1. T

    SDS200 Support

    Hi All I,m a newbie and am a bit slow so please be paitent with me . I just brought a SDS200 unit and obe its looks . I am having a few issues . First is its making a highpitched humm type noise and 2nd is I want to use the scanner so I can have it setup at home say and go to a mates house and...
  2. N

    Sentinel database will not update

    Trying to update the firmware in a new SDS200 is Uniden site down? Cant connect to site in Sentenial for update
  3. WX9RLT

    SDS200 SDS 200 Audio Recording Question

    Hi, There a way to record the audio internally, and have it record hourly files? (Each file is hourly, not individual transmissions, for the files) I have it setup to Proscan, and I can do it that way. Via Proscan. But when I record internally, it records each transmission individually...
  4. M

    ProScan HELP! SDS200 Over LAN to ProScan "Disconnecting"

    I have my Uniden SDS200 plugged into a TP-Link N300 for connection to my network, and ProScan on my Dell. The channel history and remote display work fine, but as soon as I connect all the audio to the URL mode on ProScan within a few minutes the screen on ProScan goes blank. My SDS200 is still...
  5. thatoneiowan

    Newbie trying to program an SDS200

    Good morning! I'm a newbie to scanning and am looking for some help programming a SDS200 I just purchased. I live in Huxley and am wanting to monitor Iowa DOT operations, specifically the District 1 maintenance garages and the Des Moines Highway Helper. I've successfully been able to scan...
  6. G

    How do I add Talk ID Groups to the Sentinel?

    I've already downloaded the latest version of BCDX36HP Sentinel and have a beginners understanding of how to program frequencies. However I can't find the option to add TalkID Groups to the program. Specifically I'm trying to add OLRec, the Oaklawn Starcom21 channels. If someone could explain...
  7. darthgarlic

    SDS200 How to use Favorites

    Ive read the manual, mostly page 38 (I dislike this manual) Ive read the easier to use manual. I called tech support and the supporter could not find how to use favorites in her manual. She referred me to one of Unidens Support videos which did not address the problem. Once you create a...
  8. J

    DMR, NXDN and ProVoice Upgrades for SDS200

    If primary monitoring area is Kent, Cecil, Talbot, Queen Anne Counties, do I need to upgrade for DMR, NXDA or Provoice with the SDS200? Thanks
  9. S

    SDS200 Unit goes silent while continuing to scan

    Searched threads for SDS200 & Squelch and I'm seeing similar but not exact issues. My unit will go silent after a period of time scanning (can vary) as it continues to scan. It will stop on hits, but no audio. Turning squelch to zero will sometimes fix but more often requires a power off/on...
  10. WX9RLT

    SDS 200 for $90

    Anyone ever dealt with this website before? Is it a scam or real? They have on their website a SDS 200 for only $90 Uniden SDS200 True I/Q TrunkTracker X Base/Mobile Scanner, S.A.M.E. Weather Alert [8U9H39AW9] - $89.97 : Either thats a heck of a deal or a scam. Anyone buy...
  11. SDS200  Like new All 3 Software Upgrades

    SDS200 Like new All 3 Software Upgrades

    ********** SOLD **************** Selling my 99% new SDS200 Has sat on desk , NON-smoker 100-140hours of use I would guess . Not a Mark on it works perfectly . Selling Due to Encryption in my area . ALL 3 upgrades Included ProVoice, MotoTurbo/Dmr , NXDN Cost: $140 Includes Box and...
  12. Romeomike2709

    SDS100 Interference with SDS200

    Thank you in advance for any help. I’ve noticed when I place my SDS100 near my 200 the reception is choppy. This is a bit shocking to me as I normally have my equipment in close proximity. My second SDS200 has no issues being close to the other 200. Anyone have any suggestions about why this...
  13. L


    Hi group, Anyone in the central Ohio area who could let me know how the SDS200 does with Central Ohio Interoperable Radio System (COIRS) ? I have a G5 it works great here on that system. i am thinking about getting the SDS200 for a base. thank you for any info!
  14. gr8tff

    SDS200 Bad Audio Quality when attached to speaker amp

    Folks, I was testing the SDS200 in place of our 996p2's attached to the station alerting system at our stations. When attaching it to the amp, the normally good audio quality from the SDS200 sounds muffled and not good at all compared to the older scanners or a Unication. Does anyone have any...
  15. dnadareski

    SDS200 with DMR - question about DMR scanning

    I need some help with DMR scanner programming. I have SDS200 with DMR upgrade. I am trying to scan Dee Bus Company. According to, I found WQXG423 They have 2 frequencies, 463.55 and 468.55. Dee has 2 locations, Shirley, MA and Townsend, MA Both locations use the same frequency pair...
  16. jjbond

    Don't be afraid to go all the way to 32GB

    So last week, in an attempt to mitigate any hassle or chaos when my SD cards fail at the wrong time in the near future as has happend to so many others. I ordered 2 Samsung PRO Endurance 32GB micro SDHC cards. They're a good high endurance card, great for dash cams and not impacted speed wise by...
  17. H

    Size of SDS200 ?

    I just called Uniden customer support, and they don't know the size of the new SDS200 scanner. Web site says 180MM by 75MM. Why can't they list it as Length, Width, and Height ? They reason I need to know is to see if will fit into an enclosure I bought several years ago that has multiple...
  18. rvacs

    Quick Key listing - cheat sheet creation

    Sentinel Anyone come up with a good way to create a cheat sheet? Just used Excel or is there something better? Print out so you have a quick reference on say a full set of Favorites and Quick Keys assignment for quick reference.
  19. rvacs

    SDS100: Using same Sentinel for SDS200 and New SDS100

    So I have a profile I like for my SDS-200. (Favorites Lists etc.) Buying a new SDS-100. I assume I can use the same instance of Sentinel on my new SDS-100? I see in TOOLS -> TARGET MODEL you can change. So I like my Favorites etc on my SDS-200 that I want on my I export and...
  20. Thoraldus

    SDS200 Avoiding 'Nothing to Scan'

    Several days ago I learned that 'Service Type' must be enabled for those entries with Service Type defined or they will not be scanned. This morning I learned that a location must be programmed for each entry if 'Location' is turned on. I didn't have the luxury of owning a 436 or 536 prior to...