1. WX9RLT

    ProScan: FTP Read Works, Writeable Does Not Work

    Quick question. I will admit, it probably is operator error. I just can not seem to figure out what I did wrong. I can log ftp using the read account. But if I try doing the writable, it says authentication error. I have the user and pass correct. And I have restarted it. Still the...
  2. B

    SDS200 / SDS100 FIPS SAME Alerts Not Properly Detected

    I noticed the other day when some storms came through that the FIPS code detection on my SDS200 and SDS100 is not working correctly. I can get alerted of alarms sent by NOAA, but I can't get my scanners to properly decode the FIPS county code I have stored in them. As a result, they alert to...
  3. J

    ProScan: Replace existing UID in FL DataBase

    When I move a ProScan UID to the FL UID database, I get text in the Unit UID (number) field if a matching UID entry exists. I've tried all three variations in the move/copy tool. Is there a way to move/copy to replace the existing UID or create an additional entry with the UID number and text...
  4. B

    Nice Deal on SDS200: $594.99 shipped at Main Trading Co.

    Main Trading Co. in Paris, Texas is having a sale on most of their merchandise this weekend. The Uniden SDS200 is $594.99 (have to put one in your cart to see this price) with free shipping and no sales tax to purchasers outside Texas. I have previously purchased a new SDS100 from them on a...
  5. N

    SDS200: SDS200 Quick Display-Off?

    I found that pressing the Power knob multiple times cycles through display L/M/H/Off. But when off, the display keeps coming on periodically, presumably on a channel hit. Is there a way to run audio on w/o any display via a quick-key sort of method? Bret/N4SRN
  6. N

    Talk Group Hunting

    SDS200 ProScan 19.4.0 I am monitoring a Trunked Radio System that has LOTS of Talk Groups and User I.D.'s. Is there an easy way to scan for Talk Groups that would not be listed in the Database or on the Radio Reference Page?
  7. WX9RLT

    SDS200: Let's See Your Boot Opening Screens + (Tutorial)

    There's an awesome topic on color schemes. So I figured I would create one for boot opening screens. To Change Opening Graphic Boot Screen For The SDSX00 Scanners Can be a any color image but changed to... * SDS100 the Image must be 240 x 320 Must be a 24 bit bitmap * SDS200 the Image must...
  8. SDS-200 Near mint cond. All orig. accys

    SDS-200 Near mint cond. All orig. accys

    It's always worked great. It's been running my Broadcastify feed since I purchased it in Aug. 2021. There's no hum or buzz. All original accessories including the auto install kit, antenna, power supply, box, packing, manuals and shipping box are included. I never took the plastic screen...
  9. radiochuck

    SDS200: SDS200/100 Control Channel Only

    By default, Sentinel programs all of the frequencies for a site, control and voice. Is there any benefit to removing the voice channels so the radio doesn't have to scan through them for potential control data? Obviously the control channels are all that's needed, but do the voice channels...
  10. JimD56

    MAY 2022 Shack Re-Do

    In my last shack, I had everything in one Rack (Box) an 8U Black Woodgrain Rack (24"hx21w"x16"deep) which took up the whole left side of my corner desk, reducing my workspace. Great for the radios/scanners not good for desk space. In this new change, I found smaller narrow standard rack boxes...
  11. Nanuk007

    SDS200: SDS200 Display

    Hi ya'll - I just purchased my first scanner the SDS200 and have it up and scanning but I noticed that the display goes blank after a little while. It comes back on after I hit a key so I don't think it's a display problem. Is there a way to keep the display from turning off? Since I'm new to...
  12. wcoriston

    SDS200 with Extras.

    Always kept in my office, in as perfect condition as a used scanner can be. Will update the database to the latest version before shipping. Comes with scanner, mount w/ feet, 120v power adapter, new 32gb class 10 Sandisk micro sd card, and aftermarket Comet BNC-W100RX antenna. I have perfect...
  13. Y

    SDS200: SDS200 optional-optimal-software/tips/tricks

    Just curious, I got one on a whim a bit ago. I don't have nearly the amount of time to spend on the various communications hobbies anymore, so my research is pretty surface level. I was wondering if there are owners with "must have" things for it that might come across this, or some quick tips...
  14. SDS200 SDS-200 - In Immaculate shape w/32gb SD - in Box *SOLD*

    SDS200 SDS-200 - In Immaculate shape w/32gb SD - in Box *SOLD*

    SDS200 In Immaculate Shape in the Box $575 Shipped in USA by Paypal Only. Upgraded Micro SD to 32gb. All original equipment otherwise * No upgrades In box - only cord I could not find is the direct car adapter...probably threw it out. Never used in car...only used in the house (Non-Smoking /...
  15. Salvatorejrc

    SDS200: SDS200 Possible Hum?

    My SDS200 appears to have a very faint, static sound coming from the internal speaker. It is not loud by any means, and can only be heard if I put my head close to the unit. If I plug in an external speaker, the sound ceases from the internal speaker, and continues on the external speaker. Could...
  16. B

    Anyone have a list of CNYICC Unit ID's?

    I'm searching for a list of Unit ID's for the CNYICC, particularly Onondaga County Fire/EMS/LEO. I'm wondering if anyone maybe already has this information entered into their scanner, or maybe in an excel spreadsheet for easy entry. I have no problem doing this myself, but I figure why reinvent...
  17. KI5UFO

    SDS200: sds200 alert light not selectable?

    Good evening Ive looked over some posts about the alert light, my question how exactly do I get it activated? I tried through the main TGID list on Sentinel, and even added the ones I was trying to activate to a favorite list but still a no go. Its been a few months since Ive updated the...
  18. For Sale:  SDS200 With ALL The Upgrades  (DMR/MotoTRBO, PROVOICE, NXDN)

    For Sale: SDS200 With ALL The Upgrades (DMR/MotoTRBO, PROVOICE, NXDN)

    For Sale: SDS200 With ALL The Upgrades (DMR/MotoTRBO, PROVOICE, NXDN) Works great, looks new. Newest firmware and newest database update. I am only selling it, because of the holidays coming up and need some extra money. It is currently programmed for my area. I am only asking $675 for...
  19. R

    SDS200: Quick key help

    I am attempting or would like to set my scanner up to press one button to monitor either one list or the other. My situation is as follows I have a larger county wide list and a more local to my community list. I'd like to with one press of the key turn the list on or off. I have read the manual...
  20. K

    SDS200: SDS200 USB Issues

    My computer doesn’t recognize either USB port on my SDS200. To update firmware and database I have to remove microSD card. I have searched the internet and can’t find anything about this issue. Any ideas on how to get the SDS200 to be recognized? I other Uniden scanners that a required no...