1. K

    SDS100: Sentinel program issues sds100 and osp

    I have a sds100 and all my programming is working except osp ohio state patrol I put it in its own favorite spot and no matter what it is only one that says nothing to scan no other is having this issue. I did use the frequency from the ohio marcs-ip multi agency part. i am using sentinal...
  2. MCKFD34

    BCD436HP: Sentinal Overwrites Profiles

    BCD436HP - Profiles all overwritten I don't even have to write this one myself. I found someone with the same issue - what gives? "For some reason, my profiles have all ended up identical and I'm not sure how/why. Each time I open a different one or create new, it's the same as the previously...
  3. Salvatorejrc

    Sentinel Trouble

    Sentinel has been troublesome recently. I have been trying to program my sds100, and when I upload the lists I create to the unit, either nothing gets transfered over, or only a bit gets written. This doesn't just apply to new favorites lists either, but also settings, and list orders that I...
  4. R

    SDS100 NASCAR Sentinel .HPE file

    Has anyone downloaded the Nascar frequencies into a favorites file for the Sentinel Software, or how do you edit the favorites in sentinel to manually enter the information?
  5. C

    Viper system in favorites Sentinel software

    I am very new to this and just bought a used Home Patrol1. Love it and thought I knew sort of what I was doing... The Viper channels here in NC scan fine BUT... Went to Sentinel and set up a favorites list. I have Viper channels P25 standard? (I think)and my regular channels. (Hickory NC police...
  6. J

    Sentinel anything Newier??

    ************ Right now... Sentinel only have VERISON 1.07 (revision 05) ************* Is their going to be a new download for the new Sentinel that will do the NXDN 9600 and the 4800? or will this "{ Green Shield } " VERISON 1.07 (revision 05) be auto updated ? (of course with the $60.00)...
  7. fdnyfish


    Lets keep a running thread of feature requests to Uniden BCD436HP: Turn on backlight when you turn on the scanner so you can see information Sentinal: Record per Channel feature (Selective Record) Sentinal: Option to clear all QK for all favorite lists
  8. fdnyfish

    Sentinal Profiles

    So what's the point of having different profiles in Sentinal if you edit a favorite list in one, it changes them in all the profiles?
  9. RDCat

    new bcd436 user in Sentinel

    hi, i need help programming from scratch Vancouver Bc sites 1- put into sentinel 2- select services types in Sentinel? i had system in but have erased everything and lost as can be thanks