1. Indianabrad

    SDRTrunk: Where is setting to show newest Events at top of Events List?

    Does anyone know if SDRTrunk has a setting to show the newest Events at the top of the Events (history) list and not have them be added to the bottom of the list, which is insane.
  2. E

    SDR# Fulton Co, GA P25 issues after moving. Running out of options.

    Around a year ago I got in to the SDR hobby using SDRTrunk to scan/monitor the Fulton County, GA Project 25 Phase II system. I only monitor talkgroups 61001 and 61002. I lived in a town home in Fairburn, GA and moved into a house in Tyrone, GA at the end of 2020. I was getting great reception...
  3. johnfeher

    Need help using SDRTRUNK with 2 RTL-SDR dongles to listen to Seattle KCERS

    I am new to the SDR hobby. On the positive note, I am able to listen/decode Seattle King County/ValleyCom Simulcast (Motorola Type II SmartZone) in Auburn using UNITRUNKER software. When I switch to the SDRTRUNK, (in hopes of perhaps having more control over what talk groups I listen to) all I...
  4. G

    How far can I listen?

    I’m getting started with using SDRtrunk and am fairly unfamiliar with how trunking scanning works. I work in three different services in Kansas and want to listen when there are events while off duty, and I know I can do that with a full fledged radio but is SDR capable of covering the whole...
  5. R

    SDR TRUNK won't run in the terminal, what am I doing wrong?

    it says no such file or directory but , it shows up in the list , help! i have tried to do this with several versions of sdr trunk with the same outcome
  6. Floridarailfanning

    SDRTrunk SDRTrunk Conventional P25 Not Unmuting on Most Calls

    I am running v0.5 alpha 6 and have not had any issues when monitoring various trunked systems, but with conventional C4FM SDRTrunk keeps missing unencrypted voice calls. The odd thing is that the decode is great, very little sync loss reported, and the NAC, TGID, RID, and Algo, are all correctly...
  7. T

    SDRTrunk SDRTrunk Configuration

    @GTR8000 was giving me some info in another thread but we got off topic. I'm working on getting SDRTrunk setup to handle BCFY Calls for my county, but want to ensure I have the necessary configuration. I was informed I'll need a total of 3 SDRs to handle all the frequencies, but my question is...
  8. AB5ID

    SDRTrunk Can SDRtrunk monitor multiple trunk sites?

    Can SDRtrunk monitor multiple trunk sites and if so, how does it do it? I currently use OP25 to monitor 3 separate sites with one dongle. OP25 switches from site to site (3 control channels) until there is voice traffic, after there is no more traffic, the site to site switching resumes.
  9. L

    SDRTrunk Trunking Recorder help needed for bulk export of 500,000+ calls into Excel

    Currently I have been going page by page and downloading 500 at a time, which is getting monotonous to say the least. I average about 100,000 calls per day and would like to come up with an effective way to pull that data directly into excel without so much manual labor (about 20 minutes per day...
  10. AJAT

    SDR Trunk DMR not tunning voice

    I just started messing around with SDRTrunk. I am trying to tune a DMR System: Seattle Site Details (TRBOWEST (WA-OR-ID-CA)) SDRTrunk is receiving and decoding the control channel. It will only tune to LSN 1 and 2, this happens to be the control channel as well. Whenever a channel grant is for...
  11. Floridarailfanning

    SDRTrunk Using Multiple Tuners For Increased Bandwidth?

    I must be missing something obvious here but how do you actually use two RTL tuners to resolve the "Tuner Unavailable" issue? Both of the tuners have unique serial numbers and are connected and appear in SDR Trunk but I can't seem to figure out how to combine the bandwidth. I've tried using the...
  12. L

    Monitoring WISP Resort's DMR system with SDRTrunk

    I've been monitoring their DMR CAP+ system with SDRTrunk. Heard 2 new talkgroups, 5 and 12. 5 sounds like it's possibly the grooming operations. I'll wait for more traffic on that TG to confirm. TG 12 has just had 2 keyups with nobody talking. I noticed some transmit to both the talkgroup and a...
  13. DomW

    SDRTrunk "FIX" SDRTrunk fonts too small on Linux HiDPI

    I hope this helps anyone else that runs into the same problem. This fixed the micro fonts I was only getting with SDRTrunk on my Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon desktop on my MacBook Pro Retina display. This did not appear to affect any other apps. GDK_SCALE=2 ./SDRTrunk/bin/sdr-trunk
  14. N

    SDRTrunk SDRTrunk errors using 4x RTL-SDR receivers on Linux

    I'm trying to monitor a few P25 systems with channels that are not closely spaced, requiring multiple RTL-SDR receivers to cover. I've found that when the 4th receiver is used (not a specific receiver, just the 4th simultaneous one to be brought up), I get USB errors such as: 23:20:44.861...
  15. K

    Can DSD+ pass through analog voice audio from SDR#?

    I'm currently using SDR# and DSD+ to monitor a non-trunked P25 system. It's working GREAT. However, I'd like to be able to tune a frequency in SDR# and have DSD+ (or perhaps some other software) adjust the audio output depending on the signal detected (or designated by me via the frequency...
  16. S

    Trunking Recorder v3.0 - Broadcastify calls and SDRTrunk support

    Trunking Recorder v3.0 has been released. This release adds support for uploading calls to the new Broadcastify calls system. It also adds support for importing SDRTrunk call recordings wave or mp3 files (requires SDRTrunk 0.4.0 final or newer). NOTE: Patch call target labels will not import...
  17. N

    RTL SDR using two dongles of exact make in Unitrunker

    Hey all, was searching for an answer to my problem and finally solved it and wanted to share here for others having the same issue. (I've seen a few posts having the same issue but are very old, hopefully this helps someone out that has the same issue. ) I have 2 version 3 dongles from...
  18. D

    Georgia Trunked Systems with GPS

    Are there any Trunked Systems in Georgia that send messages and along with those GPS coordinates? Because in SDRTrunk there is a map feature and I was wanting to test it out. However, I do not know of any GA Trunking Systems that utilize GPS coordinates with their messages.
  19. H

    SDRTrunk question

    I’m currently using SDRTrunk to run a feed. MN State Patrol and Dakota County Police Live Audio Feed Using an air spy and an RTL v3 dongle. 800mhz yagi on a 10ft pole on a tripod. Rocket fish generic amplifier and splitter to boost the signal. I’m running into an issue where the airspy wasn’t...
  20. F

    SDRTrunk SDR Trunk Questions

    Hello all First off I love this program! It decodes my simulcast system in Baltimore County very well. I plan on exploring DSD+ Fastlane once I get some more money (college student problems). I have a few questions with SDR Trunk currently. 1st. Is it just me or can you not join the google...