1. ben_r_

    SDS200: SDS200 3-Pin Power Connector Type

    Anyone know the type of connector the SDS200 uses for the 3-pin power connector in the rear of the unit? I'd love to be able to make my own custom cabling from that connection to some Anderson PowerPoles.
  2. JimD56

    SDS200: SDS200 Brand NEW With Display Issue

    See the Picture. The SDS200 on the Right is BRAND NEW and just cloned from the one on the Left. Display Colors SAY Identical in Sentinel but they are obviously NOT. Any ideas anybody? How about Joe Bearcat? Thanks Jim
  3. E

    SDS200: SDS200 Issue

    I live in St Louis, Mo and scan fire since all PD went to encryption. I have had the radio on 24/7 365 for two years. I pickup St Louis City FD fairly well,I live in south St Louis County. My problem is the county fire channels have stopped working. The come in fine on my HP 1&2. They are...
  4. Looking to trade my BCD436 for BCD536 or SDS200

    Looking to trade my BCD436 for BCD536 or SDS200

    Greetings fellow scanner aficionados from the great state of Indiana. I'm not new to Radio Reference, however, this will be my first time using the classifieds. Hopefully it goes well. I have a one year old Uniden-Bearcat BCD436HP in mint/like-new condition that I would be interested in...
  5. A

    ProScan: SDS200 - Unit ID Tags

    I'm new to both the SDS200 and ProScan, so excuse me if I'm missing something obvious. I've gathered a bunch of unit IDs and given them tags in ProScan. I then import them into my favorites list (I only have 1), I can see them listed there. I then FTP the favorites list into the scanner, no...
  6. Diznutz129

    SDS200: SDS200 avoid question

    I have an SDS200 and have reduced un-wanted channels using the temp. Avoid button, however I have noticed the scanner still scans those channels that are being avoided. If I change these to perm. avoids, will the scanner skip these channels, and therefore scan thru the channels I want to hear...
  7. Diznutz129

    SDS200: Problem loading favorites on SDS200

    Looking for some help. Just bought an SDS200. I have downloaded all my data under My Favorites, but when I hit “write to scanner” nothing shows up in the box. It shows my scanner on the top, but the favorites won’t appear in the box to start the writing to scanner. Any help?
  8. WTT - SDS100 for SDS200

    WTT - SDS100 for SDS200

    Want To Trade - my like new SDS100 for your like new SDS200. Looking for a local exchange only, willing to meet within 30 miles of the Austin Texas area only at this time. Please do not ask me to ship, at any cost, your message will kindly be ignored. If I opt to ship at a later date, I will...
  9. N

    SDS200: SDS200 HELP PLEASE!!!

    Soooo I've live in NY, more specifically Westchester NY and i have an SDS200 uniden scanner, I'm trying to listen to the Metro-25/ MTA MRRS system, it's a trunked p25 digital simulcast system from my understanding i downloaded straight from the RadioRefrence website via Proscan. The talk group...
  10. rrobinso84

    SDS200: Adding WiFi to SDS200

    I'd like to add and configure my Vonet wifi bridge to my SDS200 to be able to use it wirelessly with Proscan. I'm having trouble getting it to work. I took the WiFi bridge out of the box and plugged it into the LAN port on the scanner and powered it with USB connector. I was able to 'see' a...
  11. M

    Looking to trade sds 100 for sds 200

    I have a sds100 with gps and all extras wanting to trade for a sds 200 pm me for pictures it’s not letting me upload from my phone I am located in Maine
  12. SDS200 for sale. $550.  SOLD

    SDS200 for sale. $550. SOLD

    Uniden SDS200 for sale. Includes the original box and all the accessories except the hardwire 12v harness. I cannot find the harness, if I find it I will include it. Was used in smoke free home for about 1 year. Works perfect! It comes with a 32GB SD card. I do not use it much anymore. I...
  13. K0MSM

    SDS200: New (to me) SDS200 - Two Questions

    Hi all - I just received my previously loved SDS200. Coming from a Pro-197, this is quite the upgrade. I definitely had to learn a few new ways of programming! I have both Sentinel and ARC536, and as noted elsewhere in the forums, ARC536 is definitely the winner in ease of use, but it just...
  14. medic29

    Unit IDs

    Can Unit IDs be utilized when scanning the full database, or only when scanning Favorite lists? I have several Unit ID's for my local area I'd like to utilize when I'm in my local area, but I scan the full database by location. I'm not currently scanning any Favorite lists.
  15. E

    WTB SDS200

    Looking to buy an Uniden SDS200
  16. spectr17

    SDS200 with Sentinel and W10. Cannot get driver to load

    Just got a new SDS200. I made sure both were upgraded to latest software. 1.21.00 for the scanner and 2.03 for Sentinel. I have a good programming cable and get the ka dunk e dunk when i plug it it. Windows 10 says cant find the right driver. So i search here and find a link for Windows serial...
  17. T

    Uniden Scanners & Accessories Flash Sale

    For those currently in the market for a new Uniden scanner or some Uniden accessories for your current scanner(s), Main Trading Company ( in Paris, Texas currently has a "Flash Sale" going on. You have to add the item to your cart to see the sale price. FYI the sale prices are for...
  18. WX9RLT

    ProScan: FTP Read Works, Writeable Does Not Work

    Quick question. I will admit, it probably is operator error. I just can not seem to figure out what I did wrong. I can log ftp using the read account. But if I try doing the writable, it says authentication error. I have the user and pass correct. And I have restarted it. Still the...
  19. A

    SDS200 / SDS100 FIPS SAME Alerts Not Properly Detected

    I noticed the other day when some storms came through that the FIPS code detection on my SDS200 and SDS100 is not working correctly. I can get alerted of alarms sent by NOAA, but I can't get my scanners to properly decode the FIPS county code I have stored in them. As a result, they alert to...
  20. J

    ProScan: Replace existing UID in FL DataBase

    When I move a ProScan UID to the FL UID database, I get text in the Unit UID (number) field if a matching UID entry exists. I've tried all three variations in the move/copy tool. Is there a way to move/copy to replace the existing UID or create an additional entry with the UID number and text...