post here and I don't know a ton about radios, especially in regards to SDR and digital radio. Long story short, I have an SDR dongle. I am using DSD+ and SDRSharp. I can receive and hear FM stations with it, and I can hear the 'static' of non-decoded radio frequencies, but...