1. radioguy224


    so in new milford hospital system the color code is 0 and then when i put it in my scanner it comes up with color code 7 so i am looking to see what is the correct color code
  2. T

    Need help with good frequencies for a security team!

    Hi, I am located in cass county, MO. I do church security and I am in need of some good frequencies to use. The main radio the team uses is the Baofeng BF-888s and I personally use the UV5R. We need something that will work well through brick walls and auditoriums and be legal, plus we need as...
  3. COMSECFORPatrol2016

    Advice needed on Best Acoustic Tube "Surveillance" Headsets for Nightclub environment

    Advice needed on Best Acoustic Tube "Surveillance" Headsets for Nightclub environment Hello, I'm looking for advice on what the best acoustic tube headsets are for noisy environments. I am the operations manager for a security company and one of our locations is a nightclub. The...
  4. laythrom

    Private Trunking or Conventional?

    First off, let me say that if this is in the wrong location on the forum, I apologize. Secondly, let me explain the situation and why I made this post. *Disclaimer - I'm no where near an expert on radio comms, just a little bit to be dangerous; I am talking to a couple companies to get things...
  5. F

    G755 Guardian: email notifications

    The Guardian 7 ( ) allows entering information for an SMTP account that should email you if motion is detected. First, they recommend using a Gmail account; however...
  6. C

    Security company frequencies

    I am new and was looking for a certain companies frequency but was not able to find it. I did run a FCC check and found the frequencies but not a PL. (I currently work for said company and they lost their paperwork.) How can i go about finding this information?
  7. mcjones2013

    Paladin Private Security

    Has anyone ever seen Paladin Security talking on any frequency or system locally? Or are they on Nextel (or whatever it's called these days)?
  8. K

    Security Cam Feed Split

    Does it make sense, that I could "T" the feed from a single security camera, to two 'control box's' ?? Such as have two points to monitor the feed ?? .
  9. Sac916

    Lyons Security Patrol

    I've searched all over but I can't find them. The truck that patrols my area has a 800/900MHz antenna and their website says they utilize two-way radio radios. Lyons Security Services,Inc :: Always on Target :: Home Page I'm hoping they're not on one of the unidentified TRS Sacramento...
  10. K

    Monitoring DragonCon

    I paid a visit to DragonCon yesterday and noticed a ton of radios being used by the event staff volunteers. I haven't been to the Con in many years, but it seemed as if a lot more radios are being utilized than in years past. I know much of the radio is rented equipment, but it seemed as if...
  11. Z

    Southridge Mall 39152

    Is Southridge Mall on the trunked system still? I have heard lots of activity on their UHF channel 464.325 such as the guards and mobile units as well as occasional activity from Greendale squad 220. I listened to their talkgroups on the TRS and both were dead silent. Did they go back to their...
  12. D

    Urgent Activity at Sac Metro (SMF)

    Sounds like a breaking security event at SMF. They have called everyone in from off-duty and activated the DOC. Terminal A They have open doors to the tarmac. AIROPS talkgroup
  13. nc28478

    a little late~ i hope this is not a trend at all air shows

    NC Other items not allowed: Scanners :mad:, Pepper spray/mace. Stun guns, scissors, box cutters, throwing stars, nun-chucks, coolers, picnic bags/baskets, duffle bags, briefcases, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, skates. You will be asked to return any of these items to your vehicle prior to...
  14. K

    Columbus Regional Hospital

    Hello all...The freq for CRH used to be 463.625 when I worked there. Anyone know the freq now so I can monitor the security dept?
  15. poltergeisty

    SmartCache A new feature just released yesterday from Opendns called SmartCache enables you to view websites that may otherwise be down due to a DNS outage. If your as paranoid as I am about security, then have a look at this free service. Figured I'd...