1. M

    Uniden SDS200 for sale

    I have a gently used SDS200 for sale. It is in excellent condition (one year old), has all parts, manual and original box/packaging except it will come with an upgraded Remotix 800Mhz antenna with 90degree BNC connector for back of unit. Price does not include shipping/insurance method of your...
  2. ** SOLD**Uniden SDS200 Digital Base with DMR & Provoice

    ** SOLD**Uniden SDS200 Digital Base with DMR & Provoice

    Uniden SDS200 Digital Base with DMR & Provoice installed - Includes original accessories which most are still factory new. SDS200 is in excellent condition! Free USPS Priority shipping to CONUS only.
  3. WX9RLT

    SDS200 DMR Help

    Hi, I tried searching the forums, and didn't find what I was searching for. I apologize if it is already posted. If so, please post the links! I just upgraded my SDS200 with the DMR upgrade. I programmed a freq. in that I know is DMR, but it is not decoding it. What am I missing? There a...
  4. T

    *BOUGHT* Looking for an SDS200

    ***SALE FINALIZED*** Hi there, I'm looking for a Uniden SDS200, preferably with the hum fix. In terms of condition as long as the screen is free of any defects I'm fine with some signs of use. Ideally it would come with any accessories but I am looking for one with a mounting bracket at the...
  5. JimD56

    Just Found the Analyze Function - Love It!

    I have had my SDS200 for almost 2 years and never used the "Analyze" function in the Menu > Settings. Saw a guy use it on YouTube. It will Analyze the signal coming from your Simulcast Sites. This is great and totally helped me to point the Yagi in the attic precisely, based on the simulcast...
  6. 9

    Scan Hold, Nothing Stored!

    New (Xmas) SDS200 making me crazy trying to scan Talk Groups in Favorites Lists. TGs scan normally in the Full Database. Using Sentinel (target SDS200), I've been at this a good part of the day. Called Uniden Tech Support (2nd call about this) today and was told to look for an unintentional...
  7. F

    FL Quick Keys not sticking when programming

    Hello All, I have tried literally everything from trying to reprogram in both Proscan software, and sentinal, The issue is, I am setting up FL Quick Keys. 00, through 09 I was successful earlier in the night and had them working correctly! however after making some minor changes, and multiple...
  8. Shockwavrider

    SDS200 SDS200 GPS operation clarification...

    So I have connected the GPS to my SDS 200 and I know I have the option of running the full database, turning individual favorite lists on and off as well as having the nationwide database run at the same time. I also know that there is the option of turning location services on and off for...
  9. Uniden SDS200 with DMR-**SOLD**

    Uniden SDS200 with DMR-**SOLD**

    Uniden SDS200 with DMR upgrade. This unit has the "staticdisharge" fix. Works great no issues. Will ship Free USPS Priority mail to CONUS. I prefer PayPal. No returns on used electronics unless DOA.
  10. E

    SDS200 Receiving encryption on SDS200

    I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this question, but I figured someone may be able to prove me wrong. I volunteer at my local fire department, where we have an SDS200 scanner. There's a nearby military base that we're 4th alarm for (hopefully that never happens, but we have to be...
  11. SamAltenberger

    SDS200 SDS200 LED: White Appears Magenta

    Hi all, I am noticing a potential issue with my new Uniden SDS200 and I was hoping other SDS200 owners could chime-in on whether this is normal/expected for the unit, or if there is a problem with mine that is worth following-up with Uniden about. When the multi-color LED is set to white, it...
  12. K

    RadioFeed RadioFeed Drops URL Connection From SDS200

    RadioFeed and SDS200. For some reason unknown to me every once in a while (at least once a day) RadioFeed will stop broadcasting and nothing will be heard on the Broadcastify stream. When I check RadioFeed the "URL Setup" box will be blinking red, if I turn the scanner off and then back on it...
  13. kudzu_kid

    Going Limp!

    Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, I recent bought a duck for RR band scanning when mobile (a Smiley 5/8 duck for RR). Problem is, I needed a 90° elbow to use with my Uniden SDS200 - the BNC on that is horizontal (more or less). The elbow I got (NOT from Smiley) is rather loose at...
  14. OldRabbit

    Searching for frequncies with SDS200

    I attempting to search for active frequencies using my new SDS200 using a custom search - in this case from 440 - 470 Mhz. A custom search with these limits - and a delay time of 1 sec (which I do not understand) will search the frequency range - but the scanner stops on an active frequency and...
  15. WX9RLT

    SDS200 On the audio replay mode: Is there a way that I could see the time that the audio was recorded?

    Good morning everybody, I have a quick question. On the audio replay mode: Is there a way that I could see the time that the audio was recorded? Currently I can see the "current time" (as of the time right now) when I replay the audio. But it does not show the time when the audio was...
  16. SDS200 Scanner + DMR Upgrade *pending sale*

    SDS200 Scanner + DMR Upgrade *pending sale*

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to sell my SDS200 scanner. It's in perfect condition, will include all original packaging and it comes with the DMR upgrade. I recently purchased an SDS100 and find myself not using this scanner as much anymore. I'm looking for $615 and that will include Priority...
  17. JimD56

    Part to Convert SDS200 LAN to Wi-Fi

    Some time ago a member posted a part off of Amazon to convert SDS200 LAN Cable to Wi-Fi to join my home network since the SDS200 is not near the router for LAN Cable use. I want to send my SDS200 to my iPhone while on the road through ProScan Remote Client. Can anybody help? Thanks Jim
  18. W

    SDS200 Mass Storage Mode?

    How can I access the "Mass Storage Mode" on a SDS200? Still trying to exchange data with this radio! Also… What is the thought concerning using ARC536PRO with this radio? Worth the $$$? Thanks in advance! Joe
  19. Salvatorejrc

    Scanner Traffic Issues

    If you are running a certain favorites list on an SDS100, or probably any scanner for that matter, in which it contains many many frequencies to be scanned at the same time, will it have more trouble picking up frequencies in that aspect as opposed to if you had a smaller favorites list? I was...
  20. D

    SDS100: SDS100 with DMR Tier II and DMR Tier III

    Hi All. I have a weird one for ya. Here in New Zealand we have all types of weird digital radio here. I have found a channel which is DMR, frequency 164.9125. It belongs to company X. Around this spectrum company X has alot of single DMR frequencies which work well on my SDS100, it shows DMR as...